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    Jun 3, 2016
    Osaka, Japan
    Matsui Jurina
    SKE48 21st single's Individual Handshake Event 08/05 at Intex Osaka

    This is my first HS event and tbh I was nervous as hell. Actually I could not clear the schedule till the day of the sign-up deadline so it was a rush to arrange everything and wait for the tickets to arrive. SKE is my hako-oshi group so I signed up for more than I planned. I could only stay from slot A1 to slot A3 since there was a big firework event that day in Osaka as well and I did not wanna miss it either.

    When I arrived it was about 20 mins prior to the 1st slot and only Jurina's queue and the goods queue (lol) looked long. Especially the goods queue. I decided to use all my slot 1 tickets first then see if I had time for the goods.

    Slot A1

    Takayanagi Akane x3

    Churi is my ni-oshi and I have a lot of things to tell her. I also heard that her HS was really on-and-off but she was raising too many grad flags for me to care. Who knows when is SKE's next release and I don't want to buy AKB singles so I ended up buying more tickets for her than anyone else.

    I pre-queued and was the 4th in line. Churi was in lane 6 and next to her were Nao, who looked really gorgeous, and Sally, whose line was starting to get quite long. While waiting I chatted a bit with the oji-san standing in front of me, he said he was gonna loop Churi's lane a few times, what I was planning too.

    Even though I has everything planned out when it was my turn I freaked out and could not say things properly. Churi was wearing the kind of top people wear when performing yosakoi and imo she looks best in those traditional clothes, so I was instantly killed. When the staff started counting the time I was still unsure what to do so she held out her hand to beckon me close. Her hand was really soft so I sort of died for the 2nd time and could only stutter that last year's Zero Position concert and the recent concerts at Nagoya and Tokyo were really wonderful. Churi's fans probably know those are the 2 concerts she had a hand in producing. She could not hear the last part so she asked me again "Zepp Nagoya what ?", her voice sounding so much better in real life than in recording, and she has a really nice voice to begin with. When I repeated she smiled and said thank you and it was really cute.

    The mentioned oji-san looped Churi's line and I did too. This time I used the remaining 2 tickets for more time, which is a bad decision. Her line was pretty short so it was instantly our turns. I did not fare much better this time and said things too fast. I told her I wanted to go to Churi camera's exhibition but it was too far (it was in Tokyo while I live in Kansai), and it would be nice to have events in Kansai as well. I think she could not quite catch it so she asked again to confirm then tell me to try to come next time. The part I asked her for events in Osaka was lost but overall Churi is so much cuter in real life so it kinda makes up. And her voice, she should try solo-singing some times !!!

    Kimoto Kanon x1

    Non-chan was totally an impulsive decision. I did not have much personal feelings for her but she was becoming good in performances as well as her looks, a much more mature style than before. It suits her better than the loli style imo. The new Non-chan really interests me so I want to meet her to find out why she does not rank in the last SSK.

    Non's line was short, as in you didn't even have to queue. As I was rehearsing what to say there was a guy who constantly looped her line, each time using one or two tickets. When I was waiting behind that guy I could see that Non was wearing glasses and she looked so much cuter than in pictures. Her reactions with him were also really good.

    Anw, the original plan was to comment on Non's newly acquired mature looks but in the end I decided to use a generic sentence to test her reactions. So I told her this was my first HS events and I was really nervous. She asked me where I came from and the way she said it in Japanese was really cute imo. I answered that I lived there (Osaka) but I was not a local. The time was up and she said goodbye and overall it was a nice experience so I honestly could not understand why she could not rank. On the other hand, now I can get why her HS sales are good. Non-chan has that laid-back and easy-going aura that makes for a good chat.


    The queue was really long, I expected it before hand but it was longer than I thought. I actually typed the above part of this report when I was waiting in that queue. When it was near my turn Naruu and Oshirin came out and started chatting with the fans who were buying the goods. Both of them seemed to be having fun. Naruu kept laughing and Oshirin were wearing a yukata, looking much cuter than in pictures and videos.

    Slot A2

    Kumazaki Haruka x1

    Kuma-chan clicks with me because she has that SKE-aura, the energetic girl-next-door type. So I was not prepared for the fact that she looked really beautiful. Her outfit was really nice too. I mean, when I saw her and Non-chan walked by while I was waiting in Churi's lane I thought they looked really good today but they both exceeded my expectation.

    Kuma-chan in HS was more laid-back than in perf and MC. Which was a nice experience since I had always associated her with an overly-genki image. After the usual greeting I told her I really liked her energetic performance and I wanted to go to Team E stage someday. She thanked me then said something I could not quite catch because I was too busy processing her cuteness/beauty and her reactions lol.

    Overall it was a nice experience, better than expected like with Non-chan. Kuma-chan's fans should go for her HS if you can because I like said, it is different from her stage self, giving a new perspective that makes you like her even more. Like a real girl-next-door.

    Furuhata Nao x2

    My hands were still shaking when I typed this when lining up for the special mango soap. Nao-chan is that good. She totally gave me a kami experience and I definitely recommend everyone to try her HS.

