Hopes, Fears and Predictions for AKB48 2009?

Discussion in 'General AKB48 Discussion' started by Jasey, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Jasey

    Jasey Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Apr 22, 2008
    New Zealand
    Just like the thread from last year.

    What are your hopes, fears and predictions for AKB48 2009?

    - None of my favourites graduate.
    - Team A doesn't lose any original girls and stays strong.
    - The quality of songs gets better, or rather, not worse.
    - AKBINGO! continues.

    - A favourite girl graduates, especially Meetan, since she certainly hasn't got too much time in the group left.
    - They stop the Live On Demand service, and we'll have to wait for the DVDs to see the next stages.
    - AKB48 disbands (the big one here).

    - B4, K5 and A6 will start throughout the year.
    - AKB48 will continue to do oneshot concerts (like Hibiyaon, NHK, JCB) and make overpriced DVDs of them.
    - 4 singles will be released.
    - AKB-Idoling won't continue after the first single.
    - No Sleeves and Watarirouka will continue action throughout the year, and there will be a new sub-unit.

    - 6 girls will graduate, 3 from K, 2 from B and 1 from A.
    - Ito Company (Fujie's agency) will sign 2 more girls (Myao and Kitarie, maybe) and make an 'Ito3'. More Team B girls & ex-RS' will get agencies.
    - Kohara will be promoted to Team A early in the year. Nakatsuka will be promoted to Team B sometime during B4, but before that will still have a permanent position, like Kohara in A5.
    - There will be an 8th gen audition, but not many girls will be picked.
    - Ishida & Hatayama are members/frontgirls of Team Kenkyuusei.
    - Some 7th gen kenkyuuseis will perform in Request Hour 2009, and some more will sub or backdance in B4.
    - Some of the current kenkyuuseis that are unskilled will be graduated/kicked out. In a way this is a hope because some of these girls really don't belong in AKB.

    48 PROJECT
    - SKE48 will have their 2nd and 3rd stages, continuing to cover AKB stages.
    - SKE48 members will continue to appear in singles.
    - SKE48's Team K will debut halfway through the year.
    - HKT48 will debut, and just like Jurina, their frontgirl will invade a single, though not at the same scale Jurina did (taking up the cover).
    - The next offshoot group will be announced.

    Yes, I did have a lot of time on my hands :XD: Also, when I go there in October I hope to see all 3 stages, I predict I won't and I fear I won't see any :(
  2. Aigon

    Aigon Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Dec 23, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    - B3, H1, H2, A4, K4, A5 Stage albums are FINALLY released. Seriously, most of them are LONG overdue.
    - Stage and Concert DVD's are no longer announced the day (or day before) they are released and can be purchased on regular online sites.
    - More exposure for Team B. Seriously, the Team B shafting needs to end already.
    - No more singles like Baby!Baby!Baby!. The whole "releasing it on cell-phones only" is just stupid.

    - Team B graduations. I don't think anyone needs to graduate from Team B.
    - More of Acchan hogging the spotlight. Seriously, I'm sick of her, put someone else in front for once.
    - another single on the same scale of epic fail as B!B!B!
  3. Tatami Mats

    Tatami Mats Kenkyuusei

    Jun 24, 2007

    I never check this thread again because I'll get depressed


    I'll check this thread again
  4. Jasey

    Jasey Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Apr 22, 2008
    New Zealand
    Looks like things haven't changed much since last year :XD: Poor, scared Tatami...
  5. Tatami Mats

    Tatami Mats Kenkyuusei

    Jun 24, 2007
    I can't believe I'm already back in this thread.

    The thing is the way the girls announce things at the end of shows is just too much for me. Whenever they start out you can never tell if it is going to be a good announcement or bad announcement.

    It's hell. And they always drag it on.
  6. Naomi

    Naomi Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Oct 11, 2007
    - Natsumi gets placed in a single. :D
    - The rest of the stage albums are released.
    - Natsumi gets placed in a single.
    - Kohara gets added to a team.
    - Natsumi gets placed in a single.

    - Natsumi graduates. =/ I dunno why, but I have a strange feeling she will... maybe I'm just paranoid. XD
    - We'll see more SKE in AKB singles. Boo!

