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    Hey guys~

    Surprise announcement!

    Me and Emi have decided to create a totally awesome cover group

    And we want to invite y'all to join us on our new journey!

    The group will cover 48groups and 46groups, and we will try to focus on more unknown songs to learn something new and bring the awareness of people to those songs because they deserve it!

    We also want to be a group that grows together closely even though everyone is different, so in order to do that, everyone will decide on our singles together!

    We shall be known as TMD48, short for Tomodachi48.

    We hope for a lot of interested people from all around, and remember: Everyone can join! Just register to our forum and if we don't know you from other groups already, send us a short vocal sample via PM so we get to know your lovely voice!

    Come join us at !! (We also have cookies)

    Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on the other side soon~

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