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Suzuki Mariya in Aidokore)
Nakatsuka Tomomi in Aidokore

Aidoru Korekushon (アイドルコレクション) or Idol Collections was a weekly radio/internet show that broadcast every sunday at 15:00 - 16:00 hrs. (Japan time) in RainbowTown FM (79.2 MHz). It started as a replacement of Aigaku (Radio) featuring DRESSCODE agency members at that time, (Suzuki Mariya, Nakatsuka Tomomi and Kohara Haruka as well as guests. It could also be "watched" and listened in its "studio audio" version in internet (only in real time).


Name: Idol Collections
First Aired: 2011.07.03
Last Aired: ---.
Start: 15:00 (Japan time)
End: 16:00 (Japan time)

Regular members

Featured members (by date)