    Actually I was not planning to get her tickets for this event but since I could not get Harutamu's last HS tickets I wanted to express my sadness over 5th gen members graduating to someone. So, voila, Nao is the obvious choice because Harutamu's grad has just promoted her to be my san-oshi lol.

    From the experiences with Churi I decided to split my two tickets instead of going all at once as planned. When I stepped in I hold her hands like with other girls but Nao-chan did not only lean forward but also pulled both of my hands over the banner so that both our elbows rest on the table separating us. I swore my heart almost stopped when she did that. Then it went like this, minusing my stuttering.

    Me: "I love 5th gen."
    Nao: "Thank you."
    Me: "But most everyone had graduated."
    Nao: "Bye bye, right."
    Me: "I'm sad."
    Nao: "It's sad."

    Okay so conversation wise it was not much. I was usually much more fluent but HS with the girls made my brain short-circuit, not to mention with an expert fisher like Nao. Better short than long sentences but cannot get my points across. Anw, with Nao it was not only conversation but also eye-contact, hand-holding and everything. She also kept tapping my hands, she did that with other fans too and that really worked wonder.

    The 2nd time was even better in many aspects. I waited until the time for the slot was almost up before going in again. Partly because my brain was still busy processing the 1st time. I thought she would not pull my hands close to her again because it seemed to be a first-time only thing and she did not do it with the boy in front of me. She did actually not pull my hands over the banner but did gave them a light tug.

    Me: "Congrats on getting in (AKB) senbatsu."
    Nao: "Thank you."
    Me: "But, I want Nao-chan to become SKE's center."
    Nao: *touch the Jurina ticket holder I was wearing around my neck* "Is that okay ?"
    Me: "It's okay!"

    The 2nd time I turned the side with Jurina's picture inside so she could only saw the tickets but she must have seen it from the 1st time or when I was fumbling with my bag and accidentally turned the picture outside. It showed how much she paid attention to the fans. And I really meant it because as much as I love Jurina, now it is high time someone with both experiences and rising trajectory like Nao-chan center SKE. She made a really great center from what I saw in concerts and she is also very serious about SKE.

    So, Nao-chan is no doubt, the MVP of the day, and when I typed this I still had 2 more girls to go !!!

    Noon slot

    I have no ticket in this slot so I lined up for the special mango soap. It sold out before my turn so I wandered the trading corner and birthday message corner a bit. Kuma-chan and Non-chan both have birthday in the next week but I totally forgot to wish them happy birthday directly lol. Interestingly enough, the ones manning Nao-chan's section were two girls, and I also noticed there seemed to be a lot of girls going in Nao-chan's lane. But what can I say, I am a girl and I was instantly fished too.

    On a side note, in SKE's HS there is a section where girls can try on member's performing costumes. It started in Kakumei no Oka's events and was successful so they brought it back. Even though I didn't go for it, it was a really nice idea.

    In this slot I mostly wandered around and watched the lanes. Sakipon's committee shouted goodbye really loud, daisuki and all that when she ended the previous slot. Hatagon's lane was busy since she missed an earlier slot. I stood near Kocchan's fan committee to wait for her to end her slot then wave goodbye. They were a bunch of oji-san with full set panda accessories and even lightsticks lol. Another highlight was when Naruu and Chika-chan, whose lanes were next to each other, ended at the same time and they lingered together, laughing and waving at the fans who were apparently trying to make them stay a little more. All in all going around the hall and seeing the goodbye scenes was really fun. For example, when Mikotti finally turned around to enter backstage everyone got a glimpse of the low dip at the back of her shirt and the two onee-chan standing next to me were the ones that squealed the loudest lol.

    Slot A3

    Hidaka Yuzuki x1

    Yuzuki is like Kuma-chan, I clicked with her because she was really SKE-ish, in her dancing and MC. I had plenty of time to watch her interact with fans because her lane were next to Nao's and Renapyon, who used the same lane but in previous slot, had a female fan who talked with her for so long it lapsed 10 mins into Yuzuki's slot, making quite a long line.

    Yuzuki was one of those who follow the fans till they take their bag and walk away. She seemed a fun and reactive girl so I decided to use the classic "I came from _my country_" to test her reaction. As expected it was top-notch with the usual "Ureshii" and Yuzuki-esque face expressions. Tbh I just want her to know that even from such a country there was someone who supported her too. Even though things were not really smooth at least I could support her somewhat after her not ranking in SSK. We ended things with a "Yuzuki daisuki" and "I love you". Her English pronunciation seemed not bad at all.

    On another note, the lane next to Yuzuki is Ego-chan's, who wore a yukata with twintails and looked every bit the adorable little sister everyone love. She also seemed to have really good reactions too.

    Matsumura Kaori x2

    I saved these for the last since I heard Kao-tan was really good and I wanted to end the day in a high note. I respect her as an idol much more than I like her. And same as Churi, I don't know when will she graduate so it's better to go meet her when I still can.

    With the first ticket I thanked her for taking care of 6th gen. Then I told her I'd just met Kuma and Yuzuki and they were amazing. She said no like a stern senpai would lol. Then the staff said the time was up but she followed me to the exit and asked me if I was from Thai. (She saw my bracelets with my high school's name in English). I corrected her and got quite a similar reaction to Yuzuki's lol.

