Hopes, Fears, and Predictions for 2018 (HKT48)

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  1. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    With 2017 coming to a close. It's time to do the yearly tradiation for Stage48 (which now is for all the groups)

    So what are your Hopes, Fears, and Predictions for 2018 for HKT48?

    Past Ones
    2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014
  2. Riina

    Riina Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2015
    - Haruppi ranks in kami 7
    - Akiyoshi Yuka gets into single senbatsu again, become senbatsu regular
    - HKT48 gets at least one more "grown up" single instead of just childish songs (something similar to Make Noise)
    - NakoMiku are double center of a single

    - Hana is center for everything
    - Sasshi graduates

    - Hana is center for another single or so, then managements realize that's not working and put her in 2nd row or something
    - At least one 1st gen member graduates
  3. Ugokanaide

    Ugokanaide Member Wiki48 Editor

    Nov 19, 2013
    SP, BR
    Moriyasu Madoka
    Getting 9 KKS in the Draft so the teams actually have anough members to perform it w/ KKS instead of borrowing from other teams.
    Team TII gets some other stable push other than Hana and Amane.
    Hazuki and Yuna debut in senbatsu
    Madoka debuts in Yuuwaku no Garter asap
    Madoka remains UG in the SSK
    Madoka's album gets released and does well (This is my 3rd year listing this)
    Shinamon finally breaks the #80 wall at the SSK
    Haruppi Kami 7
    Sakura #1?
    Sasshi sits out of the SSK but campains for HKT
    3 Singles
    A good tour

    Hana everywhere
    Yuna, Riinu or Shinamon graduate
    Support members continue because who needs stable teams
    2 singles (c'mon, it's just a small strech after we get and album with 5 new songs)

    Madoka's album is finally released
    Sakura gets pushed because Sousenkyo
    Support members continue to fill in for other teams
    A tour
    Sakura #2
    Haruppi Kami 7
    Madoka NG
    Aki ranks up

    Last year's:
  4. CrssA

    CrssA Upcoming Girls

    Jun 1, 2016
    Nishino Nanase
    Hopes :

    • Sakura rank #1 on SSK which i hope will be held on Nagoya Dome rofl
    • Haruppi re enter SSK and got a nice rank ( well at least UG )
    • Madoka , Mio , NakoMiku rank up

    Fears :

    • sasshi or haruppi graduates
    • hana everywhere
    • ogiyuka or any other non HKT member rank higher than sakura
  5. nakotteiijan

    nakotteiijan Upcoming Girls

    Aug 7, 2015
    - 3 singles.
    - Aki, Nako or Miku center.
    - Erena becomes a stable senbatsu member and manages to rank in the Sousenkyo.
    - Sakura ranks #1.
    - Sasshi doesn't participate in the Sousenkyo.
    - Shuffle.
    - Collaborations with MoMusu.
    - New units and original single line-ups, unpopular centers.
    - Ori Team H stage.

    - Graduation wave.
    - 2 singles at most.
    - Cute singles, as usual.
    - Tour.
    - Collaborations with =LOVE.
    - Haruppi graduates.
    - Miku gets a photobook.
    - Aki is the only 4ki who manages to rank.

    - Sasshi centers a single.
    - 1 single.
    - Hana-hate continues.
    - Nako ranks down again.
    - Someone other than Jurina manages to outrank Sakura.
  6. Mayoyo

    Mayoyo Member

    Oct 27, 2017
    Hopes :
    Sasshi not graduate

    Fears :
    Sasshi graduate

    Prediction :
    Sasshi not graduate and still not spending more time with hkt48 despite her promise to do so
  7. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    • Haruppi makes the best comeback in the history of the 48Groups
    • 3 Singles
    • Management stops trying to make Hana happen.
    • Sakura FINALLY gets to have an HKT48 Solo Center Single

    • Management keeps trying to make Hana Happen
    • Haruppi's comeback fails

    • 3 Singles
    • Management will continue to make Hana Happen
    • Sakura Solo Centers a Single
    • NakoMiku rank in the Undergirls
    • Nako and Miku Photobooks
    • Sakura's 2nd Photobook
    • Haruppi remains in Senbatsu but falls out of the Top 10
    • Sasshi announces graduation at the end of the Year (which happens at the Fukuoka Dome in Spring 2019)
  8. Arbios

    Arbios Future Girls

    Jan 7, 2016
    Komiyama Haruka
    • Mio gets back in undergirls
    • Haruppi gets back in senbatsu
    • Mikurin makes senbatsu
    • Hana's push starts working
    • Mikurin centers a single
    • Two singles
    • Haruppi centers the next single,and Mikurin the later
    • Haruppi drops out of senbatsu in ssk and Sakura gets to be the only senbatsu member
    • 1 single
    • Hana doesn't rank at all
    • Mio drops once again
  9. Mr. Take It Easy

