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Danceable! is a special NMB48 unit. Their first song was released on NMB48's 21st single, Bokou e Kaere!. They used to upload dance covers on the official NMB48 Channel, until they opened their own YouTube channel, Danceable! official.


Ishida Yuumi

Kato Yuuka

Kojima Karin

Kawakami Chihiro

Former Members

Azuma Yuki

Kawano Nanaho


# Song Single/Album
01 Yasashisa no Inazuma Bokou e Kaere!


On NMB48's Official Youtube Channel

List of videos by Danceable! posted on NMB48's Official Youtube Channel

Danceable! Official Channel

List of videos posted on their own channel


  • The 8th part of the Danceable! video series posted on the official NMB48 channel is a Behind The Scenes footage video and not a dance cover.
  • The 1st video posted on their own channel is an introduction video.