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Your SKE48 Experiences

Discussion in 'General SKE48 Discussion' started by ithebigc, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Cristafari

    Cristafari Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Sep 10, 2008
    Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki
    SKE48 Ikinari Punch Line Individual Handshake Event at Makuhari Messe (2018/10/06)


    Jurina? Is that you???

    It was nice that there was a six-week separation between SKE's Tokyo handshake dates, as opposed to being back to back like last single. This was originally going to be the only event I would attend, since I wasn't sure if I would be in town for the August event. I ultimately ended up getting a few August tickets for Tani, Kaotan, and Yuzuki. For this event I had tickets for a few more members, although I was kinda disappointed that I didn't have any tickets for Sato Kaho, but that's what happens when you have to apply so far in advance.

    I arrived at Makuhari around noon, since I had strategically planned all my tickets from 12:15 to 4:45 pm. Since I had plenty of time I went to check out some of the special features of this event. The goods booth had a few new items for the 10th Anniversary. There was also a special area with drawings of 'monster versions' of the members, I think made by themselves. I'm not sure what that was about. They had the usual random member costumes on display, plus costumes girls could try on. Today the featured costumes were Koko de Ippatsu, which obviously made me happy. Finally, they had their badminton court set up, although I never saw it being used as long as I was there. Anyway, let's get into the action...

    Pre-lunch Slots (B2/B3)


    Tani Marika (Lane 16) This would be my first of two interactions with Tani, and I was looking forward to talking with her about all the excitement going on in her life right now. Her booth was a bit quiet. In fact, the crowd was kinda sparse throughout the venue. Anyway, I congratulated her, and she responded by thanking me and saying that she would do her best. I told her I had been slightly worried about her. She asked why, but I got pushed out before I could properly respond.


    Obata Yuna (Lane 18) Obata is one of those girls who I really like, but don't spend much time talking to. So I am always a bit nervous about what to say to her. I finally decided to tell her that when I saw Team KII in Nagoya that I loved the way she smiled on stage, and that she makes for a really good center. It was so cute, her smile got increasingly wider as I was making my little speech, and she thanked me at the end.

    I took a break around this time and had lunch. Ya know, this "Jekyll and Hyde" weather can be annoying. It was quite warm today, and I was dressed as if it was not so warm. I wish I had worn shorts and a light T-shirt. When I returned I noticed a huge crowd on the left side of the venue. It turned out Suda Akari came out to promote her photobook, and was joking with the fans. It was odd though, they weren't selling it at the venue. To me this was really a blown opportunity, especially if they wanted to boost the sales. However, I think she had to leave the venue early since she only had two slots originally scheduled (As did Jurina before she went on handshake hiatus)

    Lunch Slot


    23rd Single Outfit, plus Koko de Ippatsu

    Matsumura Kaori (Lane 10) Since Kaotan will be graduating soon, I relish every opportunity to see her. I mentioned that I had seen the Koko de Ippatsu outfits, and admitted that my favorite outfit is Matsumurabu, which I had photographed when it was on display in Akihabara. She seemed surprised by this; "Really, you have a photograph of it?" Yes! My last ticket of the day would be for Kaotan, so I would see her in a little bit.


    Yamauchi Suzuran (Lane 6) This would be my second meeting with Ranran since I saw her perform at Horipro Matsuri. She has long been known as a "fisher," and I got my first up-close example of her tactics. The moment I walked into the booth she grabbed on to my Kaotan ticket holder. She seemed really happy that I was a Kaotan fan. (Ya know, I have some really cool favorite members, as I also get a similar reaction whenever a member finds out I am a Wasamin fan) Anyway, we mainly talked about the beret she was wearing. I have noticed a lot of idols (including Wasamin) have been wearing berets lately, so I told her it was really cute, and noted their popularity among idols. I cute thing was a) the way she pulled me close to her during her interaction, and b) the soft and demure way she was responding to me. I really got how fans would consider her a top member to visit at events.

    I had been looking for @Tuhis all afternoon, and finally ran into him just before the next slots started. He and I have passed each other at events multiple times, but had never stopped and talked with one another ever before today. It was good to spend a few minutes talking about our event experiences, and of course our experiences in Japan. However, he had a lot of tickets since he was also doing make-ups for the cancelled event from last weekend, and I had a potentially long line to deal with, so we parted ways...

    Slots A3/B4


    Hidaka Yuzuki (Lane 12) With Kaotan graduating, it is quite possible that I will upgrade the amount of tickets I get for Yuzuki going forward. But I screwed this visit up royally. Struggling with what to say, I decided to mention that her drawing was the easiest to spot, even from a distance since she used the Chunichi Dragons uniform. She was like "Yeah, I guess that would be easy." Except at some point I must've called her "Mizuki" since she got this dissappointed look and her face and said "But I'm Yuzuki!" Oh shoot, I called her by the wrong name! I think I did that before at least once with another member, but she was the first one to ever call me out on it. Later on some friends tried to make me feel better by saying that they have called members by the wrong name in the past, and have been corrected. But I was bummed out that I had made a slightly bad impression. I need to make it up to her at some point.


