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    Brit living in Nagoya
    Did I see Sundae? :D
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    Mar 29, 2009
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    I'm in this episode!

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    I am too in this episode xD , I am the girl who is creaming A K B 48!!! with lanisundae :rofl:
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    akicha is cute but i do not know why meetan was crying when i saw the show ...
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    I think meetan was crying because she didn't seen any fans!
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    So yeah...somebody please hook me up with a torrent for the third episode, or else I can't do an overview.
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    Sweet! Thanks you guys!

    *gets to work*
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    Good work by the girls in this episode.
    spoiler: They managed to gain... 1 new "fan".
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    Oh boy…here we go…


    So we start off with a bunch of girls (Kazumi, Asuka, Megumi, Kayo, Takajo, and Kana) meeting along the big lawn (or whatever it’s supposed to be called) in front of the Eiffel Tower. Staff members come up to them with a DVD player to play a message from the host. (I keep forgetting this guy’s name.) The host pretty much punks the girls out by telling them that one of them has to go home – first, Megumi, then Kayo, and finally Asuko. (Of course the girls are like, “WTF MAN! DON’T PLAY LIKE THAT!” In the end, the girls are given maps, a camera, a phrase book, and money; and are pretty much let loose on the city.

    The girls take a bus into the city and pretty much freak out over the different sights, like the Arc de Triomphe and that giant main road (I don’t know the name of it, but it’s pretty big.) The girls also spot an open-air double-decker tour bus that they’d like to ride on, as well as an ice cream shop – with some really good ice cream. After the girls take a group picture, the staff brings up the DVD player again…

    The host pokes fun at the girls for a bit before presenting the real challenge begins – the girls have to go around the city and spot forty-eight fans. The girls split up into to teams (or rather Megumi calls two other girls for herself and declares themselves a team) – Team Megumi with Megumi, Asuka, and Kana; and Team Kayo with Kayo, Kazumi, and Takajo – and try to wrangle as many fans as possible.

    Asuka practices some French before Team Megumi goes out to search. They spot a couple of French guys; they don’t know who they are and somehow the encounter doesn’t turn out as well as expected. (Not sure why exactly, but I’m guessing there was a miscommunication between the two parties.)

    Team Megumi then spots a guy (and apparently a pretty cool-looking guy according to the girls) sitting along a ledge. He doesn’t know who they are, but they do manage to convince to take one of their “uchiwa” (or “non-folding fan)” and try to see their performance at Japan Expo. The girls also take a picture with the guy, and dub it, “ikemen” (or “hottie”).

    Team Megumi then continues talking to random people as they try to win them over…

    Meanwhile, Team Kayo walks around until Kayo decides to check out a shoe shop. However, Takajo gets upset and drags her back out so they can continue their job. (Apparently Kayo thinks the task is impossible, so she’s like, “This challenge ain’t gonna work…I’ll check this place out.”) They then spot a couple walking down the street; they don’t know who the girls are, but the girls manage to give away an “uchiwa” and convince them to try to see their performance. (The girls also take a picture with them, and dub it, “couple” (simple enough).

    Team Kayo then continues talking to random people, but they don’t seem to know who the girls are…

    The two Teams meet up, and admit how they haven’t found a single fan. They all figure that it’s impossible finding a fan where they are right now, so they decided to check out a different spot – the area by a famous opera house. The Teams split up, and try their luck again.

    Team Megumi wanders around (and admits how they look pretty outlandish in Paris with their “seifuku” or “girls’ school uniforms”) until they spot a shop along a side street with a sign in hiragana – “Kintarou.” (I don’t think it has any particular meaning – just the name of the store.) The girls then check out a Book Off nearby, and manage to bring out a girl with what appears to be her family. It turns out the girl doesn’t know who they are, but she does showcase her manga (Love Hina and Full Metal Alchemist), and her family takes the “uchiwa.”

    Team Megumi takes another stab at Book Off, and end up catching a guy just as he leaves the shop. He doesn’t know who they are, but he does admit (in both French and English) that he might’ve spotted them on the Japan Expo website. The girls are a bit confused, but then confirm that they’re performing at Japan Expo – and he tells them that he’ll go check them out. They then give the guy an “uchiwa” and take a picture with as well. (I’m not sure what the caption says – something with “fan.”) And no, this guy doesn’t count since he doesn’t know who they are.

