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NGT48 Assault Case

Discussion in 'General NGT48 Discussion' started by Cisalpine88, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Dill

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    Aug 18, 2017
    I agree.
    We are fans and as such tend to either defend idols in every circumstance or keep idols accountable for everything: dating, health, behaviour.. no matter their age. Yet when it comes to adults, there's always some sort of justification.
    It would have took nothing to Aki-p to stand up for Maho (and Riko and Rena and the rest of Team G), to make a statement, to express his doubts, to kick his dear friend's a** for handling the situation so bad; instead he said something after like 6 months AND made a song for their graduation... a song that probably will only bring more money to AKS and NGT and Aki-p himself.

    Excuse me if I frankly would like him to stay away from Sakamichi too. I'm pretty sure Sony has tons of songwriters that can do his job and perhaps are already doing it.
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    Oct 1, 2017
    Saito Fuyuka
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  3. Dill

    Dill Upcoming Girls

    Aug 18, 2017
    Already gone :(
    In Kuroi Hitsuji thread we are sharing this link (thanks to @ukifune for the link)
  4. shining445

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    Aug 21, 2016
    IL, USA
    NGT official twitter posted this: https://twitter.com/official_NGT48/status/1129748559262355456

    Very rough Google translate (if someone can better translate, please) :
    "Today, "The sun is many times"-Riko Sugahara, Rena Hasegawa, Maho Yamaguchi-Graduation performance-was held. Thank you to everyone who participated, everyone who viewed in the lobby and DMM, and everyone who supported you. Thank you for your continued support to the three people. # NGT48"

    The comments following are the real winners.
    "It is not NGT administration itself that does not support most. I do not know who is the person who reads this comment, but a human being who does not inspire anything in view of these three persons should not be involved in the work of nurturing expressors. You have no ability or qualification to develop human talent. Go live a lifetime regret that you did not save them."

    "First of all show how the administration is supporting three people"

    To name a few.

    From Oricon:
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  5. sakurappu

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    Mar 23, 2015
    Sayaka ✈️ Moeka/Wonyoung
    Let me correct you:
    Nah, that's far better
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  6. SaitoWinterStar

    SaitoWinterStar Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Oct 1, 2017
    Saito Fuyuka
    My translation of the summary from https://jbbs.shitaraba.net/bbs/read.cgi/music/29852/1553736787/ for 5/18 (Saturday).
    Please let me know if there are any mistakes!
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  7. wlerin

    wlerin Upcoming Girls

    Mar 23, 2012
    Muto Tomu
    This is incorrect. Here is the LINE LIVE of her radio show, where it is claimed she didn't mention NGT48:
    Hinatan's introduction starts at ~10:24. She says both that she's from Niigata (10:37) and that she's an NGT48 member (10:39, literally 2 seconds later).

    After self-introductions the stream transitions at 11:10 into a 1-minute free talk for each girl present. Hinatan does hers at 22:00~, and that's where she doesn't mention NGT48. But this wasn't supposed to be a comprehensive self-intro, and she'd already said she was from NGT48 earlier.
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  8. keyak

    keyak Kenkyuusei

    Feb 13, 2019
    Actually, the Kuroi Hitsuji choreo was almost identical to the original, with the exception of a few brief moments, like when Maho had her solo thing in the middle, her movements were much more dramatized than Techi's. Have to say, it was a great choice of song. I thought the choreo and the lyrics were very fitting for Maho's situation.
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  9. Mikuriin

    Mikuriin Kenkyuusei

    May 8, 2016
    Unfortunate City
    Literal performance of Kuroi Hitsuji :cry:
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  10. Gofindnova

    Gofindnova Kenkyuusei

    Apr 18, 2019
    Aki-P is still the spiritual head of 48G. If you asked the average Japanese who was in charge of 48G before this scandal, the #1 answer would be Aki-P. Since most people don’t follow news closely, it probably still would be. Even if he holds no official position, he still has authority and influence. There’s two ways to look at it:

    -Aki-P didn’t comment publicly on Maho’s case because he wants the scandal to blow over, just like management. Maho defended him because she’s naive. Aki-P wrote this new song to save his own image, pretending to sympathize with Maho and subtly defy management.

    -Aki-P didn’t comment publicly on Maho’s case because since he has no official authority, it would be considered bad industry etiquette and he believes in institutions (just like most Japanese). Plus there might be some weird contractual clause where he’s discouraged from bad-mouthing AKS. Maho defended him because he supported her privately. Aki-P wrote this new song because he sympathizes with Maho and is subtly defying management.