    Tani Marika (Lane 16) My second visit with Tani, I told her that I was excited because I originally became her fan by watching her on television. Odekake, AKBingo, Ebishow, and a few others. She said she was going to do her best. I responded in English with "Never Give Up!" It's a phrase I know she is familiar with, and she enthusiastically repeated it back to me.

    Slots A4/B5


    Hirata Shiina (Lane 19) This is one of these tickets I sort of bought on a whim, and when the time came to use it I was like "Why the hell do I have this ticket?" I originally met Shiina at Yokohama Arena when she debuted at the Zenkoku event. She was my favorite of the SKE draftees. But that was around nine months ago. I hadn't had any interaction with her since, and I have no idea what she has been up to. She had a relatively long line, as did a couple of the other draftees. So she must be doing something since she has cultivated a bit of a following. Anyway, when my turn came I reminded her that I met her at Yokohama Arena, and that I was impressed by her. I also told her I liked her drawing, but I got caught between saying cute (kawaii) and cool (kakkoi) so it came out all wrong. She kinda laughed, and said she hoped I come back to see her again, which was very nice. Maybe I will after all.


    Matsumura Kaori (Lane 10) One last visit with Kaotan before I called it a day. I decided to tell her about my trip to Sadogashima last weekend, which was cut short due to the Typhoon. Ever the detective, Kaotan had a ton of questions about my trip. Why did I go? (to see Wasamin) Who did I go with? (members of the fan club) When I told her that Wasamin performed on the ferry boat, she seemed totally shocked. "She sang on the boat? Honto???" Yes, and it was a lot of fun. I told her I would see her soon, and hightailed it out of the venue and back to the train station.

    I'm not sure how I am going to deal with SKE events going forward with Kaotan leaving. I mainly go to these events to see her and Tani. I mean there obviously are a few other SKE48 members I enjoy visiting, but losing Kaotan means losing my #1 motivation for the SKE exclusive events. When they post the schedule for the next single, I will decide what I want to do, but it will probably result in fewer tickets purchased, and I already purchase a small amount.
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  2. Tuhis

    Tuhis Kenkyuusei

    Jan 5, 2008
    Furuhata Nao
    Back home so might as well write my report for the last week.

    9/29: Seishun Girls @ SKE Theatre

    I was lucky enough to get my first outright win, with SKE Mobile. It was not all clear anyway, since it was matinee performance and my plane landed that morning which meant any delays would be critical. Fortunately even with the typhoon coming Finnair got me there on time. Got through immigration swiftly, got my baggage quickly and took the μ-SKY to Nagoya. Dropped off my luggage at my hotel in Sakae and was at the theater with an hour to spare.

    Important things first, as I had a late birthday present for Nao-chan to deliver at the theater. Found someone who understood enough english and my broken japanese to sort out the process for handing in the present and then I got in the line to get my ticket. Once that was sorted out and I had my ticket in hand, I could finally accept as a fact I finally got to see SKE Theatre with my own eyes. (It wasn't KII but I'll take what Ticket Center gives me and be happy about it.) Behind me on line was a dude from Shanghai who seemed curious of a westerner in the theatre. Had a nice chat and then, off to see the show. Got in relatively early, got a seat from about 5th row.

    The member who shined the most was Sugiyama Aika. It seemed to me she was a head above others in performance charisma.

    The stage was great, omiokuri was fun as members didn't expect to see a westerner but took it in stride.

    Then I was off to freshen up at my hotel and up to next thing on my menu:

    9/29: メ〜テレ秋まつり2018 BOMBER-E秋まつりスペシャルLIVE

    This did not go well for me. Typhoon 24 was coming so there was plenty of rain coming down and no, I did not have rain gear except an umbrella which wasn't sufficient. Also, the tickets for the actual performance area had been distributed the same morning about the same time my plane landed so no entry for the actual area at Hisaya Odori park. I did hear them and saw a glimpse of the screen with Nao on it, unfortunately only place I could see even the screen was on an area where you could not stand so I decided I was good. (And needed to go buy at least some rain gear.) Night on an airplane wasn't super restful either.

    9/30: Ikinari Punchline HS at Port Messe

    FU TYPHOON FOR GETTING THIS CANCELLED (It turned out OK in the end anyway.)

    10/4 SKE 10th Anniversary celebration @ SKE Theatre

    I did not win any tickets to the performances, or to the viewing outside. However I wanted to be there and at least buy some of them goods. The goods line also had a display and speakers set up so we could watch the performance while in the slow-ass line. Before I got to the line I suddenly heard a commotion: A WILD JURINA APPEARED. Suddenly cameramen and Jurina go past me at about 1,5 meter distance and yes, she was looking good. After this it was time to go wait in the line and buy stuff.

    10/6 Ikinari Punchline HS at Makuhari Messe

    Now, this was my last Japan trip this year (unless something exciting happens) so I had bought plenty of tickets. I had also to sort out the problem of the tickets to the cancelled event since I wasn't looking forward to sorting out the refund process.