    My 2nd Kaotan's ticket was also my last for the day so I told her that. I said I respected her because she always try her best and never give up. Then because there wad still time I told her "Kao-tan kawaii" to which she replied that I was lying lol. We said goodbye with her telling me that she would continue to try her best.

    The staff did not try to pull me away both time because Kao-tan just blatantly ignored him and I ended up with much more times than 10 seconds. Like Yuzuki and Kuma-chan, she could take initiative in conversation instead of just replying, making the experience really good even for casual fans.

    Also, next to Kao-tan's lane is Masana's and Sato Kaho's. The kenkyuusei seemed to have really good interactions with fans. Masana was quite aloof as expected and she only used one hand, a real handshake lol. Except for when a fan brought his son along. They had a box for him to stand on. We all know Masana loved children so it was no surprise that she followed the boy till the exit, ignoring the staff and the fans waiting for her. She kept waving even though the boy was a few metres away already and made Kao-tan come over when she saw the fuss. I could hear Masana exclaiming "kawaii" to Kao-tan too lol.

    So all in all, this HS event is a success. There were some roughness but meeting the girls is enough to make me happy. Nao-chan was the MVP even though Kao-tan managed to come really close. Even though I didn't have tickets for Jurina (she sold out like hot cake in SKE events) it was a pity she missed the first 2 slots due to bad physical conditions. I read later on twitter that she had to be hospitalized but gladly things are fine now. I really looked forward to the next Osaka event since I have more tickets than this. It's been a long time since SKE last had a single so I'm glad that there seemed to be quite many fans coming this time.
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    Jan 5, 2008
    Furuhata Nao
    Seems your Nao-experiment was quite similar to mine, as in I too was turned to putty by her gaze. Now I am hooked, fortunately it's only 8000 km distance for me to get another hit.
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    Jun 3, 2016
    Osaka, Japan
    Matsui Jurina
    IKN. I prepared beforehand and thought she only used fisher's techniques with male fans but no she fished girls like me like a champ. And she looked really gorgeous too, I had never realized that hairstyle suited her so well. A shame that the Osaka event next month will be my last one until the next SKE single or ssk single since I have zero interest in buying AKB's otherwise lol.
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    Aug 6, 2013
    Province of Antwerp, Belgium
    Imada Mina
    Team KII "0start" at the SKE Theater (2017/09/06)

    Just like @Cristafari earlier, I won a 0start. (During my recent trip to Japan) Unlike him though, I actually had no clue about all of the logistics around a theater performance as I never had even expected to win one. But I did win, so here I went.
    Maybe you can go in with all the info as opposed to me lol.

    It all started with me still sitting at home, figuring that I better just sign up for every theater performance I can. I was going to take a JR Pass so if I were to win a performance, I'd just pop onto whichever Shinkansen needed.

    First learning point. When you make your ticket center account, don't take the new 'foreigner setting'. Just stick to picking an address in Japan like everyone has done up until now.
    Why? With that setting you can only do Enpou, and that's it. A problem for me because I was too late for the 11 days pre-performance window you have for Enpou. Lol.

    As such I took my account and went to Japan, just spamming the normal Ippan applications a few days before each performance. Every day I checked the ticket center winnings tab, always empty. Until one day:

    I couldn't believe my luck. Winning a normal application. I never heard about the stage, only knew half of the team, but I was going to see them. I also checked my mailbox for the all important mail with the !!!! spam, what I was going to need to show at the theater to get my ticket. That much I knew.

    So on the 6th I popped on the Shinkansen to Nagoya from Tokyo. I read that the ticket sale was going to start at 16:30 so first I visited some other stuff. (The Nagoya aquarium is really nice).
    I arrived at the theater around 16:50, took the escalator to the 2nd floor and saw a small queue. That had to be it.
    As I lined up I got some looks and had three things in my hands: Passport, phone with the winning !!! mail and enough cash.
    I arrived at the booth and the staff kinda went mute seeing a foreigner lol. I just showed them my mail and passport, that was enough to show them I'm not some lost tourist. I paid and she showed me a multi-language paper. At the top it said, Use the lockers, put personal items in a basket. I spotted the lockers in the back, after the little hallway with the member portraits. At first I thought it was optional, guess not.
    I walked out with my ticket, pondering this new information. Was I going to put my stuff into a theater locker now? But I figured I'd be stuck with that basket for hours looking like an idiot tourist. Right before the performance it was. In the meantime I went for a quick bite and to buy an uchiwa at the SKE shop. They only had Nao left from KII so Nao it was, quite like her too.
    At about 17:40 I went to the theater again. Earlier than the 18:00 "Doors" time but the theater lobby was already half filled with people standing around holding baskets. I walked through the stares to the lockers. I heard before that they were 200 yen for guys so I had that ready. I found one of the few still open ones and took my wallet, passport, ticket & uchiwa out my backpack and shoved it in. I had trouble figuring out how they worked, apparently when it's open you put the coins in from the inside, then close and turn the key. A tip lol.
    Then I took one of the baskets and put the stuff in, along with my phone from my pocket. After that I had to see which number my ticket had and go stand in one of the 10 ppl long section lines all around the lobby. Then the waiting began, a long wait lol. Somewhere along the line they also said you need to take your belt off and put it in the basket, queue a bunch of dudes fiddling with their belts in the lobby (including me).
    Then the time came. They started calling out our little 10 ppl long number section lines. Mine got called dead last lol. This meant that where you normally can choose one of the still open seats, I was destined to a standing spot at the back. I picked my spot to the right behind the center DMM camera man. He has a lot of room for himself so that made I had an open view of most of the stage, and wasn't behind two lines of JP fans. The best I could get. This also meant that when members would look at the DMM camera they'd also look into my direction, and as I was in the center I'd also often be facing Nao. That uchiwa was a smart choice lol. I quickly stuffed all the stuff from my basket back into my pockets and got ready.

