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    Dec 4, 2015
    There's not one specific thing, but she's know for her "kami taiou" (godly treatment) handshakes. From my experience, she seemed very excited and full of energy, paying attention to what I was saying, looking directly in my eyes, holding my hands tightly, stalling for extra seconds when the staff started to push me away, etc. She is definitely not one of these members who just nod and say thank you and let you go as soon as the staff starts pushing you. It seems that her rise in popularity and SSK rank is also related to her godly treatment of fans, so I would say she is a good safe choice for a handshake (although this was my first HS with her, but I never heard anyone say anything bad about her handshakes) :)
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    Oct 1, 2017
    Saito Fuyuka
    I attended the 3/18/18 SKE National Handshake at Yokohama Arena. I see @Cristafari and @Riina already said some nice things about the event, so I’ll keep it brief.

    I met @Riina at Kikuna station around 8:45 am that morning and we walked about fifteen minutes over to the arena. The plan was to get there early to secure good seats for the opening mini-live. There was already a large line wrapped from the entrance around the side of the building, but it moved reasonably well and we got in in about a half hour.

    This was my first SKE event and my first national handshake event, so I was excited to finally get to use some of those shiny tickets I keep ending up with from CD purchases. I turned in one of my event tickets for a mini-live ticket, and was surprised to see it was assigned seating. Well that gave me time to wander around a little bit, and then chat with @Riina until the live started. I had a great seat at the end of a row about 10 rows back from the stage on the left corner, with a large screen right in front of me as well.

    They were playing SKE songs on loop as expected, when suddenly it changed to the Numa Numa song. Yeah, that one, the full Romanian version. @Riina and I exchanged a look – did someone in the sound booth hit the wrong button? This was followed up with a random assortment of other Western pop music. Then four men in springboot stilts (think Chell from Portal) that had been wandering around the seating area earlier suddenly took the stage and performed about a ten minute jumping routine. I thought it was fun though the crowd wasn’t too into it.

    Soon thereafter the live started. The posts above give a much better synopsis than I could, but I have a few notes. The opening song, Muishiki no Iro, was the performance I enjoyed the most. The dance moves were sharp, and Jurina really captured my attention. :cute: After that and the MC they introduced the five new draftees – I didn’t catch their names but the smallest was an 18-year old who I thought was the cutest, though seemed very shy. She also perhaps struggled the most in their Mango performance.

    I enjoyed the rest of the show, then waited anxiously as they dismissed each section of the audience, finally getting out a bit after 11:45. Unfortunately I wanted to attend two different 22/7 live events in Diver City, Odaiba early that afternoon, so I had to run out immediately to the Shinkansen station (a bit crazy, but it was my last full day in Japan). I finished those events by 4:30, and managed to be back at Yokohama by 5:30 for the final set of handshakes even though I screwed up purchasing the train tickets and had to go to the office to have them corrected. :fp:

    782f2b07946a3aafa8e39f74644774de445404f9_5aa8db491025f.jpg Lane assignments

    Since I had managed to get there in time, on @Riina’s suggestion I decided to spend one of my four tickets on lane #3 with Goto Rara and Furuhata Nao. There wasn’t too much of a wait, and although I had my lines all ready to go, Rara greeted me immediately with a big smile and a fluent “Hello!” in English, catching me off guard. She was looking super cute (well, I have a thing for short hair), and I returned the greeting in both languages. She gave an energetic handshake as I introduced myself in Japanese and said I was from the US. She had a great smile and thanked me for coming, again in excellent English. Then I was bumped over to Nao, who leaned over very close to me while I introduced myself again and said how happy I was to finally meet them. I noted she had a really nice smile, too, and I left to a shower of thank you’s and goodbye in Japanese and English.

    I was surprised how fun that short handshake was (well I was used to meeting fairly passive idols at this point), and realized I hadn’t had a chance to complement their English. I thought about what to do next, but realized it was getting close to Jurina’s lane #1 opening at 6pm, so I got in line there. I was queued right next to the badminton courts, but unfortunately they decided to close it and dismissed the waiting fans so I didn’t get to see any play. However, I was also close to the staff cameraman who was filming members as they re-entered the hall, so I enjoyed watching some of them mugging for the camera. The four springboot performers were also moving around the edge of the lanes, performing short displays to cheers from the crowd. I could also see lanes #2 and #3 from the line, and Suda Akari, Rara, and Nao all seemed to be having fun over there.

    Jurina appeared about ten minutes into her slot, and it only took me about five to make it up to her. Waiting next in line, I could see that the staff stopwatch was set to two seconds. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as Jurina was the top member I had met at an event like this. I went up next and greeted her in Japanese. I thought she actually looked a little different up close than how she had appeared on stage that morning, though she had changed back into the no Iro outfit so I don’t know what it was. Still I thought she was looking quite pretty and had a nice smile, and was very attentive. I told her I thought she had a cool presence and thanked her as I was pushed aside. She thanked me for coming, then followed over a bit and reached back over the barrier and asked for a heart-pose. Surprised but pleased, I laughed and matched her pose, and got another nice smile before I was really pushed out the exit amidst some rushed thank you’s and ganbatte kudasai.

    My plan was to see Jurina and Suda, and then Rara and Nao had been a good gamble. I debated what to do with my fourth ticket – pick another lane, or go back around for Jurina, or save it in case I wanted to see Suda again? In the moment I decided I wanted to talk to Rara and Nao again, and their lane closed early at 6:30, so I got in immediately. This time I was ready, and complimented Rara’s English and said how fun it was to meet her. She said she was happy I came back, and to please come again - I said I would try if I could. I also complimented Nao’s English and said I was happy to meet her, and she thanked me for coming. I left with another thank you and good luck in both Japanese and English.

    I then passed in my final ticket for Suda. The staffer ripping my mini-live ticket in half seemed to underline my last idol event a bit. :( In any case, Suda was surprisingly small in person, but had a really nice presence. I greeted her in Japanese and told her where I was from and that I was really happy to meet her. As the staff grabbed my shoulders she leaned in closer and asked in what I would describe as cute, squeaky English, “do you love me?” I’m new enough to idol events that being directly asked that in English still caught me off guard, and I probably had a bit of a shocked expression before I smiled and answered in Japanese. I thanked her and wished her luck as I was pushed away, and she responded with waving and more squeaky English thanks you’s. :)

    I had a great time at the live, which was longer than I had anticipated; that was the only 46G/48G live performance I was able see during my time in Japan, so it was fun that it went so well, and I’m looking forward to seeing the draftees' progress. In addition, I had a good handshake with all four members, and am still stoked I actually got to meet Jurina – and that she was so engaging. I was completely exhausted at that point so in once sense I was glad I was done, but I would also have loved another round with Jurina or Suda. As I headed out at 6:30 there were still plenty of people in the stands and the lanes area, but they were just closing the hall entrance. On my way to the station, I even ran into the springboot performers trucking their gear out.