    Team Kayo wanders around a bit, and end up spotting a couple of girls who turn out to be fans. (One of them actually takes a picture of the girls.) Team Kayo manages to give away an “uchiwa” and convinces the girls to check them out before taking a picture with the fans. (The caption reads, “First Picture.”)

    Team Kayo wanders around some more and spot a group of fans walking down the road. The girls do their appeal again, and take a picture with the fans. (I can’t read the caption this time around – something with “opera.”). Team Kayo spots another fan who in turn points them to a music story; there the girls spot their “Namida Surprise!” single on sale in the shop. Outside the shop, the girls spot even more fans.

    Meanwhile, Team Megumi walks around but they don’t seem to have a lot of luck spotting any fans…

    The girls rendezvous then back in the bus. Team Kayo are pretty laid back after having spotted some fans, but Megumi cries to them over how her Team can’t find a single fan. They all realize that the next day will be the real deal, so they try their best to focus.

    The next day arrives with loads of people walking, cosplaying, and lining up through the convention. We then spot a some clips of the concert “10-Nen no Zakura,” the English version of “Oogoe Diamond,” and “Namida Surprise!”

    Backstage, the girls gather are rallied by the staff and are told the final count of fans they found – seven. (Here, Kazumi’s like, “Yeah! Wait a minute…that’s it?” – Oh, Kazumi…:p). The girls are surprised especially after having tagged some many people; however, the staff points out they did manage to garner one more fan – that one guy outside of Book Off. The girls are excited over that (especially Team Megumi since they’re the ones who tagged him.)

    The girls then express their gratitude – especially Takajo who’s moved to tears – before dashing off to their next task.

    The next episode features Team B making an original anime. There’s also a quiz (“Who was the one who cried for not finding a single fan?”) where the prize is a special T-shirt.

    And that’s that for the show. B-)

    Show Highlights:

    1.) (You know the deal…)
    2.) Good-looking ice-cream
    3.) Megumi getting picked up by that one guy
    4.) Megumi having a hard time getting up on the ledge
    5.) Takajo scolding Kayo :p
    6.) “Brandenburg Concert No. 5” (First Movement) by Johann Sebastian Bach B-)

    Overall Opinion:


    So yeah, this show was all right. I like how the show features the non-front girls – and then again, this did take place at Japan Expo that featured some of the non-front girls. Considering how big and cosmopolitan Paris is, I wasn’t expecting the girls to spot a lot of fans. However, I am glad that they found a few fans – and also glad that they did manage to pull in that one guy outside of Book Off. I figured that he was going to Japan Expo anyway judging by his dialogue with the girls, but whatever – he was there at the performance. The events here were wrapped up in one volume, but that’s all right. (I’m actually getting tired of the emphasis on Japan Expo – the event is already OVER…:fear:)

    I’m curious what sort of anime the B girls will be making – and wondering if it aired already.

    And, uh…hmmm…

    So that’s that. I’m surprised that I managed to write the overview in about an hour and a half – around the same time as Shuukan and AKBINGO! (Maybe that’ll be the new standard for writing overviews.) Sorry for the usual. Hope this post helps.

    Until next time, ya’ll take it easy.
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    Thanks for the update Gideon.

    After rewatching it, :love: at the Meetan and Mochi hug. Those pics Meetan posts of them aren't just for show I see.

    Also, lol at Meetan for quickly grabbing Asuka and Kana. Noro and Cindy are too old for Meetan's tastes I see. She probably would have taken Aki as well if it wouldn't have made the teams unbalanced.
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    i love how kasuga-san put meanings in the other teams when we he knows B is featured this week XD

    A = AHO
    K = kuso yori mo XD
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    Okay, this one’s gonna be a bit tricky…


    Eight girls gather at this spot called Felix Caffe where they wait at a table. The girls all turn out to be members of Team B – Kazumi, Kashiwagi, Sashihara, Nakagawa, Aika, Katayama, Nakagawa, and Mayu. They figure that all is well until they receive a VTR (or video tape recording) from the host of the show. (I forget his name, so I’ll just call him, “The Host” – as if that didn’t have a sinister twist to it.) The Host “chats a bit” with Kazumi and Kashiwagi (The Host’s script has him talking as if he’s dialoging with the two with some pauses in between to give each girl a chance to speak) and even praises Team B (while bashing Teams A and K) before presenting them the situation.