    It might also be both. Either way, I think “bad industry etiquette” plays too much influence. For example, I haven’t heard the Sakamichi groups commenting on Maho either. The only explanation I can see is everyone’s scared of trouble, or they’re also corrupt. Keyaki sings about rebellion but they won’t rebel. I can understand that “outsiders” (like Aki-P lol) should mind their own business if this was a case of vote rigging, but AKS covered up crime and physical endangerment, then kicked out the victim for upholding fan/idol separation. It attacks the foundation of what it means to be an idol, and affects the whole industry.
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  11. Dill

    Dill Upcoming Girls

    Aug 18, 2017
    The fact Sakamichi didn't talk about it bothered me for awhile as a fan, both because what happened to Maho could have happened to them (thoungh, in this case, Sakamichi mngmnt did something to protect the girls) and because for me it's a topic that needs to be discussed, at least within the groups, if not shared with media and fans, which may would create just more unnecessarily confusion.

    It seems it's happening, at least after Maho chose Kuroi Hitsuji, so that is something positive at least.
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  12. vshav

    vshav Kenkyuusei

    Nov 30, 2017
    Sasaki Kotoko
    Slightly off topic, anyone knows any brand that sells the same kind of white shirt they are wearing for Kuroi Hitsuji's performance? I think that was the one for Darashinai Aishikata MV. Such a good quality attire
  13. Cisalpine88

    Cisalpine88 Upcoming Girls

    Aug 28, 2009
    Well, it took me quite long, but for anyone who has some time to spare, I have gone through translating each of the letters that were read during yesterday's graduation concert.
    This might be the last major effort I give before I decide to leave NGT48 for dead, so enjoy. First the letters that Maho, Riko, and Rena have read for each other.
    All of them are nice in their own right, but I can't help pointing out how, at the beginning of her letter, Maho manages to hide a stinger in her words while at the same time being considerate to her actual friends.
    Just a word of warning on those certain members turning opportunistic and indifferent once the situation gets bad for themselves, while until then they played on an appearance of altruism and solidarity when it comes to reap approval and benefits for their own sake.
    Or maybe a little reminder to those members who were ready to use the graduation to build an alibi for the own conscience, to fittingly quote a tweet she liked.
    Anyway, without further ado...

    Maho's letter:
    To Rena and Riko

    Rena, you have always been there to provide me support.

    After I made that declaration to the public, even those members who until then used to come to request help from me treated the matter as none of their business. In front of such a thing, Rena instead reacted with indignation: "This is inexcusable".

    Rena kept feeling concerned about me throughout all this time, so much so that every single day she would care to keep in contact with me. She invited me over to her family's house, too. As I was crying incessantly, there she hugged me in a tight embrace.

    No matter how many times I would say "No, don't", "That's enough already", Rena would reply back "I'll be always there to assist Maho-chan, remember" as she would go on to cry together with me. She had always been there to protect me.

    No matter what other people would tell about us, Rena was constantly close by my side for me. I would tell her "I'd hate so see people speaking ill even about Rena, so there's no need to stick together to me at all costs", but Rena would just reply back "I have promised to myself I'll be on Maho-chan's side, so I don't mind any of that", she would always be there standing by be, protecting me all on her own.

    Rena's family was also there too to give me assistance. Even though they must have been worried about their own daughter too, they kept always being concerned about me and my condition. Even though I felt sorry for it and would apologize and apologize again for this reason, Rena and her family would just respond by embracing me together at once.

    Up until now I couldn't bring myself to express my grievances to any other members, I found it pathetic for me to do so even in front of Rena, I found it pitiable, for this all I could do was repeating over and over "I'm sorry". I was apprehensive that showing this weak spectacle of myself would rub someone the wrong way.

    Even so, Rena was willing to accept everything about this other side of me.

    Even though it must have been exasperating even for herself, she still kept being concerned about me first and foremost.

    I can't help wondering that, hadn't Rena been here, I wouldn't have been in a condition to ever hold a graduation stage like this. Most likely, I would have succumbed under all the feelings of mortification and distress I had so far.

    Yet Rena was able to take any of this and turn it into optimistic feelings on my behalf.

    I am here now because Rena was there for me. I cannot thank you enough, even if I tried to.

    Getting to know Rena as a person had brought me to think how I want to keep being friends with Rena forever, how I too would like to be ready to give assistance to Rena, in turn.

    So let's keep on being friends for life, okay?

    * Hasegawa Rena: "Alright!"

    To Riko

    Riko isn't the kind of girl who tends to voice her own opinions out loud.

    I asked about it to Riko's mother as well, but it turns out there has been barely a time when Riko had gone against her mother's decisions, or when she obstinately decided that "I'm not about to compromise on this!".

    Even when interacting normally she tends to be gentle to a fault, she would always be accommodating toward others, in short she is not the kind of girl to hold onto her own opinions.

    In spite of that, when it came to announcing her graduation, even for a person such as Riko, for her first time ever, she proved to be uncompromising on that point.