    The stage:

    First thing that struck me is how it smelled exactly like amateur theater plays I used to go to in Belgium. A small theater just has a special kind of smell, I was surprised that it was exactly the same. (And no it's not fan sweat lol). Also it's not hot at all, well ventilated.

    I suddenly hear "Kyou no zenza wa, Wa-ta-shi~". I think by myself: "Which KKS sounds this old?" Wrong, apparently they don't do KKS zenza, but an older member appears. After the cheers I know who it is, Uchiyama Mikoto.
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_00.02.17_[2017.09.15_21.04.04].jpg

    After watching tons of (HKT) LODs, actually seeing it on stage is really weird. It is significantly different. Again it feels like actual theater, like going to a local play. The performance itself from Mikoto is very tongue in cheek. She's clearly the oldest and most big sister type of the bunch, often even feeling 4th wall breaking if there is one. Just going with it and having great fun without much worries, goofing around with the 'Mikotorabu'. She appealed to me a lot, left me smiling lol.

    Then everyone comes on and I feel overwhelmed. I don't know where to look.
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_00.05.56_[2017.09.15_21.15.07].jpg
    During this first song itself I was just overwhelmed and they all moved around a lot so I didn't really get an impression of it.
    The second song (Sentaku Monotachi) is slower and they all have little grouped singing sections so this was the first good look at each of them.

    When you watch DMM, you just take what the director serves up to you. But now it's all you to look around. From my location in the theater you can really feel the impact from a girl being back line. It makes it rather hard to see her. Some girls are also easier to watch and find from a little distance. Ego or Sally are, Yunana isn't. It's a mix of height and how naturally open their look/face is. I had to search for Yunana, just to say lol.

    The next two songs got me into the groove as they were each a step up in hype (Kanojo ni Naremasu ka? and UHHO UHHOHO). Especially the latter. In these I discovered my favorite performers of the night, Nao (unsuprisingly) and Ego Yuuna. Ego was even surprising for me. I expected her to be a bit of a muted, certainly modest performer but boy was I wrong. She went totally crazy in Uho, more than keeping up with Nao. Great expressions too.
    (Ego on the right here)
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_00.20.01_[2017.09.15_22.24.57].jpg

    Uho itself was such a blast in the theater, pure fun. I found the first two songs of the night to be a bit vanilla but this really kicked it off. The Akimoto Sayaka role was for Mikoto. 'Ofc who else' did I think after my first impression of her in the zenza lol. This was also the first time they used the center bit of the stage that extends into the crowd. Quite a shock that Mikoto suddenly came rather close.

    Unit 1: Zannen Shoujo
    The units really let you focus on a couple of girls, unsuprisingly so. Main stars of this for me were Yunana and Sakipon. Mizuno Airi kinda got lost a bit in it for me, but I think the distance to the stage has something to do with that. That said this was quite an impressive unit to see live, better than on DMM by quite a margin.
    This is the time I also nearly got hearing damage. I was smack bang middle of a cohort of Yunana fans. The screamed their lungs out lol. (I joined in for a couple of them though..)
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_00.38.58_[2017.09.15_16.11.07].jpg

    Unit 2: Bye bye bye
    Really catchy with an equally catchy dance. They move a lot from the left to the right with cute footwork. When I watched the recording I noticed that quite a bit of this got lost in it. So this is also noticeably better live imo. Footwork is enchanced by the boots they wear too. They're pretty eyecatching. Sally was the star of this.
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_00.42.03_[2017.09.15_22.40.47].jpg

    Unit 3: Heart no Dokusenken
    Wow Egochan. When she went kinda crazy in Uho, she had a lot of expressiveness and sass here. The play between her and Oshirin is great nice to see, and is always going on. So when the DMM camera would focus on one, in the theater you can really see the interplay constantly be there.
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_00.45.27_[2017.09.15_22.50.52].jpg

    Unit 4: Kimi ni Tsuite
    This unit really broke the groove for me. It's better on DMM because you get close ups but in the theater I was just still thinking about Heart no Dokusenken lol.

    Unit 5: MARIA
    As impressive in the theater as it is on DMM. Half of the time Nao was staring right at me because I was next to the camera. Quite intimidating lol.
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_00.54.49_[2017.09.15_16.12.49].jpg
    It was also really apparent how Nao goes into the red with her performance, she pushed herself in her intensity.