    The girls will be making an anime. However, The Host points out how the text at the bottom of the notice isn’t what the girls thought it’d be. (I’m guessing that they thought they’d be working with a prominent anime studio.) Instead, the girls will be making an anime in one day. The girls are like, “What the hell? How’re we going to do that?” but of course, they do it anyway because that’s what they do – do what The Host tells them to do.

    The girls (and of course the staff, too) head off to a place called Vantan Movie Academy where they take the elevator up to one of the classrooms. The girls are suspicious since this is Nemousu and anything can happen, but all seems well inside the room. They spot a notice that tells them that they’ve got 10 hours to make the anime – with a clock in the room to show them the time remaining. (To be exact, they have until 9 p.m. to finish the task. If feel like doing the math, you can figure out around what time the girls start – and get an idea of when the girls were at Felix Caffe.)

    As a reference, a 30-minute anime episode typically requires about 2 months of work to produce.

    The girls sit around the center table, and brainstorm for their anime – with Kazumi leading the team, of course. They each try drawing a possible character for the anime (with interesting results) before the teacher comes in to offer some guidance. (I didn’t catch his name very well, so I’ll just call him, “Sensei” – I guess he’d be the heroic opposite of The Host.)

    Sensi first points out a flow chart on the board that shows the whole anime production process works. First, there’s the preliminary work (planning, plot, scenario, and storyboard), the middle work (scenery, animation-editing, and sound effects), and the final work (filming, editing, after-recording, and dubbing) before the final product is made.

    Next, Sensei goes over the plot with the girls – specifically “Kishoutenketsu,” a four-part story structure that pretty comprises of an intro, development, turn, and conclusion. (I take it the explanation of the flowchart counts as planning.) He gives the girls a quick example of a plot that fits the four-part form before letting the girls try it out – with a 30-minute time limit. The girls then present their four-part stories, and in the end decide on Kazumi’s storyline:

    1.) A girl is eating ice-cream.
    2.) The girl trips and drops the ice-cream.
    3.) The ice-creams turns into…a living thing.
    4.) The characters go to a theater and watch the opening show.

    *I’m not quite sure if that’s right or not, but I’ll go with it anyway since it sounds cool until I get clarification over the course of this anime project.

    The girls then go over the storyboard (minus the actual board – just drawings and notes in notebooks), before Sensei breaks up the teams into three groups based off of drawings the girls did for this project called “Mirai no Robotto,” or “The Robot from the Future.” (I have no idea when this happened, but I’ll just go with it.) Sensei puts Mayu, Nakagawa, Nakaya, and Kazumi on animation, Sashihara and Aika on scenery, and Katayama and Kashiwagi on sound effects.

    Next, the girls go over what each group will do. The scenery team will take note of stuff, like the mood of the confectionary store, the grassy roads, and the parks in general. The sound effects team will record stuff like, the voice of children playing, an applause, and footsteps. The animation team will…well, animate.

    The teams then split up to do their thing with both scenery and sound effects teams going on the field while the animation team stays in. With less than seven hours on the clock, the two teams going outside each express their concerns over whether or not they’ll really be able to pull off the anime within the given time period. Nevertheless, the scenery team takes pictures, and the sound effects team records sounds.

    Meanwhile, the animation team is given a stopwatch (an important tool for animation) and are instructed to take note of how much time elapses when someone acts out what they intend to incorporate into the anime. The girls try out the stopwatch and realize that they’re not meeting there time requirements (whatever those are).

    The girls continue and conclude their anime project in the next episode.

    There’s then a quiz that asks, “Whose story was decided on for the anime plot?” with the prize being a special lunch.

    And that’s that for the overview. B-)

    Show Highlights:

    1.) …
    2.) I haven’t seen Felix the Cat in like…forever.
    3.) That animation school looks pretty cool.
    4.) I didn’t recognize Nakaya without her glasses.
    5.) Sensei…(he's one cool dude B-))

    Overall Opinion:

    So yeah, this show was pretty cool. I never really thought about the work that goes into creating an anime. I bet the anime that the girls create will be SUPER short – and I have a feeling the students and faculty at the school will be helping them out behind the scenes. I’m curious what the final produce will look like, and if there’ll be any special spin-off goods and prizes based on the anime. (I wouldn’t be surprised if there are.)

    And uh…yeah.

    So that’s that, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry for the usual. The overview took me two nights to do, so it feels a bit unsatisfactory from the discontinuity...eh, whatever. Hope this post helps.

    Until next time, ya’ll take it easy. B-)
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    Damn, I’m so tired…


    We continue from where the last episode: Team B girls are working together to make a short anime. Nakagawa, Mayu, Nakaya, and Kazumi are working on the animation; Katayama and Kashiwagi are working on the sound effects; and Sashihara and Aika are working on taking pictures for the scenery.

    Sensei (the teacher guiding all of the girls – yeah, I don’t know his name) explains to the animation team how animating motion works: pretty much the animator draws the first and last parts of the movement before filling in the rest with transitional drawings. (An explanation then pops up at the bottom on how 1 second of movement can take up to 30 sheets of drawings.) The girls are then fired up and get to work.

    Outside, the scenery team (Sashihara and Aika) look around for some stone walkways. They bump into some foreigners (I’m guessing their British), and try to explain to them what their looking for using a combination of English, Japanese, and gestures. Surprisingly enough, the foreigners figure out what the girls are saying and point the over yonder to a stony pathway.

    Meanwhile, the sound effects team (Katayama and Kashiwagi) look around for useful sound effects. They spot a bunch of boys playing basketball in the park, so the girls approach them and ask if they can record one of the guys dribbling the ball. The guys are cool with it, and the girls go ahead with the recording. The girls then consider a dog barking, but a staff member points out how they’re running out of time. The girls then start to panic – “Oh snap, what do we do now?!”

    Back at the animation school, the girls are working diligently on the drawings – with Mayu giving the others pointers. :p

    Back outside, the sound effects team try recording the sound of a manhole cover (because you know…they can make subtle sounds…:fear:), but are spotted by the scenery team from the other side of the waterway (or whatever that area is called.) The scenery team calls out to them, and the sound effects team records them shouting – and then there’s some random caption explaining how Kashiwagi has a hard time reading the mood of a situation. Nevertheless, the girls manage to talk to each other and try to record each other shouting from across that waterway.

    Meanwhile, the animation team wonders what the other two teams are up to, so Kazumi gives them a call. Sashihara talks to her first and explains how she and Aika bumped into Katayama and Kashiwagi – “Oh yeah, we’re having fun right now!” The animation team gets pissed – “What the hell?! You’re not supposed to be having fun!” – and tell them do their job right. Sashihara’s like, “Yo, we are!” and after some talk she hangs up on Kazumi. The two outdoors teams then get together and figure out what to do from there, as the girls at the studio trudge along with the drawings.

    The scenery team walk down some side roads before spotting a snack shop with an ice-cream…thing resting outside the doorway. (I can’t think of the right name for it.) The lady inside the shop’s like, “Oh yeah, you can take a picture of my store front,” and so the girls do – before Aika’s like, “Yo, I wanna eat ice-cream.”

    The animation girls are still drawing though Sensei still offers bits and pieces of advice.

    The sound effects team wander around some side streets and spot a couple of high school students. Ironically, they know who the girls are and admit to have bought the Nemousu DVD. (Wow…talk about lucky.) The girls ask if they can record the guys shouting for their Team B animation, “Yosha, ikuzo!” or (“Yeah, let’s do this!”) The guys happily oblige, and the girls get their recording.

    Back at the media school, the animation team is STILL drawing. Kazumi’s like, “Hey, I’m going all right, right?” but Sensei’s like, “Eh…it needs some work.” The sound effects team then pop back in and explain how they got a lot of recordings.

    Outside, Sashihara wonders how much time is left, but Aika’s like, “They’ll forgive us for being late – we’re cute.” Nevertheless, the girls rush back to meet up with the others.

    The animation team then show the sound effects team what they’ve come up with so far, and the scenery team stops by. They then explain show off the different pictures they took – though the other girls are pissed that the two got ice-cream to eat. The other girls tell the two that they were supposed to be taking their work seriously, but Aika tries to explain that the lady at the shop gave them the ice-cream.

    Some time later (you can tell from the dark sky through the window in the background), the staff members bring over a little screen with a VTR (or "video tape recording") from The Host. (I’ll just call the guy “The Host” from here on out.) The Host puts the girls names in a little box, and draws out two names – Kashiwagi and Nakaya. The girls chat a bit and end up delegating the role of Kimoiman (lit. “Gross Man” – the…weird character in the story) to Kashiwagi while the role of the school girl is delegated to Nakaya.

    Both Kashiwagi and Nakaya are escorted via taxi to the recording studio while the other girls finish up the animation. On their way there, both Kashiwagi and Nakaya talk about how Nemousu really makes them do a lot of stuff – especially in such a short time period.

