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NGT48 Assault Case

Discussion in 'General NGT48 Discussion' started by Cisalpine88, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Konno A.

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    Dec 12, 2014
    Ontario, Canada
    I mean even if Maho was supposedly dating a guy - which was revealed to be ok in NGT anyways - it doesn't diminish what happened to her and how women are genuinely questioned over and over again about their assaults. In fact most victims know their abusers whether it's sexual or just str8 up abuse. So, I never really doubted she might have known them, but how much is questionable. But it does seem - and it's happened a lot over the year - that many want to put blame on Maho for what happened to NGT and that's not something one random idol can do so very easily. It was a flawed system (NGT) ready to crumble.
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  2. kira7x

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    Jan 26, 2016
    Can you please translate the new audios that were released?
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    Oct 1, 2017
    Saito Fuyuka
    I think this article translated by @Cisalpine88 was the explanation for Yoshinari's appearance I could think of: http://stage48.net/forum/index.php?threads/ngt48-assault-case.22622/page-191#post-1607994

    In particular this part:
  4. Reveen

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    Feb 16, 2013
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    It's a bit opaque but as I understand it there's a vague timeline. In 2005 Akimoto, Kubota and Shiba (ie A, K and S) founded AKB48. Some time around 2011-12 Shiba sold his stake in AKS and pachinko maker Kyoraku bought in. Then around 2013 Kubota got into financial difficulty and had to sell his stake in AKS and Aki-P sold his stake in 2014. It may have been that Akimoto was effectively forced to sell his stake because Kyoraku (aka Yoshinori) had the majority stake bought from Kubota and Shiba, that much is unknown but you can see that from 2014 Aki-P's involvement in AKB and the 48 groups decreased and he seems to have stopped giving much of a shit about AKB.

    AKS's main tactic has been to diminish Maho's concerns and now they seem to be trying to actively blacken her name through the lawsuit, Yoshinori's outbursts and lackeys in the media and variety.

    Maho said (I believe it might have been in her graduation announcement, Cisalpine could probably correct me on that) that she had been propositioned by yakkai 2 years ago to meet privately and she'd said no. Iirc they said to her that other members were doing it so why wouldn't she but as an orthodox idol she wouldn't play ball.
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  5. Cisalpine88

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    Aug 28, 2009
    Just getting this absurdity of a civil lawsuit out of the way before I move on to the other topic but...
    Part 4 of the files reconstruction series is titled "On the possibily of the the perpetrators to have predicted the outcome".

    On the pause of theater shows, requests for contract terminations from the business partners of the plaintiff, etc...

    At the end of the aforementioned sequence of controversies, from March 19, 2019 onwards the plaintiff saw themselves with no choice but to halt all the theater shows in NGT48.

    Furthermore, in relationship with the group's management, starting with commercials appearances and such, various kinds of contracts that the plaintiff had stipulated with third parties either ended up being rescinded or their renewal was put on indefinite hold, which made it difficult for the regular activities of the group to restart.

    On the graduation from the group of Miss Yamaguchi

    In the aftermath, the plaintiff repeatedly had discussions with Miss Yamaguchi, but even at the end of it the misgivings of Miss Yamaguchi over this case failed to be dispelled, and as Miss Yamaguchi's understanding toward the plaintiff's explaination couldn't be obtained, Miss Yamaguchi went on to graduate from this group.
    Due to the circumstances above, the paintiff thus found themselves with no option except halting the group's activities.

    On the fact that the plaintiff's rights got infringed upon

    As per what described above, with the harmful actions of this incident, the plaintiff couldn't benefit from the service of the members of the group in terms of entertainment activity, finding himself forced to halt the activities of the group in question. This means that, in terms of his claims as a benecifiary of the entertainment activities of Miss Yamaguchi and the group in question, as well as the rights by the plaintiff to maintain the group in working conditions, from a legal standpoint they found their interests violated.

    On the responsibilities of the defendants at the origin of this

    The defendants, aware of the fact that Miss Yamaguchi was a member of the group belonging to the plaintiff, went on to commit their harmful actions in a premeditated way. In case such harmful actions were to be carried out, in addition of course to Miss Yamaguchi suffering from a psychological trauma, she would come to harbor misgivings regarding the incident, as well as distrusts toward the members whose names were divulged by the defendants as though they had a hand in the incident itself. With this, there would be the risk that it would cause a strain in the relationship of trust there is betweet the members, and the anger of the members would be directed at the plaintiff, which would bring the relationship of trust of the whole group, including the plaintiff's management, to collaps, and thus make it arduos to manage the group. About this, as it can be argued that they were conscious of this, it can be acknowledged that there were ill intentions on part of the defendants.

