Yokohama J-Pop Culture Festival 2019

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    Last Saturday (5/4) I was in Yokohama for that day's Keyakizaka46 HS event but as I could only win tickets for slots 1, 4 & 5 that left a long gap in the middle of the day. However filling in the time was no problem as I discovered that this free 3-day idol festival was taking part in the city's Yamashita Park and I could catch some acts in the middle part of the day. Photography was allowed so here's my picture report of the groups I saw.

    notall is a 3-member group which started in 2014.

    IMG_1919.jpg IMG_1927.jpg IMG_1931.jpg

    Ponica Road
    This is a fairly new Yokohama-based group which I hadn't heard of before. The girl with short hair is Minato Yuki, IMO she is very strikingly pretty.

    IMG_1936.jpg IMG_1941.jpg IMG_1945.jpg

    Jewel Neige
    This group also started in 2014. They recently released their first major single 'Snow Flake Remind' with King Records.

    IMG_1949.jpg IMG_1951.jpg IMG_1952.jpg

    Lovely Doll
    This was actually the second time I'd seen the group within 24 hours! I'd also seen them perform the previous evening at Zepp Tokyo in the Idol Generation event. One of the members is former AKB48 KKS member Sano Yuriko.

    IMG_1965.jpg IMG_1973.jpg IMG_1982.jpg

    Other acts due to appear included Niji no Conquistador and former BiS member Terashima Yufu but I needed to get back to the Keyaki event. However it was a nice way to kill a couple of hours in sunny weather with food and drink stalls nearby.
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    J-Pop Culture festive sure looks like nice one i wish I'd attend it there though.

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