    Back at the animation school, one of the teachers shows the girls how to add color to their drawings after having been scanned and uploaded to the computer.

    At the recording studio, Kashiwagi and Nakaya meet The Sound Technician (I didn’t quite catch his name) and an actually “seiyuu” (or “voice actress”), Ms. Kojima. The two girls and Ms. Kojima first warm up a bit with a scene from Reideen – much to Kashiwagi’s “ZOMGWTFNOWAY!!!” surprise. During the recording session, both The Sound Technician and Ms. Kojima give some pointers, like using more diaphragm when speaking and pretending to speak with the person directly across from you like how it is in the scene on screen.

    The other Team B girls work last minute on their part before being handed a tape of their work and sent off to catch up with both Kashiwagi and Nakaya for voice recording. (I’m personally under the impression that some of the faculty and maybe even some of the students at the media school helped out the girls in the background should they happen to fall terribly behind…but of course, that’s just me.) They take a bus over to the recording studio and creep in as the three girls are going through their scene.

    The video is run on the screen, and both Kashiwagi and Nakaya go through the script. All of the girls are then pulled together to record them cheering. In the end, The Sound Technician gives the girls the big okay before giving them a chance to see their final product – a product that they’re pretty excited about.

    Some time later, the video is shown on the projection screen during a Team B performance. The story “Thank you for…”is as follows:

    1.) A girl walks in front of a snack shop while eating some ice-cream.
    2.) The girl trips on a protruding stone and drops her ice-cream.
    3.) While the girl cries over her lost ice-cream, the ice-cream itself turns into a living thing.
    4.) The living thing takes the girls hand and leads her down a hole where the two pass through a pretty trippy passage before.
    5.) The girl falls down by herself in a dark room, but is then spots a stage in front of her.
    6.) The living thing passes her a microphone, and the girl sings along with the living thing and a bunch of other characters.
    *7.) “Shonichi” plays, people clap along, and the credits roll.

    (That wasn't too far off from what I thought the story would be back during Vol. 4.)

    Kashiwagi then does a bit of MC work explaining how they made the anime with the fans’ support in mind, before all the Team B girls bow out at the end of their performance.

    Next week’s episode features Atsuko, Mariko, Yuko, and Kana (lol the girl who’s name doesn’t end with “-ko” :p) being immersed in English. Morever, there’s a quiz at the end (“Who was chosen to be the Kimoiman in the anime?”) where the prize is a special T-shirt.

    And that’s that for the overview. B-)

    Show Highlights:

    1.) …
    2.) The stuff that Sensei taught the girls about animation was pretty neat.
    3.) The outdoors teams got to do pretty neat stuff.
    4.) Kashiwagi’s reaction :p
    5.) The anime itself

    Overall Opinion:


    This one’s all right. As stressful as the whole project must’ve been for the girls, I’m sure they had fun doing it. (I know I had fun watching the girls work on it.) The lessons that Sensei taught were pretty cool, and I really liked looking into the whole animation process. The final product was all right – not a high-caliber work, but given the circumstances…it was all right.

    Next week’s episode is going to win – 1.) Yuko, 2.) English, and 3.) Yuko.

    So uh…yeah, Yuko in the next episode. :approve:

    So that’s that. Sorry for the usual. I’m actually pretty tired at the moment, so I’m sure I made a lot more mistakes this time around than usual. Uh…aside from that, I hope this post helps.

    Until next time, ya’ll take it easy. B-)
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    ^Thanks for the review. I've watched it yesterday and enjoyed it !
    Especially the sound effects team ! When they're heading to the basketball park and Katayama pushes Kashiwagi towards them unobtrusively because she doesn't want to talk xD
    I also like the moment with the dog, when they wanted a "wan".
    They're still so bad in english, I was surprised when the two guys undersood them for the dekoboko :shock:
    The moment with the call phone was funny, same with the picture with ice creams :lol: I prefer this ep than the previous one.
    Btw their anime story was quite weird o_O
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    Aug 12, 2009
  19. ohno

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    I don't think it's up anywhere yet but episode 6 is great! It'll be easy to understand for English speakers. Although I'm a little worried because in the beginning some of the members willingly step onto a bus while blindfolded. :gavel:
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    Since it hasn't been mentioned... #6 is on H!O: LINK

    Thanks, uploader.

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