Morokuzu Noa (Noapi)

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    Name: Morokuzu Noa
    Name in japanese: 諸葛 望愛
    Birth: 2009-11-11
    From: Hiroshima
    Nickname: Noapi (のあぴ)
    Blood type: N/A
    Favortie food: oyster chowder and matcha
    Recommended in Setouchi: white-grilled conger eel, natural boke's
    Special skill: Violin, swimming
    Hobby: reading, tennis, english picture books
    Penlight color: violet and blue
    Message: Pipipi Noapi
    Secret ambition: I want to enter Himawari Aoi
    Challenge for this year (2022): want to appear in radio and magazines

    One of the 4 winners of the STU48 x ASH "New Wave project" audition, she auditioned as Mitsuki Noa (水月望愛)
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    Yoshino Misaki
    The Future of STU48
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