    I had decided to get nicely dressed again and had a fresh suit and tie and accessories too. Only problem was that I showed up at Makuhari the night before at about 21:00, and noticed I had suit, tie, accessories but in the rush I had earlier the day forgotten to pack a dress shirt. GODDAMMIT and a lot of Finnish equivalents for four letter words later I realize it's either back to Nagoya (not an interesting idea) or go check out the Lawson downstairs. Aaaand Lawson is now my favourite konbini for having a shirt of exactly right size in stock, for 2000 yen.

    Then it was the matter of the tickets for 9/30 event. Management had announced those tickets would be usable at 11/4 HS event but that was useless for me, so needed to figure out something. So I went to the information booth and found a very helpful person who unfortunately did not understand english. I was however able to explain in my broken japanese that I am leaving the following morning and not back in Japan in several months. After a bunch of words I did not understand and "please wait a moment" where the staff went away with my tickets, I was given instructions which I understood was "sort it out with a japanese friend who has a japanese bank account." Which was wrong because what it apparently meant was "use what you can today and refund what you cant with a japanese friends". Next thing I know my tickets have dates changed and stamped. THANKS MY FAVOURITE STAFFU-SAN.

    I now had 51 tickets for slots A1-A4 to chat with Nao-chan so I was off.

    IMG_2049 - Copy.JPG

    I can't/won't go in detail of all the things we chatted about (which range from RH results to it being cold in Finland) but maybe the most important piece of news was that her mini-album comes out in the winter. I very much recommend people to go chat with Nao-chan, she sure knows how to make sure fans leave happy. I know I did. Only unfortunate part is that I noiw expect my HS costs to go up now that I am able to sort out 50 tickets worth of discussion for one day.

    Also, did some photo trading and it was nice meeting @Cristafari after being in the same event for probably the fifth time. :D

    After having burned all my tickets, it was time for me to get back to Nagoya with my feet killing me and get ready for my morning flight back home.

    Note: It is amusing how much faster one can burn through tickets in the earlier slots. I burned 19 tickets during A1 in probably about the same time it took me to burn 5 at A3/A4.
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  3. Chrissel

    Chrissel Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    May 23, 2013
    Sugiyama Aika
    Glad to see you liked Aiai's performance ^^
    I wish more people would recognize it tho...
  4. jaylitt

    jaylitt Kenkyuusei

    Sep 7, 2015
    Sugawara Maya
    These illustrations were made by Yokonyan. She frequently makes these kinds of pictures for members on 2janai. They had an exhibition of them in Sunshine Sakae and they took them down on Friday night and moved them to the event the next day.

    10/07 Sentimental Train HS @ Intex Osaka

    I never buy AKB singles apart from Sousenkyo but I found myself going to this event because of the cancelled tickets I had left over from 9/1. Rather than refund them I decided to go to Osaka and congratulate Maya for her inclusion in the AKB single.

    We originally planned to congratulate Maya on 9/30 but it got cancelled due to the typhoon. I wasn't very happy about that but I was sick so on a personal note it wasn't bad. We had less than a week to prepare for the sendoff on 9/30 since the AKB senbatsu was announced on 9/24. The others designed little flags to assemble during the event. The Nagoya events usually have almost all the regulars from Kansai/Tokai present and the high rollers from Tokyo so they're the best time. One of the main community organizers couldn't make the event, so she gave me the supplies to make the flags.

    I met with the other main community organizer and gave him the stuff. He didn't have any tickets so we set up a sweatshop outside the event where we had people make flags during their breaks. I think we had 250 pieces of paper but about 200 sticks, so we made ~200 throughout the day. He went to talk to the staff at the event to confirm if we could have a sendoff for Maya. They said it was okay but that it's ultimately on the member to decide if she wants to step out the lane.

    I had 24 tickets left from the 50+ I had from the first two cancelled slots. My friends asked me if I regretted oshimashi-ing the rest on 9/1 but I didn't feel like I really needed any more, and I enjoyed talking with Yumana last time.

    Slot 1 (9-10:30)

    Since I didn't have tickets for the event that day, I didn't expect to be able to use my tickets for oshimashi or for the lottery bonuses. I wasn't going to oshimashi anyway, but I ended up being able to do the lottery for my first slot where I had 17 tickets. Everyone I lined up with lost their bonuses (40 tickets in total) while I won 6 of my 17.

    I've never been to these AKB events with the bonuses nor have I ever been to a 2shot event, so I was nervous. I decided to take 3 videos and 3 pictures. My friend told me how to fill out the forms they give you but I was still nervous since I hadn't prepared anything and I hadn't seen Maya yet that day. (I usually go with 3 tickets to set up the day and say hi)

    I think the pictures and videos turned out nicely. I got a few remarks/jealous complaints about how comfortable she looks with me during handshakes. I think it's because of how friendly Maya is, she's so warm and approachable.
    Do3nz2PUwAACEdT.jpg Do3nz2KU4AAIEaR.jpg Do3nz2IU8AAno4y.jpg
    Video 1: See the description in my tweet.
    She asked me if I had any request for the other videos but I told her to do as she pleased since I was really unsure how this worked. She just did the stuff I circled on the forms.
    Video 2: Fashion show, matching clothes with Kumachan.
    Video 3: I wanted her to say this for a little motivation to not go to other lanes and for a little laugh.