    - Someone'll graduate.
    - We'll see more SKE in AKB singles. Boo!
  7. Sorceress628

    Sorceress628 Kenkyuusei

    Jun 20, 2008
    Kayano's Heart
    -Kayano returns to team A. Its more of a fairy tale but hey there's still one spot left.
    -B4 features more Naachan. She deserves it.
    -More AKB48 members in dramas. Wishing for alot of guest stars so they're not from the theater too long.
    -Men-dol Season II
    -Other members on AKBingo instead of the usual group.
    -Mayuyu will stop being the entire team B in PVs.
    -SKE48 stops riding off of AKB's success and proves themselves without relying on their popular senpai.
    -Aki (SKE48), Kaorin, Naachan and Cindy get placed in a single.
    -A6 be way better than A5.
    -Lots of new PVs aka lots of new singles.

    -Takamina graduation.
    -Jurina invades. Jurina conquers.
    - Akimoto-sensei decides on new creepy promotion.
    - That costume designer who made the fluffy pastel multi-color outfits from the NHK concert will design something even more hideous.
  8. RocketStarLauncher

    RocketStarLauncher Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Nov 7, 2007
    PHL -> IC
    Sato Natsuki
    -4-5 singles
    -Seasonal concerts similar to H!P
    -More/only shuffle concerts
    -Team B gets Oya and Kikuchi
    -Natsuki gets to be in a single
    -Singles include more solo lines
    -Takamina is featured more
    -New Stages will feature solo lines for ALL of the girls
    -More units will put out CDs
    -Natsuki gets a REAL agency
    -Nacchinon wins M-1
    -Ishida gets on Team K

    -Epic Mai and Mariko graduation
    -Saeki will graduate due to injuries
    -Slow/ballad singles
    -More Kenkyuusei get into Teams and immediately get into singles
    -Noro graduates quietly

    -Natsuki graduates at the end of K4 for Waseda
    -K4 ends, K5 begins
    -A5 continues till 2010 with spotty attendance
    -HKT48 starts up.
    -Kohara gets into Team A
    -Another 48 group starts or is announced (Osaka area?)
    -Ohori graduates with tons of news stories
    -New TV show replacing AKBingo!
    -New Nemousu Terebi season
  9. Decreez

    Decreez Kenkyuusei

    Nov 24, 2008
    The worshippers' holyland
    It took me quite some time to think about this

    - More stages will come out, hopefully the stages contain the best songs up-to-date
    - More singles
    - AKB48 performs outside Japan
    - More concerts with better shuffles
    - Team A will be complete soon
    - No more "armies", AKB, SKE and HKT are big enough (there will be 3 Team Ks :D)

    - Graduation, especially Team A, they had too much graduation already
    - More kenkyuuseis (it's too big already)
    - More "releasing on cellphones only" like B!B!B!
    - No more Himawari-gumi stages

    - Graduations :cry:
    - More singles
    - Someone will join Team A soon (I hopes it's Kayano or Kohara)
    - AKB and SKE will collaborate often :p
  10. Naomi

    Naomi Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Oct 11, 2007
    I can't really see that happening, but I would be sooooooooo x1000 happy if it did. :D :D
  11. Midori.48

    Midori.48 Kenkyuusei

    Jun 12, 2008
    - Yuko and Tomomi sing oshibemeshibe together :oops:
    - Mendol...new season
    - new subgroups and singles
    - new dramas and movies
    - K4 and A5 DVD!!
    - 5 members from team A come back
    - Photobooks!!!
    - My favourite members graduate
    - Kenkyuuseis become members
    - Meetan kiss everyone :lol: (Ahh...Tomo~mi-sama!! Yuko is missing you!! comeback!!)
  12. tokaikko

