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Discussion in 'General NMB48 Discussion' started by Mr Waffle, Dec 7, 2010.

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    No, not producers. They get their own stage. Its basically saying that the 3 extra ones are special stages that will not necessarily involve singing. Akarin even said during the announcement that they will do a setlist for Queentet.
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    Oct 16, 2017
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    Don't know where to post this but

    Does anyone a way to get into 5th gen? Or the group as a whole?

    I can't find much of them as a whole except for the 5th gen 2016 kawaiin tv serie. And for the group I have seen only Geinin and Naniwa Nadeshiko. Nanabukun doesn't interest me at and to a lesser intent ynn.

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    Jun 2, 2015
    Within your restriction, then....
    1. http://48videodouga.net/category/68 (You gotta NMB48/"夕方 NMB48" if you wanna do episode hunt on the web)
    A theater-based variety show which feature mostly NMB theater members(and 5th gen occasionally) with some comedian MC. Has some golden moment which give birth to some member kyara today.

    2. http://48videodouga.net/category/113 (You'll got NMB48/夜方NMB48)
    Same concept with above, but with member as MC. Mostly feature the more veteran members.

    3. http://48videodouga.net/category/173 (NMB48の○○出来るようになりました!)
    This one is the replacement of that 5th gen Kawaiian TV series. Basically feature their young members(5D2) doing challenge and such. Very Genkai Toppa-alike.

    All 3 of these show are still running by now in biweekly format. Good hunting!
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    Apr 8, 2017
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    NMB48 on Utacon last night:
    3:10 - Sayanee and Ichikawa Yukino singing, with NMB dancing behind them
    11:40 - The whole cast comes on stage shaking maracas to sing and dance a mexican-themed song
    17:25 - A brief chat with Sayanee
    20:40 - Sayanee singing and dancing with Ichikawa Yukino, Kudo Ayano, and Hayama Mizuki
    41:15 - NMB performing Yokubomono

    Full stage from the Okinawa International Movie Festival. Such a big change going straight from Yokubomono to Warota people lol.
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