    Afterwards we had a nice talk. She thanked me for coming to Osaka, I told her it was my first time taking photos and videos, and she told me to print out the photos and frame them. I said yeah, I'll put them next to the pictures of my cats. She doesn't like cats so she made a little face. I told her that incidentally I have a cat named Maya, but there's no relation since I had that cat before I knew about her. She told me it must be destiny and I told her no way, my cat is my cat. She made some fake angry expressions because I wasn't playing along. She then asked me why I named the cat Maya and I just said I like the name and some people are named Maya too in English. She asked me what Maya means in English. I told her that we don't always think about the meanings of names when giving them, and that I don't know what meaning Maya has in English, but that I just like the name. She remarked that Japanese names always have a meaning thanks to the kanji so it was a bit of a foreign concept for her. She was going to ask me if my name has any special meaning but we got cut off.

    Slot 2 (10:30-12:00)

    For the second slot I only had seven tickets. The bonus was a namashashin (photo card) signing, and I only brought one. The lane reception staff changed and the new girl didn't let me do the lottery, saying my redo tickets were only good for handshakes. I was super lucky the previous slot, in that case. I feel like staff are always a mixed bag and you pray to get some who can bend the rules and aren't rigid.

    I went with 3/3/1. The first time I told her that one of my friends from Thailand went the day before in Tokyo. She had a bit of trouble remembering so I said she was a girl and she lit up and said "oh yeah, the one with the short hair, I remember her." She remarked that I'm friends with many of the foreigners she meets and said I'm good at being friends with everyone.

    Next up I told her I'm thinking of involving foreign fans in next year's seitansai project, so I asked her if she had anything she'd like in particular. She just jumped around and acted cute and thanked me and said anything at all is fine.

    For the last ticket I said it was the last one, thanked her for the day, she thanked me back and asked me if I was leaving. I told her I'll stick around for the farewell and told her to look forward to it. She told me thanks for sticking around and said she was really happy to talk with me today.

    Slot 3 (12:00-1:30)

    I chilled with the other fans and we made the flags. They're really easy to make. We had double sided tape that we stuck to the rectangular pieces of paper and then stuck a stick on the tape and rolled it. Here's a close up view of the flag:

    Slot 4 (1:30-3:00)

    We kept making stuff until around 1:50. Me and a few others didn't have any tickets left so I was given a ticket to get past security. Security actually didn't care about tickets today, instead they were strict on you bringing in only one bag into the venue. I was bringing in some of the flags in my bag so I was afraid they'd get squished when I put my other bag inside of it but it was ok.

    We waited until 2:30 to distribute the flags. I had a good bunch in my bag and I distributed them all. I went around asking if people wanted to participate in the sendoff and if they said yes I'd give them a flag. There was a rush near the end of the slot as people from other lanes came and it was honestly quite nice seeing support from other members' fans.

    Maya's lane dragged on so we got moved to the front of the handicapped lane, which was quite spacious. While I was handing flags out staff and security came out to talk to the main community guy I mentioned. They asked us to keep a distance and they called a bunch of security from the venue. When Maya came out they cordoned off the space next the lanes around her by creating a human wall so no one could walk near her, although there was no security in between her and us.

    She was really happy to see our support and asked for a flag. One of the other guys gave her one. (Maybe it was one of the ones I made!) She talked a bit and laughed a bunch with us. But she had a "complaint": this was really nice, so why didn't she get a similar big sendoff after sousenkyo! We all shouted that we didn't have any money left. (Actually organizing this isn't that expensive) She meant it as a joke but of course some people felt some regret at not doing such a sendoff back then. There'll always be next year.

    The staff took a picture and she took a video of us all. She's only posted the picture... really unfortunate it caught my face just as I was about to sneeze.

    I was really happy about how things went that day, especially given my luck with the lottery. I've always wanted a picture together so I'm happy. I'm getting tickets for the next AKB single (only the Osaka date) since Maya's in it and I've already been asked to get a video of her "trying" to speak English.
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  5. jaylitt

    jaylitt Kenkyuusei

    Sep 7, 2015
    Sugawara Maya
    18/10/20 - Ai Fes

    The 7D2 members minus Renahyuu performed for an hour.
    I often look at idol events as a time where I can enjoy myself to the fullest and not worry about anything. After a long week I was looking forward to seeing a performance. Unfortunately this was probably the worst experience I've had as an idol fan. I'm writing this mostly to vent my anger. There won't be much about the members so I'm sorry.