    The MC afterward made me fall for Hidaka Yuzuki's MC. She's almost like a pro. Pretty sharp tongued and slightly sarcastic. Even her stance was the right amount of nochalant to give out indirect jabs to fans for their "Member X is my imouto~" stuff lol
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_01.01.21_[2017.09.15_23.02.04].jpg SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_01.01.07_[2017.09.15_23.01.52].jpg

    After that I heard the first tones of Dokugumo. I thought, "Oh no this song"
    If you know this song, you also know it's kinda dangerous as they say.
    And it became even more so when I heard the first singer.
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_01.03.52_[2017.09.15_23.06.26].jpg
    I didn't know the setlist beforehand so when this happened I almost got goosebumps. The shift from the MC mood was so drastic. In this song I must say that Ego was better than Nao. Nao is very intense, but this benefitted from a bit more subtlety. One part that wasn't subtle was this though:
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_01.05.44_[2017.09.15_23.07.52].jpg
    On DMM it's not really big but in the theater it's well, that's where the dangerous comes from.
    Mikoto and Takagi Yumana are also great in this one.

    The next song was apparently Okera. I had never heard it before but it was great once again.
    All the members came to the close in-crowd part in pairs.
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_01.08.18_[2017.09.15_23.15.07].jpg SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_01.08.38_[2017.09.15_23.14.26].jpg
    Ego and Nao were once again really impressive for me, sharp dancing. For some reason they played well together this entire stage. This song was a bit more up Nao's alley as it felt less subtle and more sassy.

    The next MC had more people so less time for Yuzuki, yet her one-liner quips still made me laugh the most. Also, Oba Mina talks a lot lol. Sometimes it's on the edge of being too much.
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_01.20.33_[2017.09.15_23.21.52].jpg

    During the encore break I had to stretch in place. The long wait before the theater, the walking around Nagoya plus the standing spot were really getting to me. My legs were killing me. And looking at the fans around me I wasn't the only one lol.

    After the encore there was one calmer song, one intense song and then the MC. This part was a bit more on autopilot for me sadly because my legs really hurt lol. But then I got my second wind with the song that now feels as the theme song for my trip:
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_01.45.15_[2017.09.15_23.31.12].jpg SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_01.46.05_[2017.09.15_23.34.43].jpg

    Igai ni Mango. I must admit I hadn't really listened to it prior, but wow what a burst of energy it have. My two favorites of the evening Ego and Nao, around Yunana too. Which made the group around me go crazy too lol. Felt perfect. The best moment of the stage for me. Every time I now hear that song I immediately think back of it.

    Then what I thought was the last song, Hikkoshimashita. It's always nice to see some subtle tears with members during these emotional last songs, and I was glad I could see it happen live too. The best part for me was when Nao came close onto the crowd walkway, and actually had a really otherworldly interaction with me.
    DJCYN8aV4AAWShS.jpg SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_01.56.42_[2017.09.15_16.08.34].jpg SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_01.56.43_[2017.09.15_16.08.42].jpg
    I went to handshakes and met members face to face as well that trip but this was kind of magical in a way. It was just this emotional song, no one couldn't say anything, she was just nodding, smiling, tilting her head, responding to what I did. I had eyecontacts with her through the entire stage thanks to where I stood and my uchiwa but this was quite intense and different. I don't know how to describe it any other way.

    Then came the for me very unexpected 2nd encore with the "Ii desuyo" start. I just went along, not knowing what was to come lol.
    SKE48 170906 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ.mp4_snapshot_02.05.09_[2017.09.15_23.53.00].jpg
    In this song you could really see Nao's intense dancing had used up all her energy, unsurprisingly so. With the level she has it's pretty great that she doesn't get to this stage of tiredness earlier. It was a really good closer, an active one instead of a slow one. It felt more fitting with the songs I enjoyed so much that evening.

    It was really over after that. We waited around and my row was second to go greet the members who were now all sitting down on the stage. As I walked past, I got some "Oohs" and a load of random English thrown at me by Mikoto and Yumana haha. Nao was looking really tired and gave a soft smile.

    After that I rushed to my locker, got the stuff out and was off to the Shinkansen back to Tokyo. I sat on it kinda in a daze for what just had happened. Something I didn't even think I ever was going to experience just days beforehand.

    PS: I went to oshimashi Yuzuki at the handshake event a few days later. I was wearing my HKT shirt in a sea of SKE but I got out to her that I went to the performance, loved her MC and that she's now my new favorite in SKE. As I turned away to the exit lane I still heard her go 'Eeeh ureshii' behind my back. Glad I could make her happy after she gave me such laughs.
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    Jun 3, 2016
    Osaka, Japan
    Matsui Jurina
    SKE48 21st single's Individual Handshake Event 09/30 at Intex Osaka

    My 2nd HS event and the last one in this year unless SKE releases another single (highly unlikely). I actually applied for this event before the August one because as said on the last report, I could go to the August one because of a last-minute clear of schedule. So this kind of, has a more personal feeling.

    Aoki Shiori x 1

    I first notice her in Zero Position, where she cried for not winning the caligraphy competition, and in Ebi Calcio, where she (again) cried when they dokkiri her. But it was the fact that she almost ranked for two years in a row that made me decide to go her HS, girl needs all the support she can get.

