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The AKB48 Group Draft Kaigi (AKB48グループ ドラフト会議, AKB48 Group Draft Meeting) is an AKB48 event.

The meeting is a public audition, instead of the usual auditions for AKB48 Group Kenkyuusei, but instead of becoming one of them, they get picked by Team Captains to become "Draft Members" for that specific team. The draft members will perform with the team they have been picked to join, and will be separate from Kenkyuusei. On 2013 the members became regular members after being picked on the Draft. This changed in 2015, with the members becoming Kenkyuusei bound to a specific team after being picked.

The draft members don't have a choice of what group or team they will join, since they are chosen by that respective team captain. They can either accept that offer or decline it. If the member have multiple nominations, her team will be decided through lottery.

The whole purpose of the meeting is for the teams to find new talent that are missing from their current team.