    To begin with I'll start by criticizing the management for their organization of the event. There was a seated area with benches right in front of the stage, however you needed a special ticket to get in. You needed to win this ticket from a raffle, which I believe you could only get by going to the BBQ hosted that day. I guess this was fair but the instructions online were confusing. I didn't want a seat anyway since I came after the BBQ. What I thought was poor though was the placement of tents right in back of the seated zone. There was an area where you could stand in between the seated area and the tents but there was only place for three people back to back. The people sitting on benches in the tents couldn't see anything because of the people standing in front of them. This led to people being cramped in that very small area. I think a lot of problems could have been solved by moving the tents back.


    The organizers wished for people to refrain from reserving places before the live, but this was predictably not respected. A lot of fans got there in the morning and waited countless hours before the live, so they gave up and let people reserve spots. The people I know had reserved an area so we put our stuff there and waited for the live. Right before SKE appeared there was a stampede of people and due to the limited space people just jumped over fans who were sitting down and started to take over space. I was looking over some spots for my friends when they left for the washrooms and some people stepped in and forced their way in front of us. I expected someone to say something but no one around did, so I tried to inform them that we had been waiting for a long time and they were currently stepping over the bags of people who had gone to the washroom.

    In Japan leaving your bags and stuff to reserve a place is very common and I see people respect this all the time, so I expected them to move. They refused to budge and claimed they were they before. They said they'd move when my friends returned, but predictably they didn't. I decided to argue with them some more but it was really pointless, they wouldn't budge and wouldn't apologize or try to compromise. I could still see but that exchange just left me in a bad mood. I went from being in the second row to the fourth.

    I was prepared to forget it all happened and focus on the live. The members wore very cute outfits and I couldn't take my eyes off Maya. Unfortunately my new friends would prove to be very annoying. I really appreciate people who add to the atmosphere with their voices and wave their penlights, however these people were hitting everyone around them. I got some elbows throughout the live and I saw them hit heads in front of them with their penlights. The worst part, however, was their constant shouting at certain members, calling them names and mean things. I heard them call Aiai and Airi fat multiple times during MCs when everyone was quiet, and others told me they overheard them shouting things about other members too. I would have loved to tell a staff or security but none were around and it's hard to leave and talk to one mid-concert.

    Anyway, enough of the rant. I have little to say about the members unfortunately. I thought Kano's performance was great and Yunana's stage presence was amazing. You can really feel a center aura from her now. I mostly looked at Maya and she was really trying hard today. She was trying very hard to appeal to everyone possible during the breaks. Just seeing her try her hardest made me happy. It was my first time seeing Maya be the center for Mae Nomeri, so that was really good too. I think everyone in 7D2 did well, and it didn't feel like much time was wasted.

    On a positive note, I brought a friend who hadn't ever gone to a 48g event but has followed the groups for 10 or so years. He really enjoyed it since he had someone next to him talk to him and it turned out they both oshi'd the same person years ago. He's always been nervous about going to events but he wants to go to more now, and he hit it off with some other fans, so it's reassuring to know that good things happened. He praised Maya a lot during the performance, and he liked Airi's MC.

    So I guess this is a remember that awful people exist everywhere. I just wish I could have ignored them better and gotten over it, because I honestly felt empty for most of the live and it felt wasted.
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  6. hermionepj1

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    Jan 20, 2016
    Sashihara Rino
    aren't there only 5 second draft members?
  7. jaylitt

    jaylitt Kenkyuusei

    Sep 7, 2015
    Sugawara Maya
    Yup. 7D2 is the term used to refer to the 7th gen + the second draft members (D2). They debuted more or less at the same time so they feel like they are part of the same gen.
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  8. Cristafari

    Cristafari Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Sep 10, 2008
    Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki
    SKE48 'Ikinari Punch Line' National Handshake Event at Makuhari Messe (2018/11/03)

    A few days ago I was contemplating what to do over the weekend. Wasamin technically has the weekend off, from seeing fans at least. I really haven't been seeing any indie idols lately either. I decided to check the 48-group schedule to see if there were any Zenkoku events coming up. Lo and behold, SKE would be in Tokyo this weekend. Moreover, Souda Serina would have a special lane to do make-up handshakes...

    Back in July of 2017 I had my first ever ticket to meet Souda at an Igai ni Mango event, but she went out ill and missed the entire day. Since then I had been wondering if they were ever going to offer a make-up for that day. I mean I combed the entire SKE news feed and never saw any mention of it, aside from one random entry late last year saying it was undecided. But FINALLY I was going to be able to use the ticket that has been sitting in my ticket holder for over 18 months! Now what would I talk with her about, since my reason for getting the ticket in the first place was ancient "news"

    I didn't have any tickets for the event, but they said they would be selling tickets on site. Also, Tani wasn't participating. I decided to purchase two tickets, with a plan to use one on Kaotan and one on Hidaka Yuzuki, who I embarrassingly called by the wrong name last month at the individual event.