    Mr. Take It Easy Kenkyuusei

    Sep 19, 2016
    West Hollywood, CA
    • Hana's hate continues
    • Hana doesn't rank (not even in the top100)
    • Sash gracefully graduates in Fukuoka dome
    • Haruppi drops out of ssk
    • Sakura gets number 2 in ask
    • Meru centres a single again
    • Mio center something and get back to UG
    • Hana out of any senbatsu and just perform at the theatre where she belongs
    • Hana still in senbatsu (ugh)
    • Aki centers an single
    • Hana's push works
    • Meru graduates
    • Mio graduates
    • Mio dropping even more in SSK
  10. Astro48

    Astro48 Upcoming Girls

    Mar 2, 2015
    Tobetsu cho

    • Mikurin center a single, wcenter with Nako perhaps?
    • Natsu on front position.
    • At least 2 singles next year.
    • Aki makes a rise.
    • Hana still center.
    • Graduation of a top members & HKT48 is not ready for it.
    • Only 1 single released next year.
  11. VincentS

    VincentS Kenkyuusei

    Jun 1, 2016
    4th gen get focused/pushed hard

    They don't

    Only couple of them do
  12. Lisa

    Lisa Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Mar 8, 2016

    High Quality songs;
    Meru ranks up and starts heading towards something more stable for her future;
    A little less Hana, less Hana hate too;
    Mikurin center;
    Mikurin reaches senbatsu in SSK;
    Nako stabilizes her rank;
    Aki becomes more prominent.


    Hana push doesn’t work and the hate continues;
    Haruppi tanks and announces graduation shortly after SSK;
    Mio starts dropping after kennin cancellation;
    HKT48 continues to be shafted;
    Management keeps focusing on the same handful of girls and theater girls are forgotten;


    Haruppi drops in rank;
    Management takes advantage of Mikurin’s marketability;
    Hkt48 finally gets a new variety show;
    Aki ranks higher;
    Aramaki Misaki ranks in SSK.
  13. Iizuka-Tengu

    Iizuka-Tengu Kenkyuusei

    Dec 16, 2017
    Let me do a bit of the provebial splitting the baby here.

    I hope AKB48 group majorly overhauls the way its methods and policies in light of how their pandering to the lowest common denominator for short term profit caused them to lose near all respect among the public in favor of the 46 girls.

    No one feels compelled to do a nude photoshoot now that AKB48 group gravure competition level has devolved to that level (see Ota Aika's, Kato Rena's, and Mukaichi Mion's latest shoots if you are in denial about this) . And I really hope that things don't get even worse

    I hope HKT gets at least one more TV show. And one of those is with STU and/or NGT, but they aren't stingy about who gets to appear. Let it be more of the loud, energetic, wild girls even if they don't pull in sousenkyo votes than the meek, quiet, doll-like gravure queens that never speak up.

    I hope that Sakura gets #1 in the sousenkyo and that HKT as whole gets more love. Or, you know, if she does lose to Jurlna, it is with the understanding that it is Jurina's last go and Sakura's time is next year with Jurina's support and blessing.

    I hope that Hana loses her position as center, but a subunit forms with Vivian and Maria and hate of her stops completely because as a trio they are wonderful and as part of that trio, she pulls her own.

    While her current trajectory is successful, I do hope something mildly bad happens to kind of disrupt her current moral trajectory before she really exploits herself much more than now, but it is mild and she can go on to be successful with a new attitude that she can look back on in 10 years after all lolicon creeps have abandoned her with pride and self respect.

    I hope that HKT48 doesn't move onto a "fresh" girl as center again a though the 40 or so girls in the group who have been working hard for so long were only the prelude to the new "Ace". It didn't work with Meru, it didn't work with Nako, it didn't work with Hana. This whole idea that the new loli should be promoted to the moon before they get used to things needs to be abandoned in favor of taking a look at who has improved the most during their tenure with the group. Fresh Meru and Nako didn't work, but seasond Meru or Nako might. Or give Madoka or Miku a shot. Or, who knows, maybe Akiyoshi, Sakamoto, Hokazono, Murakawa or any one of a dozen others has massive potential that isn't being realized because 95% of people haven't seen what they can really do if they are treated special rather than background. Enough with this attitude that the company can decide a girl's permanent place from day 1 and keeps pushing success or failure. There has been far more of the later than the former. And having such a high percentage of sousenkyo votes gathered around such a small number of members is a failure of marketing, not a success-- everyone will graduate eventually and if the marketing has led people into neither liking nor respecting anyone else, those fans are gone forever.

    I hope that Murashige senbatsu does well in request hour, and even if she fails the sousenkyo (or doesn't enter at all to throw her power behind Sakura) that regardless she still does a 2018 Murashige senbatsu with auditions open to all 48 (and maybe 46) groups and members again write the music, lyrics, choreography, direct the video and so on. And through this, she understands that even if fanbase AKB has cultivated rejects her, the members respect and treasure her and she should take a more active role in leadership of HKT for the next 5 years.