    So Oshirin is the type who follow fans until they exit the lane - I am weak for that. She is also easy-going, funny and quite energetic, nice to talk to, gives good reactions and everything. The guy before me asked her something that made her step back and gesture with her whole body to reply. Well, she has just become my favourite 6th gen after Yuzuki.

    I told her I support 6th gen and if they get the solo concert in Zepp Nagoya I will definitely go. She recognized I am not native and asked where I come from, the girls are alwasy so happy when foreigners come to meet them so I got a senkyuu as expected. I also told her she was cuter in person than in photos (trust me, those Instagrams photos do none of the girls justice). We parted with an Oshirin pose - for those who don't know, it was forming an U with a hand, she did it in her catchphrase. I prepared to do it when exiting but lol she beated me to it and in the end it was just kind of her correcting my pose since I thought I needed to use two hands (turn out we only need one). Definitely gonna meet her again when I got the chance.

    Takayanagi Akane x 3

    Beautiful as always, recently her hair has grown longer since last time (she talked about that in a blog too). We talked about wanting Restart to have a CD like SKE festival. I asked her which song she like most from Restart and it's Hoshizora Mistake. A quite unexpectedly answer, I am not familiar with the later part of the stage - always fast forward through it because I like the intro songs better. So I asked her why and she said because of the dori-dori sound ((not sure this is a word, but I think she meant the bell-like instrumental).

    This time Churi was more energetic since last time, did many hand gestures and expressions with her faces (all of which are really cute). She even asked me back which song do I like, overall a greater experience than last HS even though my accents still do not come through to her very well.

    Lastly, told her Happy Birthday because I can't go to HS in November. She made a zannen face at that and for a moment I actually thought about applying for her BD stage.

    Takahata Yuki x 1

    She always has a very long line waiting for her at HS. Ranked in the last SSK and seemed to be the very epitome of girl-next-door concept that people label for SKE so I decided to give it a try.

    Hatagon is very laid-back, feeling like chatting with a normal friend. While some may not like it but I can get why people like her, she has an easy aura that makes you relax and feel like can talk about anything with her.

    I asked her about the food she cooked the best (she likes cooking and worked in SKE cafe for a month as promised for ranking in SSK). She tilted her head and answered that even though she wanted to say udon, it was omurice lol. The way she reacted and answered a gave humble, lady-like feeling, and to boost she was one of the best cook in SKE - a lot of male fans like that image I think. I am a girl and I fall for that too.

    Kitagawa Ryouha x 1

    I've heard that Ryouha, like Churi, can be from shio-taiou to kami-taiou so I only have 1 ticket. Also decidedto go as early as possible since everyone says she tires easily.

    Going before me was a mother with a kid. She interacted with the kid really well, he was shy but she was very nice. They only had two tickets but Ryouha just took as long as she wanted to make sure they exited happily. I came with a Happy Birthday (thankfully it's near her BD otherwise I won't know what to talk about). I asked what kind of present she wanted to receive and she formed a heart with her hands. I was so surprised that I was speechless for a few of those precious seconds. At last, I formed a heart with my hands too and tell her "suki desu", to which she replied the same.

    Ryouha was no fisher but has very cute and natural reactions. She completely swept me out of my feet with the heart - I see it as her wanting lots of love from the fans. And her smile was so charming and she was much prettier in real life. It was supposed to be an one-time meeting but since my gamble with Ryouha pay off I am seriously thinking about trying again.

    Also, the line was unexpectedly long so I have plenty of time to look around. Oochan at the next lane was wearing a hime type of dress that looks really cute. She also did the crosshand type of HS. Once she saw I was looking at her and started to look at me whenever there is no one in her lane. Too bad those moments are too few for any interaction.

    Ichino Narumi x 1

    I went for her totally because I am a hako-oshi and (used to be) a 5th gen oshi. She was among the top 3 members with most theater performances, actually this time I went to HS with all of last year top 3, Aiai, Naruu and Hatagon. She also caught my eyes last HS and seemed a fun girl.

    Naruu interacted really well with fans who usually go to her HS. Surprisingly, she went for quite a mature look, I can't believe she has grown up so much from being a Kuwabara's children. I told her I like SKE because of the theater and thanked her for doing so much stages. Not much interaction, I just want to show my support and appreciation for her hard work as it is not usually very rewarding to focus on the theater.

    Sugiyama Aika x 1

    Serious contender with Rara for my favourite 7th gen oshi spot. I was supposed to get more tickets for her but between all the girls courtesy of my being a hako-oshi, the budget just won't forgive me.

    Some people said Aiai's a little on the round side but here girl is very pretty. She wore a leather jacket and white choker and rocked that grown-up and kakkoi look. A smart choice because you can still see that she is not as slim as others, she doesn't try to hide it but rather dress to make it look cute and pretty.

    I praised her on her dance and said it is very Team S -like. Tbh she was one of those members I enjoy on stages more than in person, simply because their stage performances are totally amazing. Not that she did not give good HS, she was better than I expect, actively asking instead of just answering, able to read fans' reactions and overall is very natural and easy to talk to.

    A little unrelated but when I was waiting in Rara's line later she poked her head out of the curtain separating backstages and HS areas and interact with fans in the lines.

