Kamijima Kaede

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Kamijima Kaede
Kamijima Kaede (2019)
Kanji 上島楓
Kana かみじま かえで
Romaji Kamijima Kaede
Nickname Kaede (かえで)
Birth Info
Birthdate August 22, 2001  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Aichi, Japan
Blood type B
Current Age 22 Years Old
Height 147cm
Professional Info
Agency WACK, Inc.
Social Networks Twitter
Idol Career Info
Former Group HKT48
Former Team Team H
Debuted November 2018 / 5th Generation
Graduated January 2022

Kamijima Kaede was a member of HKT48's Team H. She is now a member of ASP under the name CCCCCC (チッチチチーチーチー: Chicchichichiichiichii).


秋の植物と言えば? (かえで!) かえでの花言葉は大切な思い出。あなたとの大切な思い出を作りたい、高校2年生 17歳のかえでこと上島楓です。よろしくお願いします。
aki no shokubutsu to ieba? (kaede!) kaede no hanakotoba ha taisetsu no omoidade. anata to no taisetsu na omoide wo tsukuritai, koukou ninensei, juunanasai no kaede koto kamijima kaede desu. yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
(Talking about fall plants, you think of? (maple!) The meaning of maple is "precious memories". I want to create precious memories with you, 2nd year of high school, 22 years old, I'm Kamijima Kaede also known as Kaede. Please treat me well.


  • Hobbies: Going to onsen (hot springs), appreciating music, watching comedy shows
  • Special skills: Baton twirling, very detailed imitations of members
  • Charm point: Dimples
  • She is left-handed.



  • On November 26, was revealed as a 5th Generation member in HKT48's theater.



  • On March 31, it was announced she would be promoted to Team H.
  • On April 9th, became an official member of Team H.
  • On November 6th, announced her graduation.


  • On January 7th, held her final theater performance.
  • On January 9th, had her final activity.
  • From March 20th to 26th, auditioned for WACK under the name Ayuna C.
  • On March 26th, joined the WACK group ASP.

Team History

HKT48 KenkyuuseiTeam H → Graduation
Joined HKT48 as a Kenkyuusei on November 26, 2018
Promoted to Team H on April 9, 2021
Graduated from HKT48's Team H on January 9, 2022 (Announcement: November 6, 2021 | Final theater performance: January 7, 2022)

Singles Participation

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Albums Participation

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Stage Units

RS3 Revival (Nounai Paradise)
Nakinagara Hohoende


Kamijima Kaede (Christmas 2018)
Kamijima Kaede (2018)