    2018-03-18 18.37.00a.jpg
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    May 23, 2013
    I attended the SKE Muishiki Handshake-Event in Nagoya Dome today.
    It's been a while since my last Event and Report, so I hope I didn't forget sth.
    I had overall 20 Tickets spread across 7 Members, with 7 for Wanchan and Aiai each and then 1 or 2 for the others just to say hi.

    My blocks spread from the first until the 7th block so I was there the whole day. I met some friends (lots of Japanese Wanchan and Aiai-Oshis and also @jaylitt ) so the time passed relatively quickly. I didn't participate in any activities though since the lines were pretty long.

    To the members:
    Tsuzuki Rika (1st Block, 2 Tickets)
    I met her last year too, so I was looking forward to meet her again. She doesn't talk so much, so I had to do most of the talking. I told her I was happy to meet her again and that I enjoy reading her blogs. She said she uses German in her blogs just because she likes Germany.
    All in all it was good to see her again, She is always really friendly.

    Machi Otoha (1st Block, 2 Tickets)
    It was my first time with Machi and also just one ticket, but I wanted to say hi and also wanted to see if she was fine again, since she missed SSA and the last S-Stage due to sickness. She seemed really healthy tho so I was relieved. She is also really talkative and I think I'll go to her again

    After that I was free until Noon-Block so I just walked around a bit, talked to some other fans and watched the activities

    Aikawa Honoka (Noon-Block, 1 Ticket)
    I met Honono too last year, she didn't remember though. She's pretty shy at first so we didn't talk too much, I just told her that I couldn't go for one year

    Sugiyama Aika (Noon-Block, 7 Tickets)
    For Aiai I split my Tickets into 3 - 2- 1 - 1, since I wanted to talk about various things. Aiai is really great to talk to, even though I didn't get to say everything I wanted we had a really nice conversation.
    I was wearing her Seitan-T-Shirt and also a Name-Tag with my Nickname which I use on Twitter, in letters etc. She actually remembered my face and name from last year in May which kinda surprised me. She wanted to know how long I'll stay this time and told me to enter the Team-S-Stage too (I'm trying all the time already ^^;). I was also happy to hear that my letters apparently arrived too.

    After the first 3 Tickets I went to Honono and then came back for the rest. Next I wanted to talk about a movie but she was faster and asked me what "Hello" is in German (it's "Hallo"), then we talked about how she is really bad at English and that I'll try English next time.

    The next Ticket I used to talk about the Movie "The Commuter" which she went to watch last week and which I watched too. She wants to watch the previous Movie (Non-Stop) too, I told her it's pretty good.

    For my last ticket I asked her whether having two Oshis is already considered DD in her opinion (she likes to tease everyone as DD), luckily 2 is barely ok XD

    This block was really a great time, Aiai is super funny and easy to talk to, and her fans were really kind. I came back for the end of B4 to send her off and then waited for the next Member

    Kitagawa Ryouha (A4, 1 Ticket)
    I wanted to see Ryouha since last year so I was glad I got to meet her.
    Of course I didn't have too much time here either but I could tell her I used to be a Sae-Oshi and that I really like Team S. She was also really friendly and looked absolutely stunning

    Yamada Juna (B7, 1 Ticket)
    Juna is really cute and I met her last year too, so I went again. When I told her that I really like her in MCs she wanted to know where she's funny enough that I laugh, and of course I do

    Inuzuka Asana (B7, 7 Tickets)
    I had changed into my Wanchan-Seitan-T-Shirt and originally I intended to split my tickets into the same way as Aiai, but her line was really long so I just went 3 - 4 and went to Juna in between

    She also recognized me and thanked me for all the letters and the comments I write on Twitter and I in return thanked her for always looking at her fan's tweets. I wanted to tell her that we used her Blog in my language-class to learn but she already knew because she apparently saw my tweet ^^;

    With the second bunch of tickets I told her that I really like the current Team S and the stages and that I always watch them, and then we talked a bit about the stages.

    Overall I kinda wish I could have split my tickets more so I could talk about more other topics but it was still really great, she is super responsive and don't worry, her hands aren't THAT sweaty ^^

    With that I would have been finished but I waited until the end of B8 because the Wanchan-fans would do a send-off since it was the first HS after her Birthday. She came out to us and took a photo, perfectly hiding the sign with her age on it with her head [hehe]


    I got a ton of goods from her fans, mostly the things from her Seitansai since I also participated in the committee.

    I think using a name-tag was a really really great idea, since many fans I know from Twitter recognized me and talked to me. It's nice to see the faces behind the nicknames and since I barely meet fans elsewhere and am usually to shy to talk to people myself I was really happy they took the initiative.

    Next I will go to the HS on the 29th, I hope it'll be as great as this one
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    Sep 7, 2015
    As my beloved @Chrissel wrote we were together for a long part of the day so here's my report...

    I went to the handshake event in Nagoya Dome as well as Furukawa Airi’s sign event on April 7.

    I went to the handshake first. I only had six tickets for Maya in the morning since she sold out her other slots when I ordered my tickets.

    It was much less chaotic this time than when AKB and HKT were also there during the national handshake last October. Instead of using the entire ground they left some of the field, where the members pitched from the mound to home plate. There was also the usual badminton. Some members gave a tour of the stadium but I don’t know when this happened nor who did it.

    Maya sold out every slot so I looped it five times during the hour and a half. The more I go to events the more people I meet, and since I’m becoming a usual face in Maya’s lane some people call out to me. Here's how it went:

    Maya: Oh, thanks for coming to see me!
    Me: Hey. I’m starting work next week.
    Maya: Wow, good luck! What kind of work?
    Me: English teacher at grade and middle school.
    Maya: Woah! That’s amazing! Good luck! Come again!

    Maya: Thanks for coming again! I’m really bad at English, so please teach me. I get a lot of English comments on my Instagram stories but I don’t know what they say.
    Me: Comments from bad people?
    Maya: I don’t know!
    Me: They’re probably bad people.

    Maya: Thanks for coming again!
    Me: I think it’s best if you ignore those English comments
    Maya: Ah, well I can’t read them anyway so I don’t understand them
    Me: That’s a good thing lol
    Maya: You know I’m called an idiot a lot since I don’t know a lot of things
    Me: it’s fine if you don’t know English

    Maya: Really? But I want to learn English so please teach me.
    Me: Sure, but I speak French too.
    Maya: (mouth open) THAT’S SO COOL!

    Maya: Thanks for coming again! It’s so cool that you can speak English and French.
    Me: Not really, but I can speak German too
    Maya: Huh? So you can speak 3 languages? Oh wait, you can speak Japanese too
    Me: To a certain degree

    Maya: So 4! Please teach me!
    Me: I will next event. Next ticket is my last one

    Me: Last one
    Maya: Thanks for coming, are you leaving now?
    Me: Yes but I’ll come back. I’m going to talk with fans. I’m saving for the sousenkyo.
    Maya: Thank you so much! Let’s do our best. Really, thanks.
    Me: bye bye
    Maya: *leans out the lane while I’m getting my bag* bye!

