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MNL48 Presents is a web show by MNL48. It is produced by ABS-CBN TV Production Digital Group (TVDG). The aim of the show is to produce short films. The cast members are chosen through the Kumu app over a 2 week voting period.

Episode Guide

Ep. Synopsis Participating Members Chosen Members Voting Period Release date
1 – 2020 Vision Two friends, Sandy and Erika, meet for Valentine's Day: one no longer believes in love, the other believes she must not be alone for Valentine's. Together they experience a day that will change their views on love, even for a short period of time. Erika is a hopeless romantic who believes in love and gives her all for love. Meanwhile her friend Sandy is frank and realistic and believes that "Valentine's Day is a social construct." She thinks rather than lets her emotions get the better of her. Marsela Mari Guia, Ericka Joyce Sibug, Shekinah Arzaga, Gabrielle Skribikin, Aubrey Binuya, Ella Mae Amat, Coleen Trinidad, Francinne Rifol, Guinevere Faith Muse, Abelaine Trinidad, Aubrey Ysabelle Delos Reyes Marsela Mari Guia as Erika, Ericka Joyce Sibug as Sandy, Shekinah Arzaga as Stella February 10~21 March 11, 2020
2 – Chain A student has gone missing... and a chain message has been spreading since her disappearance. Jennifer Nandy Villaruel, Daryll Matalino, Dian Marie Mercado, Maria Jamie Beatrice Alberto, Ruther Marie Lingat, Guinevere Faith Muse, Jemimah Caldejon, Mary Grace Buenaventura, Ella Mae Amat, Mariz Iyog Daryll Matalino as Jane, Jennifer Nandy Villaruel as Alex, Maria Jamie Beatrice Alberto as Tina March 4~20 June 25, 2020 - July 16, 2020
3 – Bye, Us Jackie gets her feelings all mixed up as her best friend Portia moves to Japan. She gets even more confused as she sorts her thoughts and realizes that Portia might mean a lot more than just a dear friend. Jemimah Caldejon, Dana Leanne Brual, Ella Mae Amat, Guinevere Faith Muse, Francese Therese Pinlac, Kyla Angelica Marie De Catalina, Nicelle Joy Bozon, Ashley Nicole Somera, Klaire Presno, Princess Rius Briquillo Jemimah Caldejon as Jackie, Dana Leanne Brual as Portia, Ella Mae Amat as Jules, Guinevere Faith Muse as Mara July 1~10 August 28, 2020 - September 5, 2020
4 – Pranks Not Dead In a tell-all interview with a student reporter, she revealed the reasons behind the tormenting pranks on the "Campus Cuties", a group of popular girls at her school who have been the bane of the students for a very long time. Alice Margarita De Leon, Amanda Isidto, Coleen Trinidad, Cristine Jan Elaurza, Dana Yzabel Divinagracia, Dian Marie Mercado, Gabrielle Skribikin, Mariz Iyog, Sandee Garcia Cristine Jan Elaurza as Cassie, Sandee Garcia as Pam, Coleen Trinidad as Rachel, Dian Marie Mercado as Becky, Alice Margarita De Leon as Glen September 7~19 November 3, 2020


  • The second MNL48 Presents was originally a story called I-DOL but was replaced by Chain due to the production restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.