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Creating a account

To create a account, send a PM on Stage48 to forum user (kk127 or Mr Waffle) with your e-mail and username. You will receive a temporary password on your e-mail and will be able to log in the Wiki and chose your own password. After doing this, you can easily start to edit.

However, due to inactivity of these users, it is recommended that you post your suggested edits on the Stage48 topic page instead.


How to edit

We have a guide on Wiki48 and on Stage48 on how to edit. If you have any doubts, you can post a message on the Wiki48 topic on Stage48.

What to edit

Pages that need to be created

  • Soloists (albums, singles, songs pages not yet created)
  • Media Appearances (pages for TV shows, dramas...)

Pages that need to be updated

  • Concert pages
  • All members: New Infobox, History, Concerts, Media Appearances, Trivia sections
  • International sister groups: Spell-checking, more member info (for members other than JKT's, generally)
  • Songs: Uniformise romaji spelling (Hepburn with capital letters)
  • Category:Update - Category with whole pages that need to be updated


If you have any suggestions, criticisms or opinions, leave a message on this topic on Stage48. You don't need an account on Wiki48 to post.