AKB48 Studio Recordings Collection

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Studio Recordings Collection Promo

The AKB48 Studio Recordings Collection are a mass release of AKB48 stages A1st-A6th, K1st-K6th, B1st-B5th, Himawarigumi1st, Himawarigumi2nd and 41st. The stages are remastered stages, and were all released on January 1, 2013 (except for Team 4 - postponed until January 22, 2013). The Studio Recordings Collection re-sold previously sold stages, but also included never before released stages. These stages were A4, K4, B3, Himawarigumi1st & Himawarigumi 2nd. The collection also included karaoke versions of all stage songs. All the stages were sold separately.

Team A
Team K
Team B
Team 4