    I too, at first, was wondering to myself "Was she suggested so by her mother?". But even her mother told me "It's actually the first time I saw Riko like that", much to my surprise.

    I had barely ever seen Riko lay her emotions out in the open as that. Seeing this side of Riko getting upset and saying "Is helping out Maho something that should not be done?" made me unintentionally happy, about the fact she would feel this indignant for the sake of me.

    How happy it was for me that a gentle girl, one who would never get angry at anything, would feel upset for me.

    But all the same, I was convinced that for Riko the job of idol was her natural vocation. She's a girl loved by everyone, boasting such innate talent. So it's for this reason that inside of me I wished for Riko to keep on being an idol instead.

    Nonetheless, Riko continued to say "I'm not about to compromise on this, I'll be graduating". I couldn't help being constantly apprehensive, wondering if I would be able to assist Riko from then on in a situation like this, if Riko wouldn't come to regret this.

    But even on those times I felt sad, even on those times I felt depressed, she would show indignation about it like it was a personal matter of hers, she always put myself at the top of her concerns, she was always there next to me to help me have a laugh. For me, Riko has truly served as an emotional anchor. Those times we would be together felt irresistibly enjoyable to me.

    The fact I couldn't meet her for three days was enough for me to send her a message on LINE to express "It feels lonesome that I have no chance to meet you". I find myself wondering what I shall do now, if I won't be able to meet you again for one month and longer?

    So now I look forward to having Riko come to meet me, this time around.

    These 3 months, or maybe these 4 months I was with Riko and Rena, we had always been staying close together, and this way I was also able to get to familiarize with them once more. For me, all this felt so happy.

    I'm thinking about how much I too, on my part, would like to keep giving out support at any time to those two girls. So I beg you, let's stay together forever and ever.

    Let's meet each other once again and have a long discussion together.

    Let's fulfill our future dreams, the three of us together.

    From Maho
    Source: https://akb48.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-30076.html

    Riko's letter:
    To Maho and Rena

    What will my feelings be like once the time will come for me to read this letter? There are many different thoughts floating in my mind, but what I am certainly feeling much more strongly than the rest is "How I wish time would stop as things are now", isn't it so?

    I found myself thinking this way so many times during the moments I spent with the two of you.

    Rena is a cheerful girl, upstanding, gentle, whose feelings aren't darkened by any clouds, just like a clean blue sky. I can't help feeling invigorated when being with Rena, I could keep on carrying on because Rena was here with me.

    That rigorous side of Rena, strict about herself, is something I always find amazing. There have been many moments this made me think how I, Riko, too must work my hardest, but the truth is that Rena is actually timid, prone to feel worried, and very cute at it. I have talked a lot with Rena about my own dreams, too.

    In front of such a Rena, who would talk about her thoughts in an earnest way and request for advices from someone like me, how can Riko answer back to her? Were those advices of mine hardly worth following? I'm honestly sorry.

    But I like Rena, who in spite of being aware of that would still go on to speak to me about all sorts of things. For Riko, she is a valuable presence, one which I cannot do without.

    As for Maho, she's a strong-minded and gentle person when on her own. But once she's in front of Riko, she turns into such a downhearted type yearning for someone's affection.

    There are times when she would act like an older sister always being happy anytime she comes to me, but there are also times when instead she's someone more like a cute younger sister, one who always, as a general rule, keeps doting on Riko. In any case, to Riko she is one cherished person all the same, the only one who feels free to act like a needy child with me.

    Maho is the first person I ever thought about "wanting to protect", myself. On those times I feel sad, looking at those videos we have taken together makes it natural for me to smile again. I end up thinking about how much I want to meet her, but I can't get myself to say "Can I meet you directly?". I thought about wanting to meet you, but I barely ever had the possibily to.

    Maho knows very well Riko's feelings, and that's why on those times it's always Maho who would take the initiative and spoke up to me. I'd be glad if we could maintain such a relationship in the future, too...

    Both Maho and Rena are for Riko two irreplaceable presences.

    Since I have spent such a long period of time together with the two of them, it makes me feel truly uneasy and sad to think we will no longer have the chance to meet in the same way as we did until now. And I have no idea what I should do about it, either.

    However it may be, since we have made a promise to go on and work with all our might and head together toward a bright future, Riko too, no matter what will lie ahead, no matter if there'll be harsh moments, will definitely strive on to fulfill her dream without ever yielding.

    And then, let's go on to fulfill each of our dreams, whenever the time will come.

    I feel truly glat that I got to know the two of you. Thank you, really, for having been together with me, in the true sense of the word, and having done so with a smile on your faces.

