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Location Flag of Japan.png Tokyo, Japan
Activity Period 2010
Former Agency **
Former Label Victor Entertaiment
Debut Single Shinkokyuu
Former Producer Akimoto Yasushi
Former Official Site shinkokyu-club.com/OJS48
OJS48 (2010)

OJS48 (short for Ojisan48) was an all-male Japanese Group produced by Akimoto Yasushi. All the members were former Osaka police officers and detectives, with an average age of 61 years old. The 1st single of the group, Shinkokyuu, was released on October 13, 2010, but after selling only 873 copies in its 1st week, the group was disbanded.


  • The group was formed by 16 police officers from the Osaka area, including former detectives. The average age was 61 years old.
  • The group name comes from the Japanese word ojisan, meaning “uncle” or "middle-aged gentleman”.
  • The group was as part of Shinkokyuu Club (深呼吸倶楽部), a club established with the intention of supporting the leisure time of adults through various leisure activities and events. Shinkokyuu Club was operated by Kyoraku Sangyo Co., Ltd. and managed by Crossgate Co., Ltd.
  • After their disbandment, some members began to work as security guards for AKB48 Group events based in Japan, such as handshake events and concerts.

Former Members

  • Nakatani Mitsuo (中谷満男) (Leader) - Former Osaka Prefectural Police Department
  • Ohji Ichio (大治一雄) - Former Yodogawa Police Chief-Head of the Third Headquarters
  • Maruo Yasuyuki (丸尾保之) - Former General Manager of Fourth Area Headquarters
  • Hatahara Kanae (畑原香苗) - Former Suita Police Chief
  • Mizufune Susumu (水舩進) - Former Boryokudan Countermeasures Division
  • Kikkawa Shoichi (吉川昇一) - Former Yodogawa Police Station Liberal Arts Chief
  • Yamada Kenji (山田賢治) - Former Chief of Justice, Criminal Division, Matsubara Police Station
  • Sugitani Hiroshi (杉谷博) - Former Kawachinagano Police Station General Affairs Section Chief
  • Seko Yasuhide (瀬古安秀) - Motoizumi Otsu Police Station Criminal Division
  • Eguchi Yukinori (江口幸徳) - Former Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters One-sided Mobile Police
  • Takagi Yuushin (高木勇伸) - Former Sakai Police Station Security Division
  • Matsumoto Mikio (松本幹夫) - Former Yao Police Station Kendo Senior Teacher
  • Murabe Mitsuyoshi (村部光義) - Former Kashiwara Police Station Criminal Division
  • Shimizu Chikashi (清水親) - Former Deputy Chief of Naniwa Police Station Area
  • Taguchi Yasuyuki (田口康行) - Former Joto Police Station Area Division
  • Tsubouchi Nobuyuki (坪内信行) - Former Ibaraki Police Station Counselor



# Cover Title Release date
01 OJS48-Shinkokyuu.jpg Shinkokyuu

Concert Units

Shinkokyuu (With Takahashi Minami)

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