    The following slot was the noon one where a lot of the members with many slots have breaks. I was about to go eat but some of the Maya oshis asked me to follow them since they were having a meeting. We mainly talked about things related to the sousenkyo and what our plans are going forward. I had brought some spare goods which I didn’t want with me and I handed them over to them. They’ll sell these goods to make some money for the campaign.

    Afterwards I talked a bit and noticed that Airin’s sign event had just started and I had to get there quickly. I wanted to go with my friend but she told me to go on ahead since she was going to Churi’s lane first. I told her to hurry up if she wanted to make the event, but when I got there she was somehow already in the line. I guess I’m really bad at moving around Sakae.

    I had never met Airin before but I wasn’t nervous at all, perhaps since I was warmed up. When I met Ayachan I was bumbling and trying to talk as fast as possible, but for this event there wasn’t a time limit or anything like that, so you could talk for quite a while. Unlike handshakes, Airin doesn’t spend much time looking at you, since she’s signing your stuff.

    I forget the order so I’ll just write it like so:

    I told her I’ve been a fan of her right before she graduated but I still keep up with her stuff. She thanked me. I told her that I really like her comics and I translate them for fans who speak English along with my friend’s help (I was getting a copy for him too). I wanted to see if she would tell me to stop, since I get the impression that Japanese are quite hostile to fan translations, and I’m always wondering if what I’m doing is okay. However she and her manager both reacted positively, telling me that what I’m doing is cool and they didn’t reprimand me.

    She then saw my shirt and said that the design felt surreal. I was wearing Maya’s seitansai shirt with the illustration she made of the stingray-girl. I told her what the shirt was and that my oshimen is Sugawara. She told me she’s never really interacted with her much, since she left the group around the time she joined. However Airin loves Yunana so she of course knows who Maya is.

    I told her then that I was a Furuyanagi oshi but I transitioned into a Maya oshi last year. She said that yeah, she and Churi don’t do anything anymore together so it’s hard for Furuyanagi fans, and she asked me to say hi to Churi next time I see her.

    (The problem is trying to convince me to get a handshake ticket for someone other than Maya)

    So I had a lot of fun at the signing. It was the most lax event I went to apart from Churi’s fan meeting. You really got your money’s worth at the event. You can talk for a long time and there are no people to push you around. Airin was really beautiful and she hardly looks any different than when she was last in the group. She was wearing a very nice dress and her hair was great. I forgot to talk about her baby but I’m sure everyone else was congratulating her on that. It felt really cool since I got to accomplish one of my “goals”, and I got the same feeling of content and happiness I get when I go to one of Churi’s events.

    Afterwards I went back to Nagoya Dome. I didn’t have any tickets but I wanted to go talk with people and see what was going on. I bought a ticket holder while the third generation draft members were there, along with Mizuno Airi. I’m really bad with their names and faces but two of the short ones were serving me. They were extremely shy and didn’t say anything, and I had nothing to say so I took my stuff and left. If you want to you can talk a long time at the merchandise area though.

    I then participated in another Maya oshi meeting. We talked about some other events we are planning/funding for her upcoming milestones. Right after our meeting ended Maya did her pitch on the field, and we were right next to the viewing area so we rushed over and cheered her on. Here is a video of it, she did well:

    I stayed for Maya’s send-off. Nearly all the members came out of their lanes right next to the fans at the end, which was the first time I saw something like that outside of special occasions. I’m not sure but I think Maya stayed the longest. She was waiting for the other members to get done since all their fans were yelling and she wanted to talk to us. Her idea was to do a reverse send-off and wave to us as we all leave. I actually liked this idea and found it cute, but a lot of the fans were protesting. She told us some stuff about sousenkyo and thanked us for staying late, and we waved her bye. This lasted a long time as she waved the entire way back into the tunnel, and was jumping while waving to make sure we could see her hand as she was getting further away.
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    Jan 5, 2008
    Furuhata Nao
    Finally got my hands on a proper keyboard so I can start writing recent experiences. Still a bit jet lagged though so quality might be affected.

    SKE48 at Saitama Super Arena:
    Before the concert they sent e-mail requesting people wear suits or other formal clothing such as uniforms to maximize the spirit of the event. Fortunately I had packed a suit and tie so I was able to do so, and some other people did too. Got a nice 200-level seat, row 21 so not exactly god-tier but not 400 level either. Was able to have a rather good visibility overall. Also met @Riina before the show which was nice too.

    Since SKE is my favourite, even getting to the concert was awesome. I was enjoying the lot of it, and the MCs were enjoyable even with my very limited japanese understanding. They had questions for SKE Mobile members and showed lulzy fumble videos too. Setlist has already been described elsewhere, but for me absolute highlight was one of my favourite songs, GALAXY of DREAMS centered by my absolute super-oshi Nao, and it was a damn nice sight. I would have paid a lot of money for an Arena seat at that point. :D

    SKE48 Handshake event at Nagoya Dome:

    Before the event, met up with @sophcaro.

    I had 21 tickets: 15 for Nao (A1/A2/A3, 5 each), 3 for Rara (A2) and 3 for Dasu (A3). Also, I had decided beforehand I would not travel 8000 km and look like a hobo in front of my oshi so I was wearing again a suit and tie.

    A1 (Nao): Went straight up to Nao with zero waiting in line as it was early. Having been at Saitama was a good start for conversation but first: SHE REMEMBERED ME from the last time which was in July. (Or was very convincing acting like she did, good enough for me.) The main points of the conversation were:

    "I was at Saitama Super Arena and properly wore a suit, too bad my seats weren't that good so Nao could not see it so I wore a suit today too."
    "GALAXY of DREAMS with Nao center was the best thing ever" etc. Also, at the end she kept holding on to my hand even as security was pushing me away which was great, and also she asked if I'm coming back.

    A2: (Rara/Nao):

    At this point is good to note that I was wearing a Nao ticket holder from the Igai ni Mango HS event, with all non-Nao tickets stashed behind Nao ones, and I stashed the ticket holder in my pocket before seeing other girls. Also I had a mini-calendar that came with Alface stuck in there.

    Rara: Went to Rara's queue, a few people in front of me. I had actually not thought that much in advance what to say, since Rara usually has spoken so much I don't have much chance but to answer her questions. She immediately asked where I'm from and I managed to slip in some Saitama mentions and she had a nice touch. It was fun and she too held on after I started moving.

    Nao: Went to queue and it was actually rather long, I'd say 10 minutes or so. Struck some conversation with the dude in front of me who was interested where I'm coming from. Then:

    My turn came and it starts according to plan. I mention Sousenkyo and how she'll be at least Kami7, but most of all I am waiting for Alface mini-album. I point to the mini-calendar in the ticket holder.

    Nao: "You bought it, arigato!"
    Me: "Of course I did!"
    Nao: "AH!!" *Points finger on tickets* *super cute jealous reaction*
    Now, what had happened was that the tickets in the holder had shuffled enough that she could see kanji for Suda.
    Me: (inside my head): SHIT SHIT! *Damage control mode* *trying to find traction where there is none*
    *silence and a gaze that would move mountains*
    Nao: "Just a little?" *forgiving smile*
    Me: Yes! Of course Nao is #1! *phew*
    Guard: Time to go.
    Nao: Will you be back?
    Me: Yes <3.
    That jealous reaction was the BEST THING EVER. At this point it is good to note that I'm obviously putty in Nao's hands already.


