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[[Image:SNH48TheaterAnniversary.png|thumb|400px|SNH48 Theater 2nd Anniversary Event]]
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'''SNH48 Theater 2nd Anniversary Stage''' <small>(SNH48星梦剧院两周年纪念公演“星梦回忆”)</small> was held at [[SNH48 Theater]] on September 13, 2015. Was a special stage to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the theater.
===14:00hrs Performance===
M01. [[Saishuu Bell ga Naru (SNH48 Song)|Saishuu Bell ga Naru]] <small>([[Team SII]])</small><br/>
M02. [[Hatsukoi Dorobou (SNH48 Song)|Hatsukoi Dorobou]] <small>([[Chen GuanHui]], [[Xu ChenChen]], '''[[Zhao JiaMin]]''')</small><br/>
M03. [[Theater no Megami (SNH48 Song)|Theater no Megami]] <small>([[Team NII]])</small><br/>
M04. [[Yokaze no Shiwaza (SNH48 Song)|Yokaze no Shiwaza]] <small>('''[[Ju JingYi]]''')</small><br/>
:MC Team SII
M05. [[Nagai Hikari (SNH48 Song)|Nagai Hikari]] <small>([[Team SII]])</small><br/>
M06. [[Heart Gata Virus (SNH48 Song)|Heart Gata Virus]] <small>([[Dai Meng]], [[Xu JiaQi]], [[Zhang YuGe]])</small><br/>
M07. [[Saka Agari (SNH48 Song)|Saka Agari]] <small>([[Team NII]])</small><br/>
M08. [[Dakishimeraretara (SNH48 Song)|Dakishimeraretara]] <small>([[Feng XinDuo]], [[Lu Ting]], '''[[Meng Yue]]''')</small><br/>
:MC Team NII
M09. [[Shonichi (SNH48 Song)|Shonichi]] <small>([[Team SII]])</small><br/>
M10. [[Pajama Drive (SNH48 Song)|Pajama Drive]] <small>([[Li YuQi]], '''[[Mo Han]]''', [[Xu JiaQi]])</small><br/>
M11. [[Zenjin Mitou (SNH48 Song)|Zenjin Mitou]] <small>([[Team NII]])</small><br/>
M12. [[Itoshisa no Accel (SNH48 Song)|Itoshisa no Accel]] <small>('''[[Zhao Yue]]''')</small>
:;Announcement [[SNH48 Team Shuffle]]
===19:00hrs Performance===
M01. [[Seishun Girls (SNH48 Song)|Seishun Girls]] <small>([[Team HII]])</small><br/>
M02. [[Kinjirareta Futari (SNH48 Song)|Kinjirareta Futari]] <small>([[Li DouDou]], [[Wang BaiShuo]])</small><br/>
M03. [[RESET (SNH48 Song)|RESET]] <small>([[Team SII]])</small><br/>
M04. [[Seifuku Resistance (SNH48 Song)|Seifuku Resistance]] <small>([[Dai Meng]], [[Zhang YuGe]], '''[[Zhao JiaMin]]''')</small><br/>
:MC Team SII
M05. [[Mammoth (SNH48 Song)|Mammoth]] <small>([[Team X]])</small><br/>
M06. [[Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou (SNH48 Song)|Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou]] <small>([[Sun XinWen]], [[Li Zhao]])</small><br/>
M07. [[Boku no Taiyou (SNH48 Song)|Boku no Taiyou]] <small>([[Team NII]])</small><br/>
M08. [[Himawari (SNH48 Song)|Himawari]] <small>([[Gong ShiQi]], [[He XiaoYu]], [[Huang TingTing]], [[Lin SiYi]])</small><br/>
:MC Team X
M09. [[Te wo Tsunaginagara (SNH48 Song)|Te wo Tsunaginagara]] <small>([[Team HII]])</small><br/>
M10. [[Glory Days (SNH48 Song)|Glory Days]] <small>([[Liu PeiXin]], [[Wang Lu]], '''[[Zhang Xin]]''')</small><br/>
M11. [[Yume wo shinaseru wake ni ikanai (SNH48 Song)|Yume wo shinaseru wake ni ikanai]] <small>([[Team SII]])</small><br/>
M12. [[Tonari no Banana|Tonari no Banana]] <small>([[Xu JiaQi]], [[Zhang YuGe]])</small><br/>
:VTR [[Seine River]]
M13. [[Sweet & Bitter (SNH48 Song)|Sweet & Bitter]] <small>([[Seine River]])</small><br/>
==External Links==
[http://www.snh48.com/event/s107/ Official Site]

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