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So do our girls lack personality and character?

Discussion in 'General MNL48 Discussion' started by JigglerCuddlerRattler, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. JigglerCuddlerRattler

    JigglerCuddlerRattler Kenkyuusei

    Oct 28, 2018
    Visuals: ✔
    Talent: ✔
    But what about character and personality?
    I dont know if this was discussed before so I really wanna know your opinion guys.

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  2. Unggoy

    Unggoy Kenkyuusei

    Aug 23, 2018
    My wife's opinion is that they're trying too hard to be Japanese in their MVs (not their fault) and that they look/act too arrogant/prideful in other media. That does count as character and personality, just not very positively.

    I've been watching some old AKBingo episodes (first 30 so far) as well as the IZ*ONE show and I've watched a couple other Kpop shows in the past and by comparison when I watch the shows on the MNL48 youtube channel, it seems like they haven't figured out how to act like an idol. I believe one episode of AKBingo had a brief focus on Mariko (?) who was tuned out and not in a good mood until the count down started and suddenly she put on her happy face. The I-SCHOOL episodes are, er, incredibly OA and not in the fun way.

    However, that was 3-4 years after AKB48 started. Gen 1 usually has the "real" girls* (I want to be an idol as opposed to I want notoriety) but it takes awhile for them to develop their character and figure out how to be a little extra without going overboard like they are now. Give them some time. :)

    * SKE48 - Jurina, HKT48 - Sakura, AKB48 - Megishi, Tomochin, Acchan, Takahashi
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  3. Momentosis

    Momentosis Kenkyuusei

    Dec 1, 2014
    Shimada Haruka
    Your girls don't but mine do
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  4. JigglerCuddlerRattler

    JigglerCuddlerRattler Kenkyuusei

    Oct 28, 2018
    Hope so coz you know for me atleast one thing that became BNK's selling point is that their members each have their characters that will differentiate them from each other. MNL girls as of now lack that something that will pick the peoples interest. Ph already have many singing artist and such so they really need to stand out especially idol genre is very new in this country

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  5. Unggoy

    Unggoy Kenkyuusei

    Aug 23, 2018
    @JigglerCuddlerRattler I suggest you go back and copy your second post and edit it into your first post. Double posting (or more) is a big no no.

    Don't forget to delete your second post after you've done that :p

    Hate to say it, but that's because most Filipinas have a very limited scope of personality in general. There is a "popular" way to look, act, dress, talk, exist and if you venture too far away from that path then you're an outcast. The difference between the way girls respond to that in different countries is... well... most Filipinas eventually "fall in line" whereas American girls fight back.

    I'm not going to say what's right, I'm just going to say that we had Nirvana and that really really changed our country's culture of acceptance.
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  6. roze_street

    roze_street Kenkyuusei

    Jul 22, 2018
    It's not the girls fault but they don't know how to act idol-like yet. We don't have an idol culture unlike Japan and Korea. But they are learning I guess.

    Plus we don't know what their real personality training is like but that part in i-school is really boring for me plus i-school itself is not centered around being funny or showing personality

    It seems like they've been focused so far in showing their talents which is not very idol-like for me.

    What who would blame them? The masses keep on bashing them with the memory of their showtime era.
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  7. Wade & Wander

    Wade & Wander Kenkyuusei

    Nov 1, 2018
    I'm sure the MNL girls have interesting personalities, they just haven't had the chance to show it to the masses yet.

    As a BNK fan, I have to say our girls' selling point is definitely NOT their singing skills...(although they do dance great!) :XD:
    MNL girls are probably the best singers in the 48 groups so they definitely have that covered.
    Once they get media exposure, I'm sure their characters will come out. I think it's primarily a matter of marketing.

    I also think it's important to be reminded that the girls should not be marketed as artists or musicians, but as idols, and in the idol game, it's not musical talent that wins the day. This field is won through talent in creating a marketable 'character'. At the end of the day, popularity is the only thing that matters for an idol, not musical talent, not visuals, not performance skills (but if these things help to increase popularity then all the better). I wish all the success for MNL.
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  8. angelkinetic

    angelkinetic Kenkyuusei

    Feb 2, 2018
    Yabuki Nako
    MNL48 lacks something as of right now.... The THEATRE...
    we can argue about this... that depends on ISchool and their mall shows.... but I think we'll all agree that they are not yet "idols you can meet everyday" because we cant... their personality, them being an idol... can be develop if they perform once or twice a week....

    we can see that they compete with each other just for exposure...because they can only have an exposure in just their youtube show....even ash cried when she we was ousted, some girls look depressed just to be in one week....and even we can see the general captain of the group, the current center, and the oshima yuko kind of girl cant give their place to other in the show

    If there is a theatre,
    I think we can talk about this..but as of right now.....without theatre...its like they are not a part of 48group

    Edit: Just watched the episode 50 of iSchool....and turns out I got it wrong for the exposure part gor the general captain... but yeah... its just the only thing we can see the girls and their fighting for that spot... right now... they are just like idols that you can meet at social media
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2018
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  9. Ally_

    Ally_ Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Aug 5, 2017
    Sugai Yuuka
    No. They just lack exposure.
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  10. ryo48

    ryo48 Kenkyuusei

    Oct 7, 2008
    Takahashi Minami
    The problem (at least for me) is that I feel that I still don't know much about MNL48 members in order to easily remember them.
    For example in BNK48 (although lately I have not been following them very much) I knew from the start that Kaimook was about cooking, Pun was the cool one etc
    But what can I say about MNL48 members? Sheki seems funny/weird with Takamina vibes... and that's it.
    The ischool program is so low budget is hard to watch. They should have made something similar to the "fishbowl" live fb shows that BNK48 still do.
  11. erukruu

    erukruu Kenkyuusei

    Feb 14, 2017
    Suzumoto Miyu
    (Lowkey glad I am not the only one who didn't watch iSchool for the same reason lol)

    Ally_ is right, it's the exposure (and actually, to be frank, it's also the number of them in a limited span). Besides the theater, we still don't have the regular handshake events yet. For me, if just basing with the two fan events I attended (1st Fan meet & Mini concert), I can say most of them are loud lol

    Also, I don't know... regarding about the show, I think they're also lacking of... show's hosts. I mean everyone was new in what they're doing. Unlike Japan's idol shows at least they've got veteran hosts / comedians to carry the vibe of the show / pushes girls' potentials.

    Building a 'public character' here in this country, for entertainment, is also hard. D: Can't blame them if you know... they're showing the "safe" side more (and hide the possible Paruru inside of them lol)
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  12. Helliezza

    Helliezza Kenkyuusei

    Oct 14, 2017
    Watanabe Mayu

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