    Went first with Suda, with ticket holder stashed and it was nice. Unlike Nao with whom I've always discussed in Japanese, with Suda first phases were about choosing between English and Japanese. I short discussion about Saitama and how I plan to learn more Japanese to talk with my beloved idols. Then it was time to go and when I was leaving I got an "I love you!".

    Then on to Nao:
    Me: This is the last time. :(
    Nao: Aww :(
    Me: But summer holiday is in July, and I'll come to HS events then. Only for Nao-chan!
    Nao: Yay thanks!
    Me: But 3 months is a long time...
    Some silence with some deep looking into eyes. She then proceeds to tell me I've got beautiful eyes (I've got standard finnish blue-grey eyes) and since this is from the best possible source, I will assume it is accurate.
    Some words about me coming back in July and learning more Japanese before then and then guards send me off.

    Oh how I wished I had bought more tickets for her.
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  7. Riina

    Riina Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 4, 2015
    Today, I went to SKE48's handshake in Saitama. I had 4 tickets for Jurina, 2 in A1 and 2 in A2 slot. When I saw the queues today weren't too bad, I decided to loop instead of using 2 together.

    1st ticket
    Jurina: Kawaii!
    Me: Kawaii style me or adult style me, which one do you prefer? (Note: I usually wear more serious clothes but today I went with a cuter outfit)
    Jurina: I like both!
    Me: Then what should I wear tomorrow?
    Jurina: Sexy style!
    Me: Ehh, sexy?!
    Jurina: Ah, but it might be cold tomorrow!
    Me: It's ok!

    2nd ticket
    Me: Actually, I'm really nervous today!
    Jurina: Eh, why?
    Me: Because Jurina is in front of me!
    Jurina: *laughs* But we took a photo together last week, didn't we?
    Me: We did!
    Jurina: You were really kawaii!
    Me: Jurina was really beautiful too!

    3rd ticket
    Me: Jurina smells really good!
    Jurina: Really?
    Me: I saw Jurina's kimono website! The photos were really... *looking for word*
    Jurina: Kawaii?
    Me: Beautiful!
    Jurina: Ah, thank you! *blows kiss*

    4th ticket
    Me: My hand smells like Jurina! (Note: I just noticed it while waiting in line, lol.)
    Jurina: Eh, uso!
    Me: It smells nice! What is it, perfume or something?
    Jurina: That's right, it's perfume!
    Me: I like it!
    Jurina: *laughs* Thank you!

    Also, while waiting in Jurina's queue, I saw Kumazaki Haruka looking bored and lonely in the lane next to her. So I waved to her, and she waved back, and said my hairstyle was cute! Next time I looped the line, I waved again and she complimented my hair again, lol. She seemed really nice and I felt bad for her lane being so empty, so maybe I'll get a ticket for her as well next time I have a chance.
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  8. Cristafari

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    Sep 10, 2008
    Saitama, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki

    I will have a similar Kumazaki story when I write my report. Oh, and I saw you in J’s lane in A2 slot while I was queued for Dasu
  9. Riina

    Riina Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 4, 2015
    Oh, I didn't see you this time, but I was busy either trying to catch a glance of one of the members or messaging my friends on the phone [hehe]

    I felt really bad for Kumachan today. Except for the first few minutes of the slot when there was a short queue, most of the time her lane was pretty empty with a fan only coming every now and then, never enough for a queue to build up. Must have felt pretty bad for her being placed between the top 2 members. Oh well, at least it means that us in Jurina's lane (and probably those in Dasu's lane as well) got some of her attention while waiting :^^;:
  10. Cristafari

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    Sep 10, 2008
    Saitama, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki
    SKE48 22nd Single Individual Handshake Event at MetLife (Seibu) Dome, Saitama (2018/04/14)

    When they announced the handshake dates for this single, I was slightly disappointed that they jammed two Tokyo events into one weekend, instead of two different weekends. But the decision of which date to attend was easy since I had already purchased HKT48 shamekai tickets for Sunday (not to mention Wasamin's special cheki event tomorrow, but that's another issue) So at least I wouldn't have to worry about filling two days of handshake tickets, and doubling up on theater versions. I might've had a couple of drinks when I applied for these handshake tickets too. I don't remember, but I ended up with an interesting set of tickets, and not nearly the usual lineup I go for. Oh sure, I got Kaotan and Tani, as well as a ticket for Yuzuki. But then I also grabbed a few tickets for members I have never gotten tickets for, or haven't for a long time. So it promised to be an interesting day.

    Getting to Seibu Dome is a bit of a ride. I live near Saitama, but not on the side where the stadium is. As a result, I need to go down to Central Tokyto catch the Seibu Ikebukuro Line back up to the other side of Saitama. Not to mention the stadium is on this separate line that spokes off of the main Seibu train, so it takes four transfers. Although the nice thing is that the train drops you right at the stadium entrance. Anyway, I made it before Slot 2 started, grabbed a quick lunch, and then headed inside.


    It was neat, we were on the field. The handshake booths were set up in the middle of the field, with nothing really behind them, so you got a pretty clear view of what goes on behind the scenes, unlike at Makuhari or Pacifico. I talk about that as we go. I had a total of nine tickets for seven members...

    Slot 2


    Suda Akari (Lane 3) I took a chance on getting this ticket, since my experience is that Dasu's line is always crazy. To my surprise, it wasn't very long at all. When I bought the tickets, I isolated my Slot 2 and 3 tickets because I thought the lines would be extremely long. This meant I was going to have A LOT of downtime in-between tickets. Anyway, I spent my time in the queue watching Jurina and Obamina in nearby lanes. Kumazaki Haruka was in the next lane over, and in her downtime, I caught her eye. She gave me a big smile and wave. It was finally my turn. After the hisashiburi, I asked Dasu if she was cold, and then I complimented her cool leather jacket. Dasu was her usual genki self, so it was a good experience. In fact, I have never had a bad experience with Dasu, but I only see her once in a while.

    Lanes are empty since I took the pic in-between slots.

    I had around 90 minutes until I needed to use my next ticket, so I went back outside. They had opened up the stands, and all of the concessions on the third base side of the field, so it ended up being the perfect place to eat, drink, and relax in between handshakes. You also had an overhead view of the entire event, which was really fun to watch, especially with the games and stuff they were offering. I ended up going over there three separate times during the day.

    Lunch Slot


    Ego Yuna (Lane 12) This really puzzled me. Why the heck did I get an Ego ticket? Don't get me wrong, I like her, but I can't say I like her enough to want to get handshake tickets for her. The only thing I can think of is a) I did enjoy her performance in that SKE/New World Order MV, which I think I was watching around the time I applied, and 2) this was the lunch slot, when most of the popular members go on break. So I think of all the members who were available in the slot, she was the only one I had any desire whatsoever to meet. I didn't go in until the slot was almost over, and there were two people in front of me, so not much of a wait. She immediately grabbed my ticket holder, "Kaotan!" Yes, Kaotan. I basically told her that I enjoyed her performance when I won a Team KII show last year, and that she is a very good dancer. She smiled and thanked me. Overall, Egochan is not an overly demonstrative handshake. She smiles, and listens, and is generally very nice. But I don't know that I will be making her part of my regular rotation.

    Slot 3


    Matsui Jurina (Lane 1) I finally pulled the trigger and bought Jurina ticket. I make it a point to meet her at pretty much every National Event I attend, but this was the first time I reserved a ticket for her. I went to queue up early, the plan being that I would get it done quickly, and then have a big break until the next slot. I was 4th in line, great! It was just after the Slot opened that management came over and announced that Jurina would be considerably late for the slot, and offered to let people "uncheck-in" if they wanted. This was my only ticket for the slot, so I had no choice but to ride it out...

    I played with my phone for a while, and watched Kumazaki again. Kumazaki was great; She was engaging with all of us during her downtime. Smiling, waving, talking, she's really cool. Also, and this was really neat. I saw the woman who makes all the PA announcements. You know, the one with that really generic, almost inhuman voice? She's basically standing back there with a wireless microphone, making announcements as needed. She was standing by the Jurina lane since she needed to keep announcing updates on the Lane status. Oh, and she is really cute too. I am guessing she is probably in her 40's, but she's tiny, and really pretty. She had on tight jeans, and a white leather jacket. Now that I knew who she was, I was kinda watching for her throughout the day when I was up in the stands, LOL. Anyway, back to Jurina...

    Yeah, 50 minutes later Diva Matsui made it out to the lane, and she had all sorts of handlers around her too. But she was like "enough of the coddling, let's go!" She got excited when she saw me, and I told her that I have fun meeting her, and I want to see her more often. She latched onto my Kaotan necklance. "Kaotan, she is your oshi?" Yeah. "What about Jurina?" Ni-oshi (I lied, LOL) "Ni???" She gave me a crying face as I left the queue. I didn't want to make her cry, but she would cry harder if she knew the truth, LOL.

    seibu2.jpg seibu3.jpg

    I took another break. Part of the fun was watching all the extracurricular activities going on in the venue. They had a badminton court to play against members. You could also throw pitches in the bullpen, or throw off the main pitcher's mound, with select members cheering you on. And of course they had the SKE staple of costumes to try on (If you are a female) These two were on display outside, including the 22nd single uniform and Masanya's graduation dress.

    Slot 4


    Sato Kaho (Lane 10) Another first time meeting. A few months ago I was queued up for Yamane Suzuha, who was in the lane next to Kaho. I was just fascinated watching her interact with her fans. Not only was she a big flirt, but she was wearing a very loose top, and really giving all the fans a show (if you know what I mean) Needless to say, I wanted to meet her, so I grabbed a ticket the first chance I got. Unfortunately, it was cold in the venue, so she was kinda bundled up, but she got excited when I entered the booth, and leaned in really close to me. I basically told her the story of watching her from another queue, and that I thought she was really cute and genki, and I wanted to meet her. She definitely has a bit of a "twinkle in her eye, and I would love to meet her again. Perhaps in the Summer when its warmer. XD By the way, of all the queues I saw or experienced today, hers was the longest. My guess is she will be a senbatsu member soon.

    Matsumura Kaori (Lane 14) <2 tickets> Finally I'm getting to my regulars. I pre-queued, and was ultimately 5th in line. Kaotan's lane was right in the middle, so we had a perfect view of all the girls coming and going, plus the pitching event. I pretty much saw most of the members come out. Kaotan was talking with Obamina when she walked over. Since it was her first slot of the day, Kaotan set the ground rules with the staff. "Don't push them out, I do it a certain way." I love it! I showed her my Kaotan-JK badge that I bought at the concert, but she didn't really react. I mentioned that I had been watching the pitching behind her, and that I used to be a pitcher. She asked when, and I told her High School. And of course she asked how many tickets I had. When I mentioned three, she asked if I would be looping. Yep...

    So I immediately looped. It didn't take very long. I asked her about the "talk show" she did yesterday. (Yuasa mentioned it on his blog) She said it was in Osaka, and when she does it in Tokyo that I should come, so I should keep track on her blog. I promised her I would, and that I would see her next slot,

    90 minutes later, it was next slot. I passed the time relaxing in the stands, and had some takoyaki from Gindaco...

    Slot 5

    Matsumura Kaori (Lane 14) There was nobody pre-queued for her when I came back into the stadium, so this meant I would be first in line. Now the last time I was first in line for Kaotan I kinda got a special treat since she talked to me the whole time while setting up. This time was even better...

    Once again, I was watching the people pitch (most of them were awful) and watching the members walk around behind the lanes. Shirai Kotono was in the next lane, and before she started waved to me and smiled. Eventually I see Kaotan walking over with Oba Mina again. Oba is eyeing me while they are talking, although I can't hear what they are talking about since they are too far away. All of a sudden Oba turns in my direction and yells "Hey Kurisu!" and starts waving. I laughed and waved back. Mind you, I have never met Oba before. My guess is that she said something to Kaotan about her having a foreigner waiting for her, and then Kaotan gave her the scoop, LOL.

    Kaotan made it into the booth, and immediately started screaming. Apparently there was a bug crawling across the counter. It was then I noticed they had bug traps and repellents around the lanes, so that must be an issue. I asked her if she killed the bug. She said no, she just brushed it away. She then asked me why I wasn't wearing a jacket. When I told her I forgot to bring one, she got worried that I was going to catch a cold. I told her I would be fine, although to be honest, I really was cold. And then a few minutes later my nose started running.

    Tani Marika (Lane 17) I quickly switched to my new Tani ticket holder and queued up. It wasn't a very long line. Tani was wearing side braids, which looks cute on her, so I immediately commented about it. She kinda turned and showed them to me. Tani was also bundled up. I asked if she had a heater, and she said no and she was cold. I said I'm cold too. At the end she asked when she would see me again. I wasn't sure, so I just said AKB event.

    I checked, I don't have a ticket for her until the AKB Jabaja event at the end of May, so it will be a while.


    Hidaka Yuzuki (Lane 8) My final ticket of the night. Ya know, I really don't see Yuzuki as often as I should. She is a really great handshake experience, and she is always excited to see me. Not to mention, she is a senbatsu member, so there is always stuff to talk about. She was really excited to see me again. I asked if she was excited to do the event at a baseball stadium, and she emphatically said yes. I know she's a big baseball fan (Maichan in HKT is too) She said she had never seen a game at this venue, but would like to one day. I said I wanted to see one there too, as I finally got pushed out. I bid my farewell, and headed toward the exit.

    Luckily, I used my last three tickets more quickly then expected, and was able to catch an earlier train home. I have a somewhat long day tomorrow, with the HKT48 shamekai event at Tokyo Ryutsu Center, followed by the Wasamin cheki event a couple of stops away. It's lucky that I only have four tickets for HKT, so I have time to make it to Wasamin's last cheki 'slot', if all goes well.

    And here's one last cardboard poster pic, because Obata is cute.

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  11. Riina

    Riina Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 4, 2015
    Today, I went to SKE48's handshake event in Saitama again. Just like yesterday, I had 4 tickets for Jurina, 2 for A1 and 2 for A2. If you have read my previous report, you'll know Jurina asked me yesterday to wear something sexy today [hehe] Although the request was a bit ridiculous, I didn't want to disappoint my oshi, so I chose one of my dresses that, well, show off some cleavage :^^;: You'll see later why this is relevant information.

    1st & 2nd ticket
    Jurina: Sexy, sexy!
    Me: I aimed for sexy :^^;:
    Jurina: Too much is showing *starts fixing my dress, or should I rather say, touching my boobs while pretending to pull up the neckline of my dress*
    Me: *laughs awkwardly*
    Jurina: Aren't you cold? Did you bring a jacket? *still touching*
    Me: I'm ok, I wore this because Jurina asked me to
    Jurina: Did you bring a jacket? *still touching*
    Me: I did!
    Jurina: That's good *still touching*
    Me: This is the first time I've met Jurina with glasses! (she was wearing glasses today)
    Jurina: Really?
    Me: It looks good!

    3rd ticket (this time, I came with a friend who doesn't normally go to Jurina's lane)
    Me: Are you ok? You didn't catch a cold?
    Jurina: I'm ok! *starts poking my boobs with her finger, not even pretending to fix the dress anymore*
    Me: I'm glad!
    Jurina: *distracted by boobs*
    Me: I came with a friend today!
    Jurina: Really?
    Me: Please treat her nicely!

    4th ticket
    Me: *trying to think of something to say, as the queue was really short and I didn't come up with anything yet*
    Jurina: Your friend...
    Me: Yes?
    Jurina: She said her oshimen is Nao! *sad face*
    Me: That's right... But Jurina is my number 1!
    Jurina: Forever?
    Me: Forever!
    Jurina: Promise? *holds our her finger*
    Me: Promise! *pinky promise*

    So, yeah, any female fans out there, if you want some, well, special attention from Jurina, you know what to do [hehe] Even her OJS security guard was really entertained by this. And he commented "nice dress", lol. But yeah, I guess the weird stares I got from some people were totally worth the treatment I got from Jurina today [hehe]
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  12. Tuhis

    Tuhis Kenkyuusei

    Jan 5, 2008
    Furuhata Nao
    Having your boobs touched by a top Jurina should grant you special fandom level. :D
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  13. pikachuwei

    pikachuwei Kenkyuusei

    Jan 11, 2018
    Just think of it as Jurina recharging energy off your boobs before going back to Korea!
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  14. Riina

    Riina Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 4, 2015
    Ha, I guess I can call it a legendary handshake (boobshake?) with Jurina [hehe]
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  15. Arbios

    Arbios Upcoming Girls

    Jan 7, 2016
    Komiyama Haruka
    damn jurina's fanservice is a whole different level
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  16. PetalidiStelle

    PetalidiStelle Kenkyuusei

    Oct 31, 2016
    Jesus Christ, I didn't know I wanted to go to a SKE handshake this much
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  17. Chrissel

    Chrissel Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    May 23, 2013
    SKE48 Handshake-Event at Portmesse Nagoya (April 29th)

    Today I went to SKE's HS at Portmesse.
    Just like the last time I spend most of the time with @jaylitt and this time also with another guy from our SKEncore-Podcast (I dunno if he's on stage).

    I had tickets for 11 Members, most of them (all except Aiai and Wanchan) were only one ticket though, just to say hi to them.

    B1 Tsuzuki Rika (1 Ticket)
    After the last HS I decided to see her again, I told her that I'll be going back to Germany in 2 months and that I'll send her a postcard then. She felt a bit tired, maybe from yesterday's HS.

    B1 Machi Otoha (1 Ticket)
    Since she missed yesterday's Concert I was afraid she might be sick again but actually she looked really fine and energetic, but of course shaking hands is much easier than a concert. She remembered me from last time and we briefly talked about soccer since I was wearing the Jersey of my favorite Team.

    A2 Goto Rara (1 Ticket)
    I kinda just went to her to see her English-Skills in person, and she didn't disappoint! Actually it was my English which left me all of a sudden :^^;: Still she was really cute and it was a nice experience.

    The Noon-Block was relatively busy, but it was also the most fun one.

    Noon Aikawa Honoka (1 Ticket)
    Honono is just great to see, she's completely innocent and cute, you'll always feel relieved of all stress once you meet her :cute: She remembered me from last time and I used the short time to tell her that she was really cute during yesterday's concert.

    Noon Isshiki Rena (1 Ticket)
    I really like Renahyu, so naturally I went to see her too. She has super soft hands, probably the softest I experienced so far. I actually don't completely remember what we talked about but I think it was something like "You're always super cute in stages etc etc" [hehe]

    Noon Sugiyama Aika (7 Tickets)
    I split my tickets 2 - 3 - 2 for her to have more variation in topics.
    When I came in first she immediately smiled and shouted "Ah, you were at the Noon-Concert yesterday!! I could clearly see you during the Photo-Time!"
    Naturally I was super happy she really saw me and that I didn't just imagined the eye-contact :^^;: I told her she was really good in Endroll and we talked a bit more about the concert.
    For the second round I told her that I watched/listened to 3janai-yo yesterday and asked her again what countries are in Europe (go and watch the 3janai on YT, you'll see why). Just like on the radio, she said "France, Italy, and England?". I was subtly pointing at me, but it took her a while to remember Germany. Apparently she thought Germany was in India, of course I corrected this miss-information immediately :confused: We laughed a lot during this round, so it was lots of fun.
    Since the last time was 2 tickets again I decided to talk a bit about soccer, since she went to see some games recently. She said my jersey looked cool and that she had seen it before (which I really doubt).

    HS with Aiai are always super much fun, she is really responsive and goofs around a lot, so this was naturally my highlight of the day.

    B4 Kamimura Ayuka (1 Ticket)
    Continuing my Team S-Tour I went to see Aachan next. Yesterday she performed Nagisa no Cherry almost right next to me so of course I told her that she was really cute there.

    B4 Sugiyama Aika (5 Tickets)
    This time I split the tickets 2 - 3.
    When I came in the first time she asked me when I'll go back home, and I told her at the end of June, but that I'll go to the HS in Nagoya Dome after the SSK and of course I will also vote for her on SSK.
    The second time I had some topics prepared to talk about but I decided to just go random, so we just goofed around a bit, then I told her that she was pretty tall today (she was standing on a platform and was thus about 185cm tall. She said it was because she wants to look people in the eyes. In the end she wanted to know how tall I am and after that I could only tell her that I'll be back in June for HS.

    Again, a really great time with Aiai, super relaxing.

    B5 Matsumoto Chikako (1 Ticket)
    I originally intended to just congratulate her on getting into University, but I remembered @rka is a great fan of her so instead I told her that she has a fan in Germany who is too busy to come to Japan, she said that's sad but she thanked me for telling her.
    She is really great at interacting with fans and her smile is really the brightest :D

    Next I planned to go to Maya, but due too some "troubles" which @jaylitt will certainly talk about her lane was delayed and while I was waiting Yuasa, Rara and a bunch of members (Jurina, Makiko, Yunana etc) came out to make an announcement. At first it almost sounded like Rara was gonna graduate but she "only" announced that she would go on Hiatus in order to study for the University-entry-exams. If you know her, you know she's super serious about studying, so I totally understood this decision. Jurina, Makiko and Yunana also talked to her and then the normal HS continued with about 15min delay.

    A4 Sugawara Maya (1 Ticket)
    I made a deal with @jaylitt to visit Maya if he in return visits Wanchan, so here I was. Due to the troubles before they were rushing the lane a bit so I barely had time to say sth, so I just told her I was a friend and then she noticed my Wanchan-Ticketholder and asked my what I like about Wanchan, I just said "Everything" :^^;:
    She was really friendly and easy to talk to, however there's no risk of Oshihen-ing for me [hehe]

    After Maya I rushed to Wanchan's lane where we were holding a fan-meeting for Wanchan to discuss various topics, such as P4U etc

    B7 Yamada Juna (1 Ticket)
    Juna's lane started with a super long delay because Mikotti, who was in the same lane in the previous slot, decided to go out to the fans for the farewell WHILE the HS was still going on. Usually I only see that for the last block.
    When Juna finally came I noticed that she had dyed her hair black again, which really suits her a lot. I told her that and then time was up already.

    B7 Inuzuka Asana (7 Tickets)
    Due to the delay in Juna's lane and a pretty crowded one for Wanchan I had to split my tickets 5 - 2 and not smaller, so the time felt much shorter for her than it did for Aiai :(
    For the first round she said that she noticed that I was at the noon-concert (she came quite close to me back then but I don't think she saw me, she rather saw my tweets after the concert). Unfortunately I couldn't go to the evening-concert so I missed her unit-song. Then I told her that I'm also keeping a dog, who I miss a lot during my time here, and she told me she really wants to try keeping a large breed, just like my German Sheppard.
    The final two tickets I used to tell her that this is my last HS with her this year. She doesn't participate in SSK so she is also not in the HS after that. So I just said goodbye and told her I'll continue sending her letters etc.

    I'll try to go to the Zenkoku next month, but other than that I was really my last HS with her, and since I don't know when I can go to Japan next year this might have been very well my last Koubetsu with her ever... Of course I'll stay optimistic ;)
    Wanchan is always super great to talk to, she's great at interacting and remembers everything you tweet to her/about her ;) It's a pity I didn't get more tickets for her, especially for the 8th Block, where she sold out just minutes before I wanted to buy the tickets...

    I still waited until the end of the 8th block for the send-off, unfortunately she didn't come out this time.
    After that I just went back to Nagoya and made a brief stop at ESCA to take pictures of/with the new Wanchan and Aiai-Posters. It's funny how many familiar faces I saw there :lol:

    All in all this event was more chaotic due to all the delays then the one in Nagoya Dome, and what bothered me the most was that there are no seats inside the Hall so either you go outside and do all the security-stuff again of you just stand (I stood), so naturally my feet are dead now. Also I was hoping for Aiai to come to the shop so I could buy some stuff but she didn't go so I also didn't buy anything (her Ticketholder was sold out anyway).
    Still, a really great day, with Aiai being the absolute Highlight and Wanchan close behind.
    Also I noticed that while there are of course super friendly fans both for Wanchan and Aiai, the Japanese Wanchan-fans really feel more welcoming for me, not just this time but in general. But that's maybe just because I know more of them on Twitter
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  18. rka

    rka Future Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 19, 2013
    My Mom's basement
    Matsumoto Chikako

    Apparently, i can make others do all this handshaking for me.

    Maybe you should offer a proxy service for handshakes.
  19. jaylitt

    jaylitt Kenkyuusei

    Sep 7, 2015
    I went to the handshake on April 29. This was a strange handshake for me since I actually had tickets for other members, since I made a pact with @Chrissel and another guy to see their oshis if they would come to see mine.

    I’ll go about my report in chronological order.

    I started off the day at the merchandise area, where I got cock blocked by our friend. We wanted to both see Miyomaru but he talked for so long with her that I was forced to go speak with Morihira Riko (Rikorin), who I know nothing about and had nothing to say to. I think most people in the line wanted to speak to Miyo, since the person in front and behind me all wanted to see Miyo so we couldn’t swap places. Rikorin asked me who my oshimen was, I told her who it was, and then she said some stuff about Maya, and I wished her luck in the future. She left a favourable impression but I was a bit miffed about not being able to speak to Miyo. I’m exaggerating a bit, I wasn’t upset since I got to see her later and I didn’t have anything to tell Miyo anyway.

    Maya slot one (A2)

    Maya’s lane was super long as usual. All members except Tani sold out but clearly some lanes were longer than others, especially those earlier in the day.

    I only had three tickets per slot. This slot I told her I wasn’t able to go to yesterday’s concert but heard great things about her Kareha no Station from people.
    For the second ticket I talked to her about the recent theatre performance I went to.
    For my third ticket I asked her if she knew what her shirt said. (“No Gender”) She said obviously not, and then I told her what it meant and she laughed and said “Well that’s just the type of person I am!”

    Nomura Miyo (Lunch slot)

    Before meeting Miyo I had the usual Maya oshi meeting.

    I went with my friend who had ten tickets while I only had one, so I went first. Right before us was a guy with about thirty tickets, so we got to look at Miyo for a long time. I met Miyo back in January and she recognized me. I told her I came with my friend and she thanked me for coming. I had all my Maya gear on so she pointed at it and held my ticket holder for a moment, telling me having all this stuff with Maya is wrong and I should oshihen to her instead. Time was up so she asked me to come again. I laughed the whole time with her. I really enjoy her arrogance and she’s such a quick thinker and talker in handshakes. I’ve only been to see her about six times but I think she’s the best to go to casually without a plan. She’s funny, witty, and extremely talkative. I’ll go again.

    Maya slots two and three (A3/A4)

    This is where the event went to total chaos. Maya didn’t show up for about thirty minutes. A lot of people just left the queue and I was the fifth person in line when she returned. I heard from fans throughout the day that she was told some harsh things by fans at the end of the first slot regarding the sousenkyo. I have no idea what was said but it seems like she disagreed with the content more than the content being offensive. At any rate, she cried after the first slot, and kept crying so she delayed.

    I was pretty upset at various parties when it happened but now I really don’t know what to think about it, given that I still don’t know any more details about why this happened. During the event I was vacillating from being upset at Maya for not coming out earlier, to being angry at the fans in question who made her cry, to being angry at them for causing the delay and the economic inconvenience for a lot of fans who came from far places. Now that I've calmed down I'm open to the possibility that what was said to her was something that needed to be said. I just don't know so I'll remain annoyed.

