Wang ZiJie

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Wang ZiJie (王子杰)
Oji Takeshi
Wang Zijie
Birth Info
Birthdate September 2, 1963
Birthplace Flag of China.png Shanghai, China
Current Age 60 Years Old
Professional Info
Social Networks Weibo
Staff Career Info
Group SNH48/GNZ48/BEJ48/CKG48/CGT48
Task Chairman, Producer, Manager

Wang ZiJie is the STAR48's chairman, CEO and producer of SNH48, GNZ48, BEJ48, CKG48, and CGT48.

Born in 1963, his ancestral home is Ningbo, Zhejiang , and he was born in Shanghai. He holds a Japanese nationality. After graduating from the Mathematics Department of Fudan University in Shanghai, he studied in Japan and obtained a master's degree from Doshisha University.

In 2003, he founded in Shanghai and served as chairman and CEO, becoming a well-known digital interactive entertainment technology expert and IT entrepreneur in Asia. is the first interactive entertainment portal website in mainland China. In February 2013, the news of his resignation came out, which was later clarified. He is currently the chairman of SNH48 Group. At the same time, he serves as the vice chairman of the Shanghai Information Service Industry Association and the vice chairman of the Shanghai Interactive Entertainment Professional Committee.


  • His Japanese name is Oji Takeshi
  • Has a Japanese nationality
  • He worked at KONAMI and developed popular online games for China.
    • Participated in the development of the following games: Super Dancer Online (超级舞者), Burst A Fever (超级乐者) and Crazy Speed (疯狂飚车).