Hayakawa Sayo

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Hayakawa Sayo
Hayakawa Sayo (2011)
Kanji 早川沙世
Kana はやかわ さよ
Romaji Hayakawa Sayo
Nickname **
Birth Info
Birthdate May 23, 1983  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Fukuoka, Japan
Blood type AB
Current Age 38 Years Old
Height 168cm  
B 85cm 
W 55cm 
H 83cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Ameblo / Instagram
Idol Career Info
Former Group SDN48
Former Team 3rd Generation
Debuted May 2011 / 3rd Generation
Graduated July 2011

Hayakawa Sayo was a member of SDN48's 3rd Generation.


  • Prior to joining SDN48, she worked at a cabaret club (hostess club), and at one point was ranked #1 in a cabaret club nationwide ranking.
  • She participated in SDN48's theater shows only as a MC.
  • She was an exclusive model of Koakuma Ageha, a gyaru magazine.
  • She is a single mother of two children.

Team History

SDN48 3rd Generation → Graduation
Joined SDN48 as a 3rd Generation member on May 27, 2011
Graduated on July 28, 2011