    As it can be argued that the end results of such actions could have been at the very least to predicted, the fault on part of the defendants may be recognized.
    1. The final part where they try to argue that with their "harmful actions", as the lawsuit keep calling it, the perpetrators planned and sought to make the members turn against the management is so absurd that Takkentaro couldn't help concluding how Yoshinari and whatever lawyer was helping her write it up must have been either drunk or under the influence of euphoric drugs when they did, and rightfully so.
    The sheer stupidity (and insincerity) of this reasoning is especially true in light of Bunshun releasing just today a decently complete version of the audio recordings of the day of the incident, of the discussions between Maho, the staff, and the yakkais.
    2. It should be noted that with every instance of "harmful actions" in the lawsuit, they don't only mean the simple physical assault but also the yakkais revealing the little shame that they are being in contact with other members. Note also that it refers to only that part in which they name the member names, and it blissfully ignores any other disclosure or argument that happened in any follow-up discussions, so basically AKS is playing dumb, terribly dumb.
    This is something that was first brought up by Takkentaro in the first part of this series, by the way, so refer back to it. Just in case you need one more reason to see how disingenous and misleading this whole legal stunt is.
    3. About this part, Takkentaro notes that one of the "evidences" that the management intends to bring to the court is an article from Yahoo News (!) titled: "Yamaguchi Maho decides to graduate, as the divide remains unreconciled. Outrage from one side of the fans", which apparently is to prove that Maho ...graduated from the group? Because of course they need a random piece of news (provided it's not one written on their demand) to show the reason and the condition under which Maho graduated. Personally I appreciate the effort to find an article on it that even contains Maho's dig on Yoshinari's statements, which she was careful to weave into her graduation announcement.

    Part 5 and last one instead is titled "AKS, the gang of the black rose(/heart)" (originally it was meant to be a wordplay on the fact hara and bara sound similar, but I can't think of a pun that would translate as smoothly in English). Anyway, it consists of a laundry list of the alleged "damages", all of which they claim have been sustained by the management as a result of the perpetrators' "harmful actions".
    Just to stay in the topic of puns, Takkentaro (much fittingly) takes Yoshinari's statement from that one parents briefing meeting ("I want to make it clear who lied the most") and then replies back: "Let's make it clear who's truly black-hearted in there - By: It's YOU, Yoshinari!"
    Again, if you want to rage, keep in mind that "harmful actions" is only in small part about the physical assault.

    Regarding the resulting economic damages suffered by the plaintiff because of this incident's harmful actions

    (1) Revenue loss caused by the suspension of the theater performances

    As per what is written above, due to the harmful actions of this incident, the plaintiff found themselves either suspending part of the shows at the NGT48 theater or changing their , because of the necessity to plan for the protection of the members' livies and health, in addition to the relationship of trust between members being lost. As such, from March 19, 2019 onwards, they saw themselves forced to halt all theater performances.

    The numbers of tickets up for sale for the this group's theater performanes amounts to 295 each per show, with the ticket fee being 3,100 yen each. Considering that shows are held 13 times a month on average and seats are filled to full capacity for each theater show, 11,888,500 yen in total monthly revenue (295 tickets * 3,100 yen * 13 times) should have been earned during the period in which the theater shows were suspended. However, because of the suspension of shows, such revenue could not be obtained. It can be argued that, due to the harmful actions of this incident, economic damages were sustained for an amount equivalent to such a money revenue.

    (2) Other revenue losses

    The plaintiff planned (for a total of 16 shows) a tour concert of this group from March 10, 2019 to May 26, 2019.
    However, because of the the stream broadcast which was done based on the this incident's misgivings resulting from this incident's harmful actions, the relationship of trust between the members, as well as between the members and the plaintiff, was disrupted, in turns rendering it impossible to keep maintaining a normal activity of the group.
    The plaintiff, as per above found themselves forced to discontinue the tour concert.
    Consequently, the plaintiff could not earn the 39,997,912 yen money revenue which would have normally been earned if such tour concert was to be helf, and it can be argued that economic damages were sustained for an amount equivalent to such money sum due to the harmful actions of this incident.

    (3) Cancellation fee

    The plaintiff, along to the discontinuing of the tour concert described previously, received a request for the payiment of a reservation cancellation fee from the concert venue, worth a sum of 700,000 yen as a total amount of the invoices already received.
    The plaintiff found itself obliged to pay, at minimum, 70,0000 yen in cancellation fees, and it can be said economic damages were sustained for an amount equivalent to such money sum due to the harmful actions of this incident.

    (4) On the economic damages from contract termination requests on part of the business partners, etc...