    Shirai Kotono x 2

    As always, her fans are full-on panda accessories. I even saw the infamous panda mask. The shirts read Kotono Revolution, I want to join it too, let make Kocchan ruler of the universe !!!

    At last Osaka HS she looked really lady-like so when she pulled the teenager in school festival look I was taken aback. Simple but really cute tho, totally love her twintails. I congratulated her on the solo B-side and asked her what type of song she would like to sing. The answer was a kawaii type of song, as expected. Hope that she got a good one so it can become her trademark.

    The thing with Kocchan is, she does not give curt, few-word answer but a full sentence, like Hatagon does. As I said, it is very lady-like and professional, and I am starting to like that type of reaction.

    Her fans are really nice and when they saw me standing at her lanes they asked me if I was her fan. I said that I like her the most among Draft 2nd gen and also told them that even though Kocchan did not win the Janken, foreign fans still noticed her because we were surprised and impressed with the mask. They told me that the Japanese fans are surprised too. Yes they knew it was scary, especially in a dark place with lightstick glowing like concert hall lol. They even give me a panda mask and said I could wear it when I meet her at the next slot.

    At the next slot I did wear it. Kocchan saw it when the staff was checking my ticket, and she said thanks even though I was not let in yet. I told her I watch her youtube channel and suggested she should cook or bake something next time. Kocchan always make completely normal stuff like that, or bathing her panda, into hilarious experience. It showed her quirkiness. She said she would try doing that so I am going to stay tune.

    Oya Masana x 2

    I came to pay respect the last time. She was never among my favourite, but like Kao-tan, I appreciate everything she has done for SKE. And I have always have a soft spot for 1st gen and their interactions with each other.

    Turned out I was too stunned to speak. I was not able to meet Harutamu one last time and did not know that these last meeting was really emotional. I forgot everything I wanted to say and could not even finish thanking for 9 years of hard work. But Masanya is Masanya, she can be both air head and considerate at the same time. Got what I want to say but can't and thank me, then completely change the topic by asking where do I come from. My gaijin-ness must be too obvious. When I answer she said she wanted to go a city which is coincidentally the place I grew up in.

    I couldn't go to her graduation concert but at least I was able to tell her that it was because of 1st gen that there is SKE of today and whatever she might do I support her so there is no regret.

    Very related, when I was waiting in the very long line for Masana was when many girls end their slots for a break so all sort of waving goodbye happen. Airi's fans are so loud I can hear them from the other side of the hall. Ranran, whose lane is right next to Masana, shouted back to her fans just as loud as they shout to her.

    Kamata Natsuki x 1

    She is that kind of girl who becomes popular just because of HS. Normally I am not really interested in that, SKE to me is more of a performing group, but recently Nakki has really gone out of her way to get outside work, going on shows related to shogi (of all things idol could have done !! Just like Jurina with wrestling), so I thought I should give her a go.

    I knew Nakki is a 2D fan so I asked about which anime she liked. Tbh I wanna ask about shogi too, like how did she start having jobs with the shogi association but I know next to nothing about shogi lol. She answered it was D.Gray Man, because it applied to her / she could related to it. I have not watched it but plan to, so another reason to keep it on the list.

    She was easy to talk to and quite pretty to boost, a good combination for HS, so totally understand why the line is so long and why she has consistent ranks in SSK. She asked me which anime do I like, and I said Yuri on Ice. It's not my all-time favourite but my current favourite. I knew she liked it too, she posted about it on Instagram, which was also part the reason I decided to go to her HS in the first place, aside the fact that I want to support her because no senbatsu after 3 years of ranking is really bs. Anw, her smile when I answered that is so infectious I went doki doki. Overall she gave a top notch idol experience, so anyone wanting a safe bet for HS should totally go to her.

    Also, next to hers was Yuki-chan's lane and girl looks very lady-like and gorgeous. I love her and Saanan's Kyoto kankousho thing (partly because I love Kyoto) and she seems to give nice experience so next time I will check her out too. But really, between Nakki and Yuki-chan those two lanes are really full of beautiful smiles.

    Sugawara Maya x 1

    The only impulsive decision at this HS. Recently someone said that even though it did not show, it must have been disppointed for her to be out of senbatsu for both the new album and single after two in a row last year. And she seemed a fun girl so why not support the new gen.

    Tbh I don't know what to talk with her either. I've heard that she is really funny but for a 1st meeting it was hard to ask her to do something. But when I was waiting I saw many of her fans wearing animal ears so I decided to ask her about that. Then when I came close enough to see her she was wearing a pair of years too. So instead I asked her why she was wearing them and she said that because she was 1st in a game (maybe it was related to animal).

    The thing with Sugawara is, you can feel her airhead and dorky character in everything, her expression, her answer, her gesture, it is very natural. She asked back "really", like she did not believe it when I told her the ears are cute instead of the usual ureshii other girls give. For an ice-break conversation this is pretty good so I may try to meet her again..

    Goto Rara x 2

    My favourite 7th gen. Not really liked her when they pushed her to the front of Mae no Meri but she grew on me, starting on Gonna Jump center.

    The two people in front of talked with Rara for a total of 10 minutes so I have plenty of time to watch her. She was so much prettier in person, and her fashion sense is really good, I should tell her that next time.