    I hope Sashihara graduates as a member so everything can stop being about her alone, and she stays on as staff and actually puts her instincts behind making the group better rather than how to promote only herself. I hope we absolutely never again see a concert, play or tv show that uses Sashihara's name in the title as though everyone else there counts for nothing.
  14. jiinatsu

    jiinatsu Kenkyuusei

    Nov 24, 2015
    New Zealand
    • Aki Center for at least one single.
    • Team shuffle at 7th anniversary show.
    • At least one kennin from another SG (only because I enjoyed Non's kennin from 2014/2015 so much).
    • Aoitan's SSK rank to stop being a rollercoaster (48, 80, 36, 62).
    • Natsu returns to NG in SSK.
    • Hana drastically improves rank in SSK (if she doesn't, then mgmt need to let her go).
    • Sakura wins SSK (been wishing this since SSK 2016).
    • A new variety show.
    • Another single like "Melon Juice" or "Saikou ka yo".
    • An official HKT subunit (fairy w!nk doesn't count).
    • Sasshi graduates.
    • Graduation wave of older members (1st Gen in particular).
    • Only one single is released a la NMB.
    • Hana's mega push continues if she doesn't drastically improve rank in SSK.
    • Hana Center for 11th single.
    • Aoitan's SSK rank continues being a rollercoaster.
    • A new variety show.
    • No team shuffle or SG kennin.
    • Sasshi stays; continues being hidden Center.
    • Sakura doesn't win SSK.
    • Aki drastically improves rank; mgmt actually take advantage.
  15. Elena

    Elena Kenkyuusei

    May 26, 2017
    Underrated members gets noticed.
    The line up for the title tracks changes, not always the same girls who sing that everytime.
    Sell the album for one version, not many.
    Members taking up to write, compose and produce songs.
    Some members of the 48G change agencies. (I wished that though, but not going to happen for this.)

    The physical sales of the albums released drops like nobody's business.
    Doing poorly in digital charts.
    Losing popularity with the netizens and the teens.
    And scandals that are big enough to ruin one's reputation.
    False news about the members.
    Poor management of groups.
    SSK goes to some shitty place and horrible organisers who needs to wake up.
    And Haruppi graduates.(People, she needs to focus on her health.)

    Will be scandals which is harmful or not to them.
    Members will not change agencies.
    Some members get to transfer to new sister groups.
    More opportunities for HKT48 if next year is good.
    Haruppi on hiatus.

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  16. mutomu

    mutomu Next Girls

    May 16, 2017
    Muto Tomu
    • Haruppi enters Kami7
    • Haruppi gets rest
    • Haruppi centers a single
    • Sakura centers a single
    • Nenechan become regular senbatsu
    • Jiina back to senbatsu and ranks in SSK
    • Hana doesn't center any single
    • Team Shuffle
    • Natsu, Madoka, Meru, Asuka, Aki & Aoitan rank up
    • Aramaki Misaki, Yamashita Emiri, Tsukiashi Amane, Jitoe Nene, Fukagawa Maiko, Tanaka Yuka, Shimono Yuki & Murakawa Vivian rank for the first time
    • Haruppi graduates
    • Hana center again
    • Sasshi graduates
    • Aki doesn't rank
    • Only 1 single
    • Meru graduates
    • Mio drop rank in SSK
    • Sakura centers a single
    • Sasshi graduates
    • Haruppi enters Kami7
    • Team Shuffle
    • Get 3 singles
    • More HKT48 members rank
  17. fukasaku

    fukasaku Kenkyuusei

    Feb 21, 2015
    • Sakura solo center at least 1 single
    • Haruppi comeback in full power
    • Sakura wins SSK
    • Management stop with Hana push
    • The old gen is still young, push them too
    • At least some/all the non ranked will rank in this year SSK
    • Jiina comeback
    • Natsu, Mado, Aoi, Ueki, Asuka ranks up
    • At least there is 1 member/more that suddenly famous in hs
    • Pls promote your single harder management
    • Haruppi Kami 7
    • Senbatsu up to 18 nin
    • 3 single a year
    • Gave theater girls a decent job
    • No graduation
    • Theater girls get notice
    • Agency shuffle (*ehem* Sakura *ehem*)
    • Madoka's album release this year
    • HKT special drama
    • Mio, Nako, Miku, Madoka get top 16
    • Pls use those variety girls well
    • More song like Melon Juice but not too kiddy and become the new HKT anthem
    • Change the bonus single from pocket calendar to photo pls
    • Permanent theater
    • Give them some fashion magz/modelling stuff

    • Haruppi didnt comeback
    • Sakura in support role again
    • Sakura get 2nd in SSK
    • Hana push continue
    • Many theater girls graduate
    • 1 single only
    • Haruppi graduate
    • Being treat like nobody
    • Sales decrease
    • Scandal
    • Single that no one care or didnt promote well
    • HKT got shafted again by AKS
    • Too focus with the new gen
    • Haruppi tanks in SSK
    • Mio,Miku,Nako,Madoka failed to enter top 16
    • Madoka's piano album didnt release this year
    • No outside job the girls
    • Theater girls do theater job only
    • Shuffle

    • Haruppi top 10/lower
    • Only 2 single
    • Hana push still continue
    • Sakura center 1 single
    • New variety show

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