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SouLvenir (記念品) is a SNH48 short film. The film was released on January 18, 2016. It was directed by Jing Zhang.


Five young girls embarked on a graduation trip to Paris, but they didn't notice, in a dark corner, a pair of hungry eyes are greedily watching them, just waiting for unsuspecting girls that moment, the claws of the evil they will be put to death, and with a series of young girls were killed in a bloody full of humiliation has only just begun...


Zhang YuGe as XiaoYu
Kong XiaoYin as COCO
Feng XinDuo as Duozi
Huang TingTing as TingTing
Qiu XinYi as XinYi

Official Video


  • The film was filmed in Paris, France and Prague, Czech Republic.