    All I can say is that Maya was extremely tired prior to the concert, as she said they had been training for the concert every day for a week before the concert. On the day of the concert she performed Kareha no Station which obviously meant a lot to her to perform (Rena was a member she looked up to and got to know her a bit before she graduated), and she was overcome with emotion that night upon seeing all the penlights go green. Right before this practice she wrote in her blog that she’s been worrying a lot about the Sousenkyo as of late, so I imagine this all contributed to her fatigue.

    Given that I was the fifth person in line when she returned I was in for a big (wet) surprise. Her face was really puffy and it was apparent that she had cried for a long time. I was confused and felt pretty down upon seeing her.

    For my first ticket here she grabbed me as soon as she saw me and said the wait was unforgiveable and that she was very sorry and asked if she made me worried. I said yes but asked if she was better now. She took a massive sniffle and assured me she was okay as she wiped some tears. I wasn’t very reassured to say the least.

    I won’t go into detail for much of the other handshakes since I actually didn’t get to say much that day. Every time I went to see her, Maya grabbed me quickly and just apologized again and again. It seemed like with others (mostly non-oshis) she seemed energetic though. I tried to do my best to distract her and talk about “fun” stuff but the talk always came back to apologies and me trying to cheer her up and giving her advice. She smiled a lot and I believe she was enjoying some of the conversation but I told her she should rest when she's able to, and she agreed.

    Due to the delay she didn’t finish the third slot and she came late to the fourth slot as well. This time she cried due to Rara’s hiatus announcement. Rara is Maya’s closest friend in the group so I expected this, except it was amplified given how emotionally frayed she already was. I always keep a healthy distance at handshakes but during this slot especially Maya was bringing me close and I could feel her fatigue.

    I went together with @Chrissel during this time. He went in front of me, and afterwards Maya asked me how we met. I told her we met online through SKE groups and then met in person. She was genuinely happy to hear this and see that I brought a friend and she thanked me.

    So go to events with your friends and make your oshis meet your friends.

    Inuzuka Asana (B6)

    In return I went to see Asana. The big joke is that her hands are sweaty but I didn’t notice that. She took of one my hands and brought it right next to her face and another body part. This is not what I’m used to and I was taken aback. I told her I’m ()’s friend and she nodded. I told her he’s a very good fan and she immediately said “I knowwwww” and laughed for a long time. I was really confused and time was up so I left. I’m still not sure what to think of that handshake but it managed to make me laugh and forget Maya’s problems for a while. To be honest I can sort of understand why some members run from her, she’s not a bad person at all but she can be… eccentric lol.

    Maya slot four (A5)

    It was announced that due to the delay we could save our tickets for next month’s national handshake where they will be accepted as tickets. I was tempted but since you get less time at national handshakes I chose to use them here.

    Maya looked a lot happier near the end, but she was still apologetic. I could tell that a short break did her some good. She told me she reads my comments on her blog and thanks me for always leaving comments. (She doesn’t know how to read my name so she just calls me “jay”)

    She came out at the end for the farewell. Suwa was there, just like he appeared for other members. He said some nice things about Maya, who was making gestures like she was crying. We all thought she was joking but she actually cried again when Suwa asked us to support her in his absence and lauded her with praise over her growth. Suwa ran near the back to get some tissue for her. Suwa left, and Maya apologized one final time.

    I can say that this was the worst handshake I’ve been to given the delays and emotional tone. However even if I didn’t get to say what I had planned, I found that this gave me a different experience which might be almost as valuable as the normal ones. It’s nice and fun to be with the girls when they are all smiling and doing well, but it’s another to be there in a time of need. It was pretty exhausting and the other fans all seemed to be in the same boat.
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  20. Chrissel

    Chrissel Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    May 23, 2013
    SKE48 Zenkoku Handshake Event in Gaishi-Hall (27th May)

    I planned to go to this event since a while and thus got some tickets together with @jaylitt, and when Wanchan announced her graduation and it was said that this would be her last HS, he was kind enough to give me most of our tickets. So I had 9 in the end, which was still by far not enough but more than I had hoped for.

    We started the day with the Mini-Live. I was lucky and got a seat in the 6th row, in front of me was the handicapped-area, so I had a free look on the stage.
    They performed the new Songs from the single as well as "Yume no Kaidan wo Nobore" where they showed messages with hopes for SSK. Since Wanchan doesn't participate, she just wrote "Thank you for 2792 days", which made me immediately tear up :^^;:
    They also performed Tsuyoki Mono Yo" and "Maenomeri", which are always nice to see.
    My personal highlight was the 4th-Gen-MC though, where they talked a bit about Wanchan, and Mikotti gave her some flowers (both are super close in private).
    (Pics from the concert:

    (Oh, they also announced the title of the SKE-Single, but since it was leaked before it wasn't a big surprise)

    After the concert, we had to leave the venue so they can prepare for the HS. First we had a meeting with the graduation-committee and after that I lined up to get the Wanchan-Badges I wanted. It took me more than one hour to get there so I almost missed the 4th-Gen-Lane with Wanchan, Piyosuu and Yumana. Luckily I made it just in time to use one ticket. Yumana was very friendly, but I didn't have much to tell her. Piyosuu of course recognized me immediately and we talked about the concert for a moment, before I went to Wanchan. We also talked only about the concert/Mini-Live, because I wanted to save the graduation-stuff for her solo-lane.

    Since the Solo-Lane wouldn't start until 3 hours later, I first helped collecting graduation-messages for Wanchan (You can send your messages HERE, DM me if you want a translation) and then got sth to eat. Aiai and other members went to the Shop during that time, but I decided this Event would be 100% about Wanchan.

    As usual, at first we were only allowed to use one ticket at once, so I went 3 times, and told her that I had a wonderful time as Wanchan-Oshi, and that I'll continue to support her also after her graduation. She was in a really good mood today, while we were waiting for the Matome to start she was goofing around, making weird faces or even taking selfies with us in the background.
    For the Matome I had only five tickets left, which was by faaaaaar not enough :^^;: But I could say what I wanted and she thanked me for coming all the way to Japan.

    After that, we prepared for the send-off. The staff was kind enough to allow us to go to the center of the arena since most of the HS had ended, and after a while Wanchan, Yumana, Ryoha, Kaotan, Chikako, Dasu and Jurina came out. Jurina even stopped her lane for that, so sorry to all the Jurina-fans who had to wait ^^.
    At first they had a fence in front of us but they took it away later, and for the photo the members actually took the banner in front of them (must be a nightmare for the OJS-Guys lol).
    Wanchan gave a really nice speech to us fans and the members, and as always laughed about the crying fans [hehe]. All in all it was a super funny and Wanchan-like send-off, nothing too depressing but on the contrary, full of laughter. Maya also came out later to say goodbye to her fans, apparently she didn't see what was happening so she was a bit surprised, but then she also took a picture with Wanchan.

    [mod (different one) edit: it's been 24 hours, and your pic is still over 750x750 so I thumbnailed it for you]

    More pictures/video:

    All in all, it was a wonderful last HS for Wanchan, and I was really happy to meet all the other Wanchan-Oshis again, they are always incredibly friendly

    Mod edit: Great report, but please reduce the size of the photo. Thanks.

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