    The plaintiff stipulated various contracts with third parties regarding the event appearances and such like of this group, but as for what concerns the fruition of these contracts, the credibility of the plaintiff on the general public plummeting, which was sparked by the harmful actions of this incident, and with the main cause being the fact that a normal management of the group was no longer possible, the use of advertisements in which the group appeared came to be discontinued, or otherwise the contract renewals be postponed indefinitely, while event appearances were cancelled. With this cessation of employment, the revenue money that could regularly be earned from it couldn't be earned anymore, while requests for damages compensations were also received. The total sum of the revenue money that couldn't be earned, combined with the damages fee is no lesser than 20,000,000 yen. It can be said that due to the harmful actions of this incident the plaintiff sustained economic damages for an amount equivalent to such money sum.

    (5) Countermeasures costs, security costs

    Due to the harmful actions of this incident, the members of this group felt their life or the health in danger, and found themselves unable to carry out their entertainment activities as regular, and because of it there emerged the necessity to ensure the safety of the members, in addition to arranging for crime prevention measures, on part of the plaintiff. In the context of the plaintiff arranging for crime prevention measures, along with reinforcing the security at the members' houses, it was necessary and appropriate to employ a crime prevention service in which security guards could intervene in short order against any dangers over the members.
    For it, the plaintiff tasked a security company with the patroling of the members' houses, paying in total 2,313,360 yen for the cost of the emergency guard security, in accordance with the strengthening of security, for the whole month of February 2019, as well as in total 3,227,000 yen also for the cost of the emergency guard security, in accordance with the strengthening of security, for the whole month of March 2019.
    Regarding the security in question, as we came to pay for the service costs of a regular agency security since it is necessary to maintain it for the whole time until any danger toward the life and health of the members is gone, it can be considered to be economic damages were sustained for an amount equivalent to such a service costs, resulting from the harmful actions of this incident.
    Moreover, for the fruition of the above mentioned safety service, a latest model of safety prevention buzzer was distributed to each of the members of the group as well as the general manager, paying a 8,000 yen monthly fee to the security company as the usage fee for the all of the 42 safety prevention buzzers, amounting to a total price of 240,000 yen until present day. Seeing how it will be necessary to continue providing them even from here on, at a very minimum, for the period going from February 2019 until the days each user will leave the group in question, 1,944 yen a piece every month for a total of a total of 81,648 yen VAT inclued (1,944 yen VAT included * 42 pieces) are supposed to be paid, thus sustaining an economic damage equivalent to this money sum, as a consequence of the harmful actions of such incident.

    (6) Damages related to the research by the third party committee (compensation for the compilation of the research report by the third party committee, etc...)

    In order to dispel Miss Yamaguchi's misgivings on this incident that resulted from the harmful actions related to it, the plaintiff decided it was necessary and appropriate to entrust a third party committee to research the truth on this incident.
    Accordingly, the plaintiff commissioned a research on the incident, and was requested a retribution of 44,700,000 yen for the research in question. It can be argued that economic damages were sustained for an amount equivalent to such money sum due to the harmful actions of this incident. (To be precise, a negotiation is currently taking place on part of the plaintiff with the third party committee over the final payment prices, so as to reduce it. Therefore, it may be subject to changes.)

    Closing words

    In virtue of this, the plaintiff, based on their rights to claim damages by reason of unlawful actions, demands from the defendants the payment of a part of the sum of the damages, amounting to 30,000,000 yen, in addition to 5% of the delay damages according to the Civil Code, starting from December 8, 2018 when the unlawful action was committed up until the full payment of the costs.
    1. First of all, Takkentaro couldn't help being bothered by the fact that AKS has even the nerve of including security costs into the list of damages to ask compensation for, pointing out how this is all necessary expenditures that any normal agency should have shouldered in any case.
    2. The fact that the calculation of the security reinforcements costs starts only from February leaves Takkentaro thinking that they actually didn't even bother acting on it until Maho herself made the disclosure on Twitter and Showroom, and honestly he's not the only one with this sentiment.
    3. The whole idea that the main purpose that the third party committee was set up to "dispel Maho's misgivings" is another source of ridicule from Takkentaro. For one thing, at the time of the announcement it was supposed to research on the cause and background of the incident, which it failed to do. Also, it was an excuse for AKS to pass the bucket to someone else after their initial approach proved sloppier than sloppy, as Takkentaro notes.
    Secondly, "Yamaguchi's misgivings" is repeated so obsessively in the whole document that Takkentaro went on to count how many times it would come up in the text, and calculated it's 10. The more you know.
    4. Amusingly enough, yes, AKS is currently bargaining with the third party committee to lower the price of their commission fee. Probