Hashimoto Nanami

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Hashimoto Nanami
Hashimoto Nanami (2016 - Hadashi de Summer)
Kanji 橋本奈々未
Kana はしもと ななみ
Romaji Hashimoto Nanami
Nickname Nanamin (ななみん)
Birth Info
Birthdate February 20, 1993  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan
Blood type B
Current Age 31 Years Old
Height 163cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks **
Idol Career Info
Former Group Nogizaka46
Former Team 1st Generation
Debuted June 2011 / 1st Generation
Graduated February 2017

Hashimoto Nanami was a member of Nogizaka46's 1st Generation. She is now retired from the entertainment industry.


  • Lightstick colors: Green and Green
  • Audition song: Tsubasa (Under Graph)
  • Hobbies: Reading, watching basketball matches, taking a stroll
  • Special skills: Sensitive nose, kendama, whistling
  • Favorite food: Seafood, ramen, fruits and raw meat (especially liver meat)
  • Favorite books: Norwegian Wood by Murakami Haruki
  • Favorite colors: Khaki, Navy
  • Favorite artists: Rock artists e.g. Maximum the Hormone, Kyuso Nekokami
  • Favorite member: Fukagawa Mai
  • She has a younger brother.
    • She originally applied to Nogizaka46 for financial reasons. Her family's economic situation was poor, and their water and gas would be shut off when they missed utility payments. She wanted to earn money to pay for her brother’s private school tuition.
      • When she graduated, she revealed that her younger brother's tuition had been waved, and her mother had encouraged her: "Please don't push yourself too hard, and do what you want to do."
  • One of her relatives is manga artist Shiina Karuho, who wrote "Kimi ni Todoke".
  • She held the best test results for a national mock exam during her 4th grade year. Her lowest test score ever was 90%.
  • She likes history and often bought history books to read when she was young.
  • She loves art and is known for her unique artistic style.
    • She studied spacial and interior design at Musashino Art University, one of Japan's top arts universities, however she decided to drop out in 2014 due to overload of work.
    • She has experience using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • She shares the same birthdate as Ito Marika.
  • Her closest friends in Nogizaka46 were Wakatsuki Yumi, Fukagawa Mai and Matsumura Sayuri, though her circle of friends is large, ranging from young and old.
    • She, Matsumura Sayuri, and Shiraishi Mai were often called Gosanke. All three members were born in 1992 and were leading members at Nogizaka's debut.
  • She has mysophobia, a fear of dirt or contamination.
  • She prefers men with shorter hair.
  • She directed her own bonus video for the Seifuku no Mannequin single.
  • She loves spicy food and even carries small containers of spicy sauces to add to her meals when traveling.
  • It was revealed on Nogizakatte, Doko? that she has a very sensitive nose and is able to identify things (such as which member wore which clothing) by their smell.
  • She was praised for her portrayal of Sakae in 16nin no Principal II.
  • She participated in the Japan Expo in Paris on July 4, 2014, with Ikoma Rina, Fukagawa Mai, Akimoto Manatsu, Matsumura Sayuri, Sakurai Reika, Wakatsuki Yumi and Nishino Nanase.
  • She was one of only two members (along with Shiraishi Mai) to have been Fukujin through Nogizaka46's first 16 singles.
  • She was a "CanCam" exclusive model until her graduation.
  • She graduated on her 24th birthday, the first day of Nogizaka46 5th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE, February 20, 2017. (Announcement: October 19, 2016)
  • She retired from the entertainment industry after graduation.
    • Her final activity was a broadcast of "GIRLS LOCK!" radio show, with her final phrase being "Shitakke (したっけー)" or "Goodbye" in Hokkaido dialect.

Singles Participation

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Media Appearances


  • Bad Boys J (2013)
  • Summer Nude (2013)
  • Love Theory (LOVE理論) (2013)
  • Hatsumori Bemars (2015)


  • Bad Boys J The Movie (2013)
  • Chounouryoku Kenkyubu no 3 Nin (超能力研究部の3人) (2014)


  • GIRLS LOCKS! (SCHOOL OF LOCK!) (2015 - 2017) - Main Personality

Music Videos


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