Hayakawa Maiko

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Hayakawa Maiko (早川麻依子)
Hayakawa Maiko
Birth Info
Birthdate *
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Japan
Current Age *
Professional Info
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Staff Career Info
Group NGT48
Task Theater Manager

Hayakawa Maiko was the NGT48 Theater Manager.


  • She replaced the position of Imamura Etsuro as the NGT48 Theater Manager on January 14, 2019 after a few days ago, one of the fans make petition in order to change NGT48 Theater Manager. The petition was successfully signed by around fifty thousand fans
  • In carrying out her duties, she was assisted by Okada Tsuyoshi as NGT48 Vice Theater Manager.
  • On March 31, 2020 she resigned as NGT48 Theater Manager.