    From Riko
    Source: https://akb48.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-30075.html

    Rena's letter:
    To Maho-chan, and Riko

    The time we have been together during these recent months has been long, and there have been several aspects I never knew until now about Riko and Maho-chan and which I only learned about while at it.

    Maho-chan is the kind of person who would rarely, if ever cry when in front of other people. She used to keep up a strong front, thinking that as one of the oldest in the group she needs to carry herself strictly. But during these various months, there has been many tears I have seen rolling down as a result of many different feelings. So Maho-chan, you too, when you want to cry, please go ahead and do, there was a little bit of comfort and joy I feel when I think you have come to open up your heart to me.

    Still, even when she finds herself crying, Maho-chan would always, always consider matters with a lucid mind, and I find her truly amazing for that.

    Also, what's more, as I am someone who is totally uninformed about cosmetics and clothes, I would often turn Maho-chan looking for suggestions.

    I'm very happy that she let me know about the various cosmetic products while considering what are the ones for my own skin.

    I went on to purchase all those beauty care products that Maho-chan had recommended me. She also handed over to me so many clothes of her own, which makes me so happy. I intend to keep on wearing them from here on with great care. Thank you, really.

    And then, as for Riko, even considering she is of my same age and our hometowns are close to each other, she happens to be one of the members I have spent the longest time together, actually.

    Right at the time we joined, we would ride on the train, the two of us together, and head toward the lesson venue. On another time, there have been several days one after another when she wouldn't bring with herself the lunch during school hours, so there were also a time when I would have to make up a bento lunch even on Riko's behalf. Then, on the first time I ever accompanied Riko all the way to her own home, I was given street indications by Riko herself, but in the end it wasn't her own house that I was directed to, but the for some reason it was the station. (audience laughs)

    Thank you so much for all these memories, really.

    Moreover, on those moments when I would be troubled with all kind of worries, the one who would sit next to me was every time Riko. I still remember even now those days we would cry together.

    Riko, and Riko's family too, often tend to say to me "Rena-chan is always there to help out" "Thank you for looking after her safety", but in reality it's the opposite -- it's me who had always been helped out by Riko instead.

    Riko may probably think of herself as a weak person, but the reality is that I find she is a truly strong person, one carrying an unwavering determination, who's gifted with compassion and has a heart.

    I consider myself lucky to be of the same age as Riko. Thanks, truly thank you.

    The lessons we had while in preparation for today's graduation stage felt so enjoyable. It's truly a bliss for me to be able to stand on this stage once again like that, and doing so together.

    Maho-chan, Riko, good job for all the idol activities we had in about these 3 years and a half.

    From the bottom of my hear, I pray for the future activities of the two of you.

    Let's meet again even after graduating.

    So, see you again~
    Source: https://akb48.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-30074.html
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  14. Cisalpine88

    Cisalpine88 Upcoming Girls

    Aug 28, 2009
    Second part of the translations, this one from the ending of the stage after the performance of Taiyo wa Nando Demo. I do not mean to spam, but I am worried that the text is so much it wouldn't fit into a single post. Then there's also the fact that it took place at a clearly separate segment of the show.
    Interestingly, Renapon's plans for the future seems to have been pretty much settled. In her speech she talked more in details about her dreams of becoming a seiyuu and she revealed about already being in contact and possibly having had a job interview with a production company, so best of luck for all her future endeavors as well.

    Mofu's letter:
    To Riko, Renapon, and Maho-chan

    I feel there's something unnatural about facing the three of you and addressing you like this, but it's also true there are also things I wouldn't be able to speak out about if I hadn't this chance. For this reason, I set out to write down my own feelings in a serious and firm way. It's going to be a bit long, but please bear with me and listen to it.

    Today will be the final days for the three of you as part of NGT48. So many different things have happened before we could make it to today.

    First of all, it was getting to know the three of you, once we joined NGT48. Having the chance to meet with you all, in spite of each of us having different ages and places of origin, is without any doubt all thanks to NGT48 itself.

    Doing lessons, performing theater shows, eating out together for lunch -- there has been so many fun memories that we could live through together with a smile on our faces, while in NGT48.

    In particular, I had the opportunity of learning more about everyone of you after finally becoming part of Team G.

    Riko, while cute, is also skilled both at singing and dancing, she's so amusing, she had been an idol who is perfect in anything she would do.

    She might have let us laugh so many times with her "JikoRiko" moments [note: "Riko Accidents", a familiar name for hilarious slip-ups Riko would make especially during talks, as seen on theater MCs or TV shows], but personally, moreso than anything else, I truly love Riko in the way she can deliver stage performances.

    It's not just natural-born talents that she has, I am convinced the Riko we see today exists also as a result of much considerations and hard work that she has made.

    Riko and the way she would strive on for her own dreams, as well the people she holds dear, is cool in her own right.

