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[[Image:Anqistage.jpg|thumb|400px|Tang AnQi Special Stage]]
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'''"Tang AnQi Special Stage"''' <small>(唐安琪祈福特別公演)</small> was held at SNH48 Theater on March 8, 2016. It was a stage dedicated for support to [[Tang AnQi]].
M01. [[Tenohira]] <small>(掌)</small> ([[Team NII]])<br/>
M02. [[Saka Agari (Song)|Saka Agari]] <small>(逆流而上)</small> ([[Team NII]])<br/>
M03. [[Mae Shika Mukanee (SNH48 Song)|Mae Shika Mukanee]] <small>(一心向前)</small> ([[Team NII]])<br/>
:VTR - Tang AnQi's mom message <br/>
M04. [[Itoshisa no Accel (SNH48 Song)|Itoshisa no Accel]] <small>(爱的加速器)</small> ([[Zhao Yue]])<br/>
M05. [[Mushi no Ballad]] <small>(虫之诗)</small> ([[Li Jing]])<br/>
M06. [[Kagami no Naka no Jean Da Arc (SNH48 Song)|Kagami no Naka no Jean Da Arc]] <small>(镜中圣女)</small> ([[Chen GuanHui]], [[Jiang Yun]], [[Yuan YuZhen]], [[Feng XiaoFei]], [[Xu ZiXuan]])<br/>
M07. [[RESET (SNH48 Song)|RESET]] <small>(勇气重生)</small> ([[Team SII]])<br/>
M08. [[Sakura no Hanabiratachi (SNH48 Song)|Sakura no Hanabiratachi]] <small>(青春的花瓣)</small> ([[Team SII]])<br/>
M09. [[RIVER (SNH48 Song)|RIVER]] <small>(激流之战)</small> ([[Team SII]]) <br/>
M10. [[Yakusoku yo (SNH48 Song)|Yakusoku yo]] <small>(我们的约定)</small> ([[Team HII]]) <br/>
M11. [[Korogaru Ishi ni Nare (SNH48 Song)|Korogaru Ishi ni Nare]] <small>(約好了唷)</small> ([[Team HII]]) <br/>
M12. [[Tooku ni Ite mo (SNH48 Song)|Tooku ni Ite mo]] <small>(伴我同行)</small> ([[Team HII]])<br/>
M13. [[After Rain (SNH48 Song)|After Rain]] <small>(雨季之后)</small> ([[Team X]])<br/>
M14. [[We are the SNH]] ([[Team NII]]) <br/>
M15. [[To be continued (SNH48 Song)|To be continued]] ([[Team NII]])<br/>
M16. [[Romance Kakurenbo (SNH48 Song)|Romance Kakurenbo]] <small>(恋爱捉迷藏)</small><br/>
*[[Tang AnQi]] suffered severe burn injuries on 80% of her body due to a fire in a cafe shop
*The tickets from this stage were auctioned for Tang AnQi rehabilitation fees

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