    She is the type you could have a long chat with, as she actively ask question and express her thoughts on the topic. She is also quite mature for her ages, so there's much more to her than just cuteness. I told her that her English videos on Instagram are good and some foreign fans (including me) use it to learn Japanese. She was happy with that, and tbh I just want her to feel that her hardwork is appreciated. Girl has been under a lot of pressure lately, with Yunana becoming the new 7D2 ace and mgmt wanting her to choose between school and being an idol. I also tell her to try hard in school, because she seems genuinely serious about becoming a news reporter.

    And I spoke Japanese with her, wanna try to see if her English is good but I think enough people have met her to verify that. So yeah practicing Japanese it is, my fluency just seem to evaporate when I talked to these girls.

    Matsui Jurina x 3

    Oshi time!!! The lines are horribly long. We even have to line up to get out tickets checked. I definitely can't loop it one tix at a time like with other girls so one ticket for the 1st time and 2 for the 2nd.

    To make an impression I went in and told Jurina where do I come from. She said thank you, as expected, but then add that I am cute. Like, Ju, you don't have to turn on the charm like that, I fell for you a long time ago. But I can get why girls are head over heel for her, she wore a denim jacket, and with her short hair she looks really cool. Then I asked her what kind of expression she has about my country, but she did not get it. Damned my luck when talking with my oshis. Still, when the staff pulled me away she understood and told me it was the food and gave a thumb up which change into gun finger. It went better than my first meeting with Churi.

    The 2nd time, I told her that I used to be an AKB fan, but because I liked her, I watched SKE and is now an SKE hako-oshi. She must have heard this kind of story a lot so she even finished my sentence for me. I also told her that SKE is the best group, using the same line she said in the Zepp Nagoya pergormance and Mihama Kaiyuusai "SKE wa saikou da''. Then the time was up and the staff started to pull me away - they doubled the staff in her line and are really strict too. But Jurina did not let my hand go and reach out with her other hand, index finger pointing at me. The staff let me came closer again and she touched my cheek and well, I melted down, died, went to idol heaven and couldn't even remember what she said.

    So much for people saying that Jurina is not enthusiastic with fans, I knew she is good with girls but this is over expectation. She fished the hell out of me with the coolness and gentleness. I was half afraid that with all the good reaction of other girls I might oshi-hen but no worry any more, I liked her even much more than before.

    Furuhata Nao x 3

    Again, I am the save-the-best-for-the-last so I have Nao-chan earmarked for the last spot because I know she will always deliver.

    And deliver she did. This was my second meeting with her so we just had a casual chat. I told her her fashion sense is really good and she should give fashion advises on SNS or something. That got a surprised reaction out of her and she looked happy. I really meant it because she totally got me into the off-shoulder top with choker look at the last HS. She also did a few more looks in other HS that I want to try myself.

    Other than that it was just talking about stuff about my normal life. Nao-chan is more of a great listener than conversation maker so it's really easy to voice out some of the worries that has been bothering me. I also told her that despite those obstacle, seeing her working hard make me wanting her to work hard too. We parted with a ''I support you'' from her, what a strange thing to hear myself after telling that to the girls all day. I wished her Happy Birthday too even though it was more than 10 days late.

    One thing, I am happy to see another part of her personality this time. She wore pink and twintails, and went in for the kill with the cute persona, leaning forward, looking at fan through long eyelashes, making expressions and gigling etc. Last time she was the cool beauty type, nodding and smiling and being understanding while still quite aloof. I really want her to showcase all those different aspects more and can't wait to interact with them myself.

    So the MVP of the day was no doubt Jurina. She really does live up to the name and all the hype. Comparing both days of HS I have gone to she and Nao are shoulder to shoulder on HS skills. Nao is the type that depends on your day of visit, you will see a different part of her. Cool or cute, she plays that part for everyone, regardless of gender, ages ... Whereas Jurina is always more or less the same, but she reacts differently to different people, ie. a little more ikemen and flirty with girls; casual and sometimes girly with men. Like, with male fans, she will make them think/say she is cute, but with female fans, she will say that they are cute.

    Aside from Ju, Nao did a spectacular job as always, and Churi's emoting was definitely better than last time, so I was in luck for all of my oshis. Oshirin, Ryouha, Nakki all have my interest in them increased, and couple with Yuzuki, Kuma-chan from last time I think I have oshihen from a 5th gen oshi to a 6th gen oshi already lol. Wish that there is a national HS in Osaka so I can check them out more. 7D2 girls are also really good but I think they still need times to improve, there are things that only come with experiences.

    Overall this is a much better and busier experience than last time. I rarely have time to sit down, partly because the hall doesn't have resting seats like last time and also because I just have to keep jumping from lane to lane and looping the lines. This report was typed largely when I was waiting in line too!
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    Thank you for the report!
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    I attended some of the 9th anniversary events (non-theatre) on the 4th. I mostly walked around a lot and looked at the free events but here's a report of the event.

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    oh wow, two theater wins in a row! nice
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    Thanks for the write-ups, pig disgusting oshihener. :approve:
    Don't worry about those Jurina impressions, you're not alone. One of the reasons the fanbase is so split on her. She's the most pushed member in 48G history but can't take not being the center of attention for long.
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