    What's more, Riko's own presence puts any people around herself in a happy mood. I feel as if my life too has become more joyful after getting in contact with Riko's way of thinking. So, thank you.

    Renapon has within herself an upstanding, unshakeable sense of conviction. And I think that standing as proof of it is also the fact that she kept mentioning me as her own oshimen all the way back since the early days.

    All things considered, in these three years and a half of doing activities, the only member to have picked me as her oshimen is only Renapon. (audience laughs) Thank you, then.

    Truth be told, I feel a bit unconfortable about her calling me "cute", but even this unique perception of things is, I do believe, part of Renapon's own charm.

    Please cherish with great care this world only visible to you, Renapon.

    Moreover, I'm always put into a forward-thinking mood and feel greatly invigorated whenever I am together with Renapon. Even just by looking at all the fans of Renapon I feel my spirit is lifted up.

    How wonderful it is, this personal connection between all those fans and Renapon, two sides resembling each others.

    So from here on too, go ahead and continue lifting up the spirit of as many people as you can.

    As for Maho-chan, she a Touhoku-born native as me, and ever our age are close, we didn't it boast it to the outside, but I feel like that for some reason or the other the time we had spent together had actually been quite long. As a result, the memories of it are just as many.

    For someone like me, who had never tried doing make-up before becoming part of NGT48, she was kind enough to accompany me along to go shopping while giving an explanation of every make-up product. When it was decided, right at the same timing, that we would both get to dance for the first time on the formation's front, we ended up rejoicing together while looking at our lyrics lines. Or when on the day of my 20th birthday she rushed all the way to me bringing along a bottle of sake. While one may imagine she is introverted at first sight, the truth is that Maho-chan is fun-loving, always ready to have some entertaining talk together. I believe this Maho-chan has the power it takes to draw people to herself.

    Even for me, having conversations with Maho-chan felt so enjoyable. Since there's many sides about our way of thinking that resemble each other, being together would put myself in such a comfortable feeling. Thank you for all that.

    There's still more still left to write about, there are just so many amusing moments we had thanks to joining NGT48 and getting to know with you all.

    I must imagine that inside of everyone's minds there are many memories you had lived with many different members, not just myself.

    I really did want that, for each one of the three of you, these three years and a half as part of NGT48 would be preserved as nothing else but happy, fun memories.

    But I believe that over these few months up you went to experience many harsh times, that were as detached as it can be from the fun and the happy things you had known until now.

    As an NGT48 member, it was extremely saddening that everyone of you were caused to go through such an emotional state. I am sorry that I failed to protect all of you, which I hold you so dear.

    "I wish you wouldn't quit", right now is not the time to say any such thing, but my honest opinion is still that I hoped you wouldn't quit in such a way. And so I wanted to be of more help toward this purpose. It now feels truly mortifying to me, as I couldn't do any of that either.

    Even so, what I wish for the most is that for the three of you to be happy. The time I had been together with you three had been long, there have been many things we have been talking about, and as a result this sentiment only ended up growing bigger and bigger.

    I imagine everyone of you are aware of it, so much that it hurts, but it's painful to have to bear doubts about other people. Being unable to believe in the things you instead wish you want to believe in, this is very distressing.

    But conversely, I imagine it is joyful to be able to trust someone else from the bottom of your heart, instead.

    For as much as you have felt a sense of pain until now, so I hope that in the future everyone of you will help shaping up many things that you might put your trust on. Joining hands with many different people, while mutually assisting each other, please go on to develop as many trusted relationships as possible, the kind of which that are irreplaceable.

    And of course, even on my part, I look forward to strengthening these bonds of trust that I already have each with Riko, Renapon, and Maho-chan.

    You will end up taking different paths than the others, but let's still do our best to make our dreams come true together.

    I'd be glad if even after graduation we would keep on being good friends as usual.

    It's a lucky thing I got to meet with the three of you as a NGT48 members. Thank you. And for here on too, keep good care of yourselves.

    From Murakumo Fuuka
    Source: https://akb48.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-30073.html

    Rena's closing speech:
    I am truly thankful that you have attended to our graduation theater show today.

    As far as I concerned, I used to know not much of AKB48 in the beginning. What brought to introduce me to AKB48 was the anime AKB0048.

    It was at around that same time that I learned that a 48 group was about to be created in Niigata. "To you who wants to surpass AKB48", the slogan of that televised commercial caught my eyes, and so I decided to apply for the NGT48 audition. As it was confirmed I would take part in the activities as a 1st generation member, I also braced myself up to work my hardest and let as many people as possible know about NGT48's existence, as well as the good qualities of the Niigata prefecture.

    As I have been playing baseball for 6 years, thankfully enough I had the opportunity to participate to several opening baseball pitch ceremonies.

    "Through my beloved baseball, I want to let others know about NGT48. Through baseball, I'll let awareness of NGT48's existence spread around", it's with this sentiment that I undertook the opening ceremonies every single time.

    "It's thanks to that opening baseball ceremony that I have begun to root for you", it made me so much happy to have many people come to me and tell me that.

    With a side about me that is truly un-girly, and indeed rather rough and tomboyish, I felt uncetain as to whether I had what it takes to work as an idol.

    But I feel really happy for the support of everyone who noticed me in spite of that, and then went on to root for me. I want to repay back this favor at all costs.

    Moreover, there's also several things I have learned through the activities in the 48 group. That is, "Every challenge is a chance".

    With the 48 group consisting of so many people, there are hardly any chance to assert yourself to the front.

    And then, for those members like me who barely have the possibility to come to the forefront, the staff set up so many different opportunities where they could prove themselves.

    Anything that I could undertake so far, I did without exception.

    Feeling extremely nervous about trying your hand in something you never did so far, this is all part of the job.

    But knowing there are people who are there absolutely rooting for me, I plunged into it will all my energy, determined that I wouldn't leave all of these people rooting for me disappointed.

    Granted, not all of the things I tackled turned out necessarily well.

    But between acting in movies, and participating in Korean audition programs, there are many new things that I managed to learn this way. And I'm truly happy about all the people who cheered on for me as a result of that.

    Even about last year's Senbatsu Sousenkyo, as I kept striving on along with everyone for over one year since the previous year, on Showroom I vowed to all that I would "get to rank in for sure". Those days in which I worked on it day after day are for me a treasure, in the truest sense.

    There were people around me who would often comment "There's no way you can rank in this way".

    But regardless of that, as I promised myself that I wouldn't give up no matter what, so everyone too engaged in the Sousenkyo with a strong conviction, until I could finally rank in for the first time in such a wonderful position as the 77th place.

    What's more, I can still recall to this day that scene of everyone rejoicing and crying at the same time, as I rushed toward all of you who came to the venue while I held that trophy. The support I recieved from everyone was extremely important to me, and I mean it.

    With that said, I have decided to work hard on my next dream. This is, to become a voice actress.

    I have been watching anime without stop since I was young, I genuinely do love anime. Though I guess it's impudent of me to already talk about voice acting while I still haven't done any training yet.

    But anyway, I have come across a splendid production company that would let me hone up my skills from the basics. (applause)

    As they have appreciated my love for anime and my activities as an idol, I also had the chance to have a direct interview with the people from said production company.

    It's still to be known if I can sign up to it, but I am resolved to make my dream come true while following the guidance of this production company, from here on.

    From the bottom of my heart, I want to take on all kinds of challenges along with everyone, so that we can rejoice together.

    It may be a selfish and brazen request of mine, that's true, but I beg you to please keep cheering on for Hasegawa Rena even in the future.

    Today I'll give a last farewell to Hasegawa Rena as an idol, but I'll work hard putting all my energy and spirit into it, looking up for the day when I can get to meet once again with everyone of you as voice actress Hasega Rena.

    I am truly grateful for the splendid videos and the flower crown that I was donated today. All of this are a treasure to me. I want to make these scenes I witnessed today a treasure inside my memory.

    And I am grateful for the truly delightful time I could enjoy today. Let's meet again once more. And thank you!
    Source: https://akb48.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-30071.html

    Riko's closing speech:
    Everyone, a sincere thank you for having come all the way to our graduation theater show. And a sincere thank you even to those who are watching us from the monitor in the lobby, from the DDM stream, who are looking attentively after us, to all those who are sending their shout-outs of encouragement from far away.

    First of all, I want to say that we at NGT48 have had the opportunity to participate in many different activities while receiving the love of everyone in Niigata.

    But I owe an apology for the fact that I could do nothing to repay back this favor toward this Niigata, in which I was actually born and raised.

    It's not just all the people in Niigata, but also those who had been rooting for NGT48, who have lent us their support, those people who have been liking me all along, for this I truly feel a sense of graditude and of sorriness at the same time.

    After I announced my graduation, all the way up until today, there has been so many people who day after day wished that day would turn out to be a splendid one for us.

    It's for the sake of all these people that, wishing to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart, we worked hard giving all our efforts, wanting to see everyone's smiling expression on their aces.

    How was today's graduation stage show?

    * Audience: "It was great!" Applauses

    Thanks! "Taiyou wa Nando demo", to have received such a wonderful title for it, and to have had the possibility to sing in it, makes me truly happy. I'm so pleased of it.

    And then, I can't thank enough Akimoto-sama for having created such a fantastic song, "Taiyou wa Nando demo", which is what gives the name to the stage show's title. Thank you sincerely.

    Even during the period I rehearsed in preparation for this day, I couldn't help shedding tears many times as my feelings at present matched with the lyrics found of the song.

    This song is a song I'll treasure for life, and that will serve as an emotional comfort for me. Not only that, I think how this once again is a sign of the bonds made with all the people I had the chance to meet.

    Whenever I'll find myself humming this song, all the fun memories I had since meeting with everyone, as well as those moments I had the chance to witness together with them until now, would all come back to mind -- I'm sure of that.

    And then, I have to really give a thank you to all the costumers, and Shinobu-san on top of it, for having created such splendid dresses. That makes me so much happy.
    [note: The dress they wore from Wimbledon he Tsureteitte up until Only Today is actually an original one created exclusively for the graduation stage]

    Those dresses are the magic that allows us shine and sparkle. Thank you once again to all the costumers who are constantly working on producing wonderful costumes for us.

    I also want to express sincere gratitude to the dance instructors who lent us their help for this day, and also all the rest of the staff. Thank you, really.

    Also, more importantly of all, to all the people at Team Sakuranbo [note: nickname for Riko's fanbase] who had been giving me their support until this day... I will probably get scolded even if I apologize, but as we had been walking ahead together toward my dream that is a solo concert, I am so deeply sorry that I chose to graduate.

    But still, I absolutely want to do my best to make one more additional step toward the dream of a solo concert, anyway.

    I had pleaded it to everyone at Team Sakuranbo after the end of last year's Senbatsu Sousenkyo. "I want to increase the circle of Team Sakuranbo up to 10,000 people! For this reason, please lend me your efforts", that's what I pleaded on Showroom.

    I am someone who tends to have a hard time making any requests to others, but one thing I got to know after reading all the mail replies I received afterwards is, that combined with all the people at Team Sakuranbo, we are actually so many here.

    The reason I could work up the courage for it by myself is because I felt fans would answer to the call to an even greater degree.

    From that point on, we took to speaking to each others together using for a shared motto: "Onwards to 10,000 people! Team Sakuranbo's circle!"

    "Let's expand the Team Sakuranbo circle together", this phrase I heard from so many people makes me so happy, the tears I cried together with everyone, as well as the time we spent happily, this all represents such a precious, precious, precious treasure to me.

    I want to take good care of these enthusiastic bonds build with all my fans.

    Today I am about to graduate from NGT48, but those bonds that we have worked on creating with everyone so far, as well as those bonds I have with everyone at Team Sakuranbo, I want to work on expanding them more and more.

    Even now, I made a promise deep in my heart that those efforts everyone has ever made for me will absolutely not go to waste.

    Waiting ahead, there'll be many lonesome days where I'll no longer be able to meet with you all, but I want to take these feelings of helpless anxiety and transform them all into the motivation to carry on. I'll do the best I can so I can meet again all of you with a smile on my face as soon as possible, so I am counting on you. Please be always there and keep waiting.

    Even from here on, let's "ganbarittan" together day after day. Hoping for a wonderful future.

    I want to become a person who can shine out many and many times again just as the sun does, and along with that let the circle of Team Sakuranbo grow wider and wider.

    And here for last, I have a request to make to you all. Let's do it for a grand finale! Onwards to 10,000 people! Team Sakuranbo's...

    Audience: "Circle!"

    Hahhahha (audience laughs)

    That was beyond splendid, thank you. (applauses and cheers)

    Thank you. Thank you so much.

    From here on, I too am willing to do my best so I can make greater and greater strides forward, and in doing so help keep everyone smiling at any time. Even from then on I still want to wait for you at some handshake event in the future, so make sure to always keep a smile on, everyone. I'll keep counting on your support once more. (applauses)
    Source: https://akb48.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-30072.html

    Maho's closing speech:
    Thank you for having arrived to the graduation theater stage of us three, today. (applause)

    First off, to start things out, there's one thing I want to express: thank you for having become my fans.

    Hadn't I become an idol, I would have never got to meet with you all. I can't help thinking what a woderful job it is to be an idol, and shape up so many different memories with each single one of so many people.

    In spite of that, I used to be an extremely bashful people, I lacked confidence in myself. Until I went on to join NGT, I was a type who didn't particularly love talking with other people.

    Still, it's after becoming part of this group, with handshake events taking place months and months as per usual, that I was made aware of how enjoyable it is to relate with other people, to be in touch with others.

    The moment I chose to way of graduation, I felt extremely ill at ease as I was wondering what the expression on everyone's faces would ever be.

    There were people who told me "Keep giving your best from here on too", as there were people who told me "I'm sorry that I couldn't do anything about it".

    However, I find it incorrect to say "I'm sorry that I couldn't do anything about it". I think that the very fact that I could get to know with everyone of you will be, from here on, part of my lifetime treasure, all of it, over the course of such a long life.

    I'm so glad that you have noticed me, you have become my fans, and that in turn I myself could be an idol.

    "How things will be from this point on?". I guess there's plenty of people speaking about me in all sort of ways.

    But in any case, for as much as I have shown a sorrowful side of me up until now, this time around I'd like to show an happy one of myself, and be able to cheer everyone up, this is my dream.

    Everyone of you have found this dream for me. For this, I am grateful.

    I feel extremely fortunate there are people who were concerned about myself like it were about themselves.

    Whichever path I will proceed on in my life in the future, I will still end up remembering all of you. Such memories are so much of a valuable treasure. Getting to know with all you fans, receiving love from all of them, those three years have been so fortunate. I owe you thanks for coming across with me.

    I am determined to walk on with my own life in a strong and determined way, to make sure I'll get to meet with you all once again at some other point in the future.

    And I'd be happy if I could give energy to many people by showing this side of me, in turn.

    All of you are my one treasure. I'm grateful for meeting you. Please keep welcoming me even in the next future
    Source: https://akb48.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-30070.html
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  15. Falx1984

    Falx1984 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 13, 2017
    Regardless of whether Aki-P has any ability to currently influence this situation, he remains the architect of the current cluster fuck.

    He made the no-dating rule, while being careful to never explicitly put it in their contracts to protect from lawsuits.

    He started the General Election system, paving the way for groups to take advantage of vulnerable girls desperate to get votes.

    Maybe he really wouldn't have achieved anything if he had spoken out, but it sure would have been welcomed if he did.
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  16. sscrla

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    Dec 27, 2015
    Takayanagi Akane
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  17. rka

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    Jan 19, 2013
    Sorry for being late on that topic.
    So, they wrote a song for the three graduates. What are the lyrics like? About obstacles to overcome and find a path in the world?

    I think this is an horrible move. Its proof that the management still believes to solve this problem within the boundaries of the idol MMORPG. Which this case has left behind months ago.

    The whole j-netz is convinced AKS is run by retards, and now they write a f.cking song. Hilarious.
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  18. SaitoWinterStar

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    Saito Fuyuka
    My translation of the summary from https://jbbs.shitaraba.net/bbs/read.cgi/music/29852/1553736787/ for 5/19 (Sunday).
    Please let me know if there are any mistakes!
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  19. Xiphyas

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    Osaka, Japan
    Yamaguchi Maho-san is brave. She fought untill the last day as part of 48 Groups and she shared to us, her feelings and suffering with Kuroi Hitsuji and she also shared her hopes and love.

    I feel very bad and sad for her and the terrible experience she had thanks to criminals who sadly exists in our society. I wish the best life for her and happiness. She (as every good people in the planet) deserves health and peace.

    Me, as Keyakizaka and Hinatazaka fan, consider an honor that she has chosen Kuroi Hitsuji as the song to express herself.

    I sincerely hope that all this bad experience will not be repeated in the Idol world in general. And to the fans in general, let protect our beloved idols.

    Thank you for the space.
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  20. Konno A.

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    idk about ya'll but I lost it at kuroi hitsuji. Pretty much from there I'm a mess. The setlist really is great. The songs flow wonderfully and its never dull or like you're not interested in watching the performances. Riko shined in her solo. She has a good voice and with training I think she can be quite a nice singer. Maho's performance in Kuroi was powerful. The song choice in itself was brilliant. Rena was good in her solo, but idk her well enough to comment about her skills or how she usually performs, but it was fine. Their new song is nice too. @rka it's essentially what you're thinking. Like putting sadness behind you and starting fresh. It's a rather typical grad song tbh.

    I guess since now they're gone the case is closed and things will go back to "normal", I assume NGT will announce a new single since they have nothing planned. There's a lot of free time now that SSK is cancelled. It's a shame this is how it all ends. We've been at this since January. Even in Maho's speech she seemed like she just wants to move on. u can't be sad forever it'll consume you. Still very brave of Maho, Riko, and Rena, to have stand their ground even if they "lost". They have my support for their future endeavors. I would love to see Riko in another idol group. H!P is always looking for girls maybe she can get a shot there (she's only 18 so she's fine age-wise). And they're a good company. Rena's voice acting will be interesting. I hope I'll like the work she does. Maho didn't really give a lot of insight into her future, but that's ok. She might go off the grid entertainment-wise and that is understandable. Hope Maho has a good life. we're close in age Maho and I and the 20s is a weird age group. IDK what the fuck I'm doing in my life and I'm sure she might feel the same. But whatever she does, i'll support it.


    I'm a mess and Riko really looks good with her hair like that. Like damn sis spill the tea who cut it lol.
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