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TGC Senbatsu (2019)

TGC Senbatsu (TGC選抜) was a special unit of MNL48. TGC stands for Tokyo Girls Collection, a fashion store in which the group has a tie-up project. The unit will be the face of the Tokyo Girls Collection. They will be included in the daily fashion show to be held inside the built-in runway of the TGC Shop.

They will also serve as MNL48's Trainees.

Former Members

Ella Mae Amat (Ella) (2019)

Princess Rius Briquillo (Princess) (2019)

Francese Therese Pinlac (Frances) (2019)

Jamela Magbanlac (Mela) (2019)

Je-ann Benette Guinto (Jean) (2019)

Jessel Montaos (Essel) (2019)

Guinevere Faith Muse (Gia) (2019)

Christina Samantha Tagana (Sam) (2020)

Ruth Carla Dela Paz (Karla) (2020)

Anne Nicole Casitas (Nile) (2020)

Trisha Labrador (Trish) (2020)