Single Keyakizaka46 9th / Last Single [Dare ga Sono Kane wo Narasu no ka?] (2020/08/21)

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    After hearing it around 15 times I kind of get it. Yeah, the sound is not typically Keyaki-ish, but the tune is not bad. But it desperately needs an MV to truly work. Here's the closest one I could think of. Even has a pool in it. :D
    Even though it's a very rough draft, this way it feels much better. With a proper MV to support it, people would appreciate it more.
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    Nov 28, 2019
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    It sounds like something nogi would release. But then again when darekane first came out on AEON cm, many ppl commented that it had the same vibes as synchronicity so those stuff shouldnt really matter. Nevertheless, I really like it. More than dare kane surprisingly [hehe] After hitsuji, they need to brighten up the moods. The choregraphy is apparently very fast pace so hopefully they would perform it and then maybe that will make it more keyakish to some ppl

    About the lyrics, many of their songs has a highschool setting so I dont mind. And kuroi hitsuji's protagonist is a highschooler if you read the lyrics. They will get younger girls in their future generation anyway (from the age of 2ki, their 3ki will likely be as young as hinata's 2ki when they first joined in gana). Now that aki-p's muse aka the 'will never happen again talent' is gone, he wont be as dedicated to the newzaka as he was before with keyaki's songs (he has nogi & hinata too). So as long as they keep the 3 singles per year quota, more songs like this should be fine
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    Feb 4, 2019
    I always felt like Kuroi Hitsuji was the conclusion of the Techi protagonist story
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  4. too much idea

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    Strictly speaking about "narrative", I think 10gatsu is still within Keyaki's worldview.

    In BRODY's interview with Hitsuji's MV director, he said how the birthday scene doesn't exist in the original plan, but Hirate said that the protagonist should feel a little happiness as well. In the MV itself, the memories of "boku" is scattered in various place, like the scene where you see 2 girls going home from a club activity.

    "Boku" have good, happy memories too, and (assuming this is still the same "boku", as the protagonist meant to be Techi again) 10gatsu showed one of it. But as a (title) song, i agree that the mood shift from Hitsuji is big.
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    A bit OOT

    But i still prefer for the REINCARNATION of keyaki, will take back the feeling of Saimajo and Futari saison,,
    not gonna lie, but everything is change since Fukyouwaon..

    I really miss their 1st year as keyaki since they released Saimajo
    Then everything change :(

    It is not bad, i totally like it, they made keyaki like a Story Book, or every single has its own story, like a new volume from a novel..
    Their performance just outstanding, every time i see it, always amazed by how they did it.

    But is it just me,, or you guys feel it too?
    I miss how techi smile back then, i mean like why the public want her to be like now, she is so bubbly in SOL
    but so gloomy in Keyakake ...
    Just miss the old times,, sorry guys
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  6. DelicateEmpress

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    Jun 15, 2019
    @too much idea If it’s meant to showcase boku’s happy memories, I’d prefer them stay in the theme of “enjoying the moment with everyone” instead of trying to vent it out to a rebellious act tbh. Boku’s happy memories (as suggested in Kuroi Hitsuji) were him being in sync with others, or at least, being together with someone else. For me, boku never purposely tried to stand out, rather he knew he would be better off fitting in but failed to do so, and even blame himself for that reason. If we went back a bit to Ambivalent, the song was about wanting to be alone but also wanting to be with someone (or belonged to a community). So in my mind, boku wouldn’t try to make a scene out of himself like jumping into the pool out of boredom. I’d understand if it’s another boku (like I have seen others suggested) doing so after being inspired by Saimajo-Hitsuji boku. It’d be cool if we have two boku meeting each other, like a transitioning scene. Anyway, 10-gatsu signals a new breeze is really coming. I wonder if they’ll go with this route for the new group and if so, how will they incorporate young adults members.

    no doubt the press, S&F tried to project this isolated, lone-wolf image onto Techi (I still hate how Techi’s pic was changed in UniAir), pressure also made her to be more cautious of how she present herself in public. But Techi is also naturally shy and socially awkward (as in not good with crowd). I really shouldn’t assume anything about her but I don’t think she could let loose while being surrounded by cameras like in Keyakake. But when she’s with a small group of people she trusts with no camera (like SOL), she was and still can be very bubbly (as staffs, her co-stars, members have shared before). For me, Techi chooses what to show (work) and what not to show (her private life) but her core hasn’t really changed.
  7. MasToppu

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    Jun 29, 2016
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    AkiP wrote 10gatsu lyrics, right?
  8. kanjo

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    I disagreed with the Nogi thing until toward the end. The stuff after the 2nd chorus did have a bunch of Nogi in it.

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