    tokaikko Kenkyuusei

    Mar 26, 2008
    Toronto, Canada
    -B4 being amazing.
    -Shafted Team B members STOP EFFING GETTING SHAFTED SO BADLY. Particularly Mikipomu, Tanamin, and Gussan. PLEASE!!!!
    -All of the stage albums that have not yet been released getting released - and NOT in some horrible form, like you can only buy all of them together for $300 or not at all. Nice, normal, separate albums like the first six were, please. (You just never know with AKS these days.)
    -Seeing Ayarin performing on a regular basis again, and with solo lines and a chance to shine - in Team Kenkyuusei, perhaps.
    -Fujimoto Sara and Ishida Haruka being added to teams! (And Ishida getting to perform Kuroi Tenshi more, seriously.)
    -The next stage DVDs NOT being released in limited releases, but in regular full releases that we can all easily buy, like they're SUPPOSED to be, so we can all buy B3 and K4 and A5 as per usual, whenever they end. (And hey, maybe even a Team Kenkyuusei stage or SKE48's first. Let's just make this stuff accessible; it's better for everyone involved.)
    -Concert DVDs stop being SO FRIGGIN' EXPENSIVE! Now, I'll admit that my idea of expensive might be different from someone else's, because I've been spoiled by buying Taiwan/Hong Kong releases of everything at this Asian mall I go to, so it's all much cheaper and I don't have to pay shipping. If nothing else...I mean, Chinese releases of AKB stuff would be nice. Then I could spend $40 on one of their concert DVDs and not have to feel guilty about my spending. I guess a $60 or $70 concert DVD is more normal than I thought, but they shouldn't be going over $100, EXCEPT for three disc affairs like Shibuya AX, because that's really four nights of concert all in one release - and even so, $160 or whatever it was sounds like a bit much.
    -Really good singles being released, and maybe even a return to dramatic singles with dramatic music videos, because I LOVED writing reviews for the Seifuku and Keibetsu and Ashita wa ashita no kimi ga umareru PVs. If given more PVs like those, I will be a HAPPY GIRL!
    -More Team B members selected for singles.
    -Watarirouka Hashiritai having an amazing PV and an amazing single with Hatsukoi Dash, and the single doing well on Oricon and the group continuing with more amazing stuff.
    -No Sleeves doing better on Oricon with their second single (and maybe sticking with the electropop sound if it can be done well, since it seems to be blowing up in Japan's music scene these days).


    -Any of my hopes not coming true.
    -Team A having even MORE graduations and becoming almost unrecognizable compared to before (I mean...more than now). But worst of all, being unable to make us care about them in their new form. REALLY hoping that doesn't happen and they're able to keep being awesome no matter what their lineup.
    -Someone awesome graduating from Team K, since we've had Team A and B graduations (and a firing in Ayarin's case) to deal with this past year while all in the land of K has been relatively calm. I'm scared as to who might decide to leave.
    -Someone graduating from Team B AGAIN particularly one of the more shafted members, who I love and want to see get more to do!.
    -Akimoto literally trying to create -48 groups all over Japan and having his Project 48 idea fall so flat that it just becomes laughable. MAYBE he'll be able to actually make some epic huge idol empire and pull it off, but that'd be hard. All I feel like I can do right now is sit here and watch each new development and announcement in the world of AKB as they unfold. I don't even try to make predictions as to what will happen with HKT48 or anything, I just take it as it comes, because...it sounds a little bit ridiculous, to be honest. I just fear that this will all be really, really stupid. The only thing that I think sounds cool about it so far is that it gives more girls the chance to perform on a regular basis, because even if they don't get to be famous on the scale that AKB members are, even just performing can be enough if you have a passion for that. When I see that point of view, I think Akimoto's brilliant. It all just depends on what he does with these ideas he has.

    -Team Kenkyuusei will have their own stages, performing repeat AKB stages but actually doing it on a more regular basis than the shows kenkyuusei have done in the past.
    -The kenkyuusei who aren't particularly talented or popular will not be be kicked out, but will just stay in Team Kenkyuusei. However, a few may graduate of their own accord.
    -SKE will have their own concert outside of their theatre later in the year, but it will be in a smaller venue than AKB have had their concerts in.
  13. haruna_hamasaki

    haruna_hamasaki Kenkyuusei Staff Member Stage48 Donor

    Jun 3, 2007
    I love to read all posted here. I don't have to give my fears, hopes and predictions anymore because they're already stated above posts. ;)
  14. kalua

    kalua Kenkyuusei

    Jul 17, 2007
    - Team B gets Ayaka kikeuchi
    - Release new units
    - New drama
    - New TV program
    - More single and stage
    - Plays concert in Tokyo Dome .

    - graduates from another members.
  15. CupOfMidsummer

    CupOfMidsummer Kenkyuusei

    Jul 24, 2008
    I doubt it. They make quite an amount of money from LOD.

    - Jurina won't take all the SKE spotlight. Come on, I want to see Kanako as a front girl at least once.
    - More singles!
    - They will perform on Kohaku once more.

    - Jurina will continue to take all the spotlight.
    - Akimoto will start HKT48 before he is finished with SKE48.
    - B4 will be quite similar to A5, as in people expect too much only to be disappointed.
    - The entire Project48 will fall apart.
    - That 2009 will just be the beginning of the end.

    - A couple of the A5 songs will be included in the future singles.
    - A couple of members in Team K will graduate and those spots will be filled by RS. (Much to my displeasure)
    - K5 begins by the middle or the end of the year.
    - Akimoto will find even MORE ways to rob our wallets.
  16. Copyninja

    Copyninja Kenkyuusei

    Sep 13, 2007
    I'm watching you.

    Some members graduate
    Moar Jurina


    Some members graduate
    Apocalypse comes sooner than my plane ticket to Saepanmanland
    Jurina will take over the world (I mean, after she turns 20, it's ok, but for now... ^^)


    Drama ^_^
    More idoling crap
    at least 1 sucky single
  17. kopkrazy

    kopkrazy Kenkyuusei

    Oct 5, 2008
    SKE48 will get their own stage songs
    A new single will be as controversial as seifuku
    Ayarin will get back into the team
    Akimoto will do an 'asia48' project
    a collaboration with B'Z

    some of the Team K members will graduate
    Noro Kayo will be in the same predicament as meetan as will she sell "10,000 singles or else leave the group" ??
    Jurina will be in the AKB48 spotlight
    Yukarin,nozofisu,takamina miichan will graduate


    A lead drama role for aachan,mai mai
    Idoling members inside akb48
  18. Shumatsu Samurai

    Shumatsu Samurai Kenkyuusei

    Jun 24, 2007
    Here's my selfish post. Most of it has been said already...

    - Asuka signs with a real agency
    - Asuka is selected for a PV (and all that follow)
    - Asuka PB / DVD
    - Neither Fujimoto nor Tomita get promoted to a team
    - More releases than last year
    - No more AKS releases...
    - No graduations
    - LOD for Saturday Night 48
    - No more stupid challenges / milking the fans (as if that were to happen...)
    - We finally get A4 on CD.
    - NemoTere 2nd season with more episodes than the first.

    - More AKS releases
    - Favorites graduate, killing a team
    - Fast expansion causes important people to lose focus, fans to lose interest.
    - RS flood
    - A real scandal happens.
    - AKBingo turns into Hello!Morning

    - Unless something unexpected happens, 2009 will mostly be like 2008, including some graduation we don't want (thinking about Maimai and Mariko in particular).
    - AKS releases will continue
    - HKT48 in AKB theater within the year
    - SKE 2nd stage, 50% are recycled songs
    - A6, K5, B4 (unless H3 happens).
    - Overall more exposure

    I don't mind having a thread like this. Whatever happens will happen regardless but it'll be interesting to come back and see how everything turned out or how opinions changed.
  19. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith Kenkyuusei

    Aug 3, 2007
    Cologne, Doucheland

    and here I go, not gonna return to the thread. Besides, my hopes and fears are about the same as everyone else's, just with minor changes (like <insert member name here>).
  20. Ange

    Ange Kenkyuusei

    Oct 16, 2007
    The Stage48 Institute for Akimoto Sayaka Worship
    Hope: Sayaka and Sae get a PB (together or separated)

    Fear: Sayaka and/or Sae to graduate / Fujimoto added to Team K.

    Prediction: Fujimoto is promoted to Team K (I pray for it not to happen, but I see it coming...).

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