    Three MVPs for me today; Hidaka Yuzuki, Obata Yuna, and of course Kaotan

    At SKE's Zenkoku events they work in slots, which have staggered time schedules. The members also change lane-partners throughout the day. Checking the schedule, I liked who both Kaotan and Yuzuki were paired with early. So it was merely a question of whether I would have time to visit both of those early lanes, plus Serina. Actually, Yuzuki and Kaotan were in a lane together for the evening session, but there was no way I was going to wait for that. I arrived at Makuhari an hour before the event, purchased two CDs (Types B and D) and had my two tickets...


    I chose B and D because I wanted the songs from Team KII, and the unit Tani centered. For bonus photos I got Takeuchi Saki and Sugawara Maya. Not my top choices, but whatever. I drew a middle section ticket, which was already pretty full. I decided to hang out close to the back so I wouldn't be far from the railing if the girls walked the venue. However, they decided to open up a second entrance right where I was standing, and a deluge of people began flooding in, so I moved a bit closer to the center of the section...

    BTW, and this is a bit off-topic, but I was half-paying attention to the music they were playing on the P.A. until one song came on I particularly liked. I was pretty sure I knew the artist since I recognized her voice, but I decided to Shazam it anyway. Sure enough, Taylor Swift, and the song was 22. It's funny, every once in a while when I am forced to listen to American pop I will run across a song I like, and quite often it ends up being Taylor Swift. So I guess I am a fan of sorts. Who knew? Anyway, it was 12pm and time for the show. Kumazaki Haruka did the Kage-ana and screwed it up royally, which resulted in a giggle fit among a few members back stage. Then the lights dimmed, and the overture started. Here's the setlist...


    1. Ikinari Punch Line
    MC: Welcome and Intro
    2. Parting Shot (Team S)
    3. Dareka no Mimi (Team KII)
    4. Kimi wa Ramune (Team E)
    5. Kimi wa Pegasus (11-gatsu Senbatsu)
    MC: November Birthday Girls
    6. Hana no Kaori no Sympathy (For You Senbatsu)
    MC: New Single Senbatsu announcement
    7. Akushu no Ai

    Ikinari Punch Line

    It was too bad we didn't get to see/hear the B-Laviere senbatsu song, which Tani centers. But without her there, there's really no point. After listening to the three team songs, I decided I liked Team S' song the most, and I confirmed that I don't care for Kimi wa Ramune at all, LOL. Obviously the most interesting MC was the one that introduced the new single senbatsu. To be honest, I was hoping that Kaotan would somehow make it in since this could be her last SKE single. In fact after the video Yuzuki brought up the question of a graduation song for Kaotan. Yuzuki also seemed not to notice the announcement of the song title (Stand By You) as she began wondering what the song would be called....after it was announced, LOL. Also, and I felt kinda bad about this, but it seemed like the announcement of Jurina centering the song was a bit of a letdown to the fans. I mean everyone was cheering throughout the announcement, especially when they announced Arai Yuki's name. However, when they announced Jurina you kinda heard the audience begin murmuring before they started obligatorily clapping. The show ended, and we had an hour break before the handshake event began.

    Arai reacting the announcement

    I arrived back in the venue a few minutes before the event re-started. I noticed Souda's make-up line had hardly anyone in it, so instead I decided to prequeue for my first Zenkoku ticket. It was one of the longest lines in the venue too...


    (Lane 3) Machi Otoha, Obata Yuna, Hidaka Yuzuki: With Kaotan's graduation looming, I resolved to see Yuzuki more often since she is the one SKE member not named Kaotan or Tani who I really connect with. Plus, Obata was in this lane, who I think is adorable. I snaked through the line, getting the occasional glance at Churi who was in the neighboring lane. Finally it was my turn. As this was a National event, the interactions were quick.

    Machi: (English) Hello! Hello! Me: Yes, hello! (we both laugh)
    Obata: (look of familiarity since I saw her a couple weeks ago) Hey, it's you again! Me: Yes, and there's that beautiful smile!
    Hidaka: Hisashiburi! Me: I'm sorry I called you by the wrong name last month. Hidaka: Huh? Ohh, hahaha! (She smiled and waved to me)

    Otoha Machi


    I really wanted to apologize to Yuzuki for that gaffe a couple weeks ago where I accidentally called her "Mizuki" (Had Yamauchi Mizuki on my mind I guess) although I'm sure she had forgotten about it until I brought it up. It made me feel better to see her take it so lightly. The fact that Obata is beginning to recognize me is awesome. I will have to get more tickets for her. Machi was cool too,so a successful lane!

    (Lane 12) Souda Serina: At this point the queue in Souda's 'Special Lane' had grown slightly, but it still wasn't a long line. As I mentioned, I originally bought this ticket on the heels of seeing her at a theater show, where she tried to fish me. Now 18-months later that interaction is a distant memory. But I had this ticket for so long, I was going to use it dammit! Eventually my turn came...

    Me: I saw Team KII for the first time in the theater in April of last year, and I wanted to meet you. So I bought this ticket. It has been a long time.
    Souda: (puts her hand up to her mouth) Oh, Gomen Gomen Gomen!!!!!!!
    Me: Daijoubu! (As I smiled and waved as I got pushed out)

    That works, it was pretty much what I wanted to tell her from the start. And using that ticket felt like such an accomplishment!

    Souda congratulating Arai Yuki

    (Lane 7) Nojima Kano, Nishi Marina, Matsumura Kaori: My last ticket, and the handshake event had only been open for 25 minutes. I felt a bit sheepish about having only one ticket for Kaotan, but I am just over the practice of buying stacks of tickets. A small amount is enough for me. There was a medium-sized queue, and this was one of the lanes that started 30-minutes later. So I pretty much planned my tickets perfectly. Eventually the line started moving. Frankly, the guards were slightly pushy in this lane, so I had to be quick...

    Nojima: (English) Hello! Me: Hello. Nojima: Where are you from? Me: I'm an American, but I live in Ita....(As I get pushed to the next member)
    Nishi: (She's smiling) Me: I met you before, it was your first handshake event! Nishi: Ehhh? Me: It was, ummm.....(get pushed to Kaotan)
    Kaotan: Me: Hello Kaori-chan. Kaotan: How many tickets do you have today? Me: This is my only ticket. (I lied) Kaotan: Ehhh, (makes crying gesture) Matta ne.

    Kano-chan looks so much different from when she first joined the group!

    By the way, Nojima Kano is awesome. I really liked interacting with her. I can't remember if I ever did a handshake with her before. I may have. I will have to check my old posts. But it would have been when she was brand new.

    But that was it, I had used all of my tickets, and it was only 2:40. Except I now felt really bad that I had somehow disappointed Kaotan. I couldn't just leave her like that, with the faux-crying pose. I thought about it for a few moments. Oh, what the heck, there was still plenty of time in the slot. I went back upstairs and purchased one more CD, this time I got Type-A, and I got a Jurina bonus pic. I pulled out the ticket, and went back into the venue to queue up, running into a couple Wasafans along the way.


    (Lane 7) Nojima Kano, Nishi Marina, Matsumura Kaori: I was ready to make three idols happy by looping their line. Originally I thought if I had a third ticket I would use it on Dasu, or Sato Kaho, but this was for the best. Kaotan is always so sweet to me....

    Nojima: (Smiling) Konnichiwa! Me: I am from America but I have lived in Tokyo for three years. Nojima: Ehhh? Me: I have been to the SKE48 Theater three times. I have also met her before (pointing to Nishi)
    Nishi: Me: It was Yokohama Arena where I met you. I met all of the 3rd gen draftees. Nishi: Ahh, Naruhodo.
    Kaotan: Me: I bought one more CD! I wanted to see you again. Kaotan: Good, because I am here until 7pm! Me: See you soon!

    Now I felt a bit better. I don't like making girls cry, especially Kaotan. But that was really it. No more additional purchases. I was done for the day. I headed to the exit before seeing my friend Boma hanging out near the display costumes. He was spending the day trying get into the special Jurina talk show that was going on. Apparently there were four events, but they had limited space, so you had to win your way in via lottery. I hope he got into one, since he missed out on the first two.

    The display costumes for the day. Ikinari Punch Line, and something from SKE's countdown concert?

    So at this point it is a matter of waiting for the announcement of the Mu-mo sale for SKE48's next single. I have no idea if Kaotan will be included, but I have a feeling she will be. But as I said, I am planning on getting more tickets for Yuzuki, and I will likely get tickets for Obata and Kaho. And then there's Nojima. She was really cool to me today. I think I may consider her for a ticket too. We'll see.
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  9. jaylitt

    jaylitt Kenkyuusei

    Sep 7, 2015
    Sugawara Maya
    SKE48 Ikinari Punchline Event @ Fukiage Hall

    I went to the handshake event on November 5. It was a redo of the handshake on September 30.
    While I was initially not happy about the rescheduling it worked out well for me. The event was in Fukiage Hall near Tsurumai and I enjoyed going there much more than the usual slog to Port Messe, which is in the middle of nowhere and takes forever to get to. Fans were worried about the size of the venue, but given that it was a redo the amount of people present was diminished, despite the fact that it was a Nagoya handshake where the majority of slots were sold out.

    However as always I'll find something to complain about: the handshake pushers. I've never seen a more relentless and "dedicated" bunch of pushers. Even if there was no one in sight behind you they would shove you out 8 seconds into your ticket. Usually even after time is up you can talk to the member while picking your bag up but they would walk up to you and try to block vision of the member. It's unlikely that all lanes were like this but it was the same in the four I went to, and everyone I talked to complained about the pushers.
    So let's get down to my little adventure:

    Noon slot

    I had a single ticket for Nacky during the noon slot to get me oiled up for the event. I was actually quite nervous so it helped a lot to have one practice ticket. She saw me and thanked me for coming after such a long time, and I congratulated her for staying in the senbatsu.



    I decided to go see Ouchan first. I bought some tickets for her since she was supposed to cosplay an Earth Federation officer from Gundam on 9/30, but she didn't cosplay that day. I was disappointed, but I congratulated her on staying in senbatsu. She told me some stuff about how the single was great and she liked the song and to buy the single many times. Ok.

    Next up I went to see Kuma. I was in a bit of a withdrawal and she made a nice reaction when she saw me. She was too cute so I struggled to tell her congrats for the single. She thanked me and told me to keep coming to see her. She's super active and really likes hand contact and high-fives. Her grip is really strong too.

    Next I went to see Maya. I didn't get a chance to say anything as she noticed my green hoodie I bought a few days earlier. She asked me if I wore it on purpose for her, and I said of course. I even brought a green scarf but it was too hot. She was wearing a coat so I asked if she was ok, but the shove came and I really wasn't expecting the force and almost crashed into the side. How embarrassing.

    Next up I congratulated her for the single and told her I was really happy she stayed in. She told me that she really likes the song and the music video, so she hopes I like it too.

    After I told her I would be leaving Japan next spring. (I wanted to warn her in advance) She was sad and starting firing words at rapid speed but I told her I'd still come for handshake trips. As I got shoved out she yelled "don't forget me!"


    Now we get to the part where it all fell apart. For whatever reason the management put Nacky's lane right next to Maya's, so I had to walk in straight vision of both of them when I went to their lanes. Bad RNG.

    First though I went to see Kuma again and told her that I'd like to see her have more work with Maya. Kuma was really happy to hear that as they are both trying to appeal for the work. She thanked me for supporting her and Maya and grabbed my other hand and pulled me in and asked me to continue to see her. Woof. Yeah don't worry about that, I got you covered.

    I went to see Nacky next and I told her that I'd like to see her to do more stuff with Maya. She laughed and said that Maya's really been pushing for that recently. Since I'm still new with Nacky I told her some various things that I liked about her mail and blogs.

    However I was seen by Maya on one of my visits to Nacky. There was no one in her lane and she looked up and was about to talk to me but she noticed something was wrong. She blinked since obviously she wasn't seeing properly but I didn't appear in her lane. She was in complete shock, mouth wide open, and pouted. It actually made me chuckle a bit and I just mouthed sorry and bowed my head. Nacky saw this and she was laughing like a maniac. I told her that Maya was pretty angry and she told me to be careful.

    I ran over to Maya and she pulled me so hard to her. "Why. did. you. do. that." she muttered with a piercing stare without a trace of any humour. I couldn't try and explain myself away so I just apologized. "I guess you're one of those after all" she said while shaking her head. I told her that she's correct since I went to see Kuma too earlier. She clenched her teeth and told me that she already knew. (How!?)

    The next time I went with some friends who wanted to see her reaction. I talked to her about something I forgot but she was cheerful(looking).



    After the break I went to see Nacky again. I asked her several things about literature since she studied it in university and I wanted suggestions. I finished reading a manga that she suggested (親愛なるA嬢) and I really enjoyed it. I asked her for her favourite author and she said it's Shibamura Jin. I may pick up a book of hers.

    However Maya was on the hunt and she made sure to witness me every time I went next door. My sick twisted head thought it was funny and so did Nacky so we laughed about it. I was like a police officer in training who swallows up all the copaganda at the academy and trips on the rush they feel when they point a gun at someone. I couldn't stop myself from wanting to see Maya's reactions.

    Maya poked her head in when no one was at her lane. She asked me what the hell I was doing. Nacky laughed like crazy and played with my hands and I told Maya to chill (I have more tickets for you, relax). Nacky told me I really shouldn't have worn all this green since I stick out so much. She asked me if Maya was really angry and I said yeah, so she asked me if I was done seeing her, to which I laughed and said no way.

    When I went to see Maya again she gave me the glare again before smiling a lot. I quickly moved on to another topic. I told her about my friend's thoughts on her performance at Ai Festival and I told her he's coming next single. She was really happy to hear that and looks forward to meeting him.

    With my last ticket she was all smiles but at the very end she told me "I'll do my best so you don't cheat on me again" and said it with that infamous serious face. Right after saying it she switched back into happy mode and said she was waiting for me next time like always.


    If Maya's goal was to make me feel bad with that last statement she certainly succeeded, but I really don't regret going to see other members. 自業自得 as they say. I think it's important in maintaining my interest in the group. It was definitely a shake-up from normal and entertaining, but I do worry a bit, although everyone I went with said she looked fine when we were talking. It's actually a privilege to get to witness Maya's super serious face - she reserves it only for critical situations.

    As for Nacky I really enjoyed talking with her again. While she's very relaxed and gives off the appearance of being reserved she's actually quite the troll. She really likes joking but she's also incredibly quick to answer a question. She's very articulate and I find it charming how she forms sentences and bombards me with difficult vocabulary, it's a nice challenge. I'll tone down the number of tickets though - I actually had more for her than Maya. A cardinal sin indeed.

    As a side note, a friend of mine lives nearby and I invited him over. He got in without a ticket and he was able to see what a handshake venue is like. He said it was exciting to just be there and see what fans do. I brought him along to drink with the Maya fans later and he promised to buy 20 tickets for his first time next single so I'll hold him to that.
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