Maeyamada Kenichi aka Hyadain

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    Maeyamada Kenichi is a composer most famous for his works as Hyadain, a niconico user who uploads remixes of video games that include vocals.

    As hyadain he's done a few anime theme songs as physical singles, and both of his singles feature female vocals and as such include some female idols like Aso Natsuko and former Momoiro Clover member Hayami Akari.

    Also, he's worked for AKB48, having written the music to both Tonari no Banana and Hatsukoi yo, Konnichiwa.

    Jo Jo YuuJou featuring Hayami Akari

    Kakakata Kataomoi C featuring Aso Natsuko

    8D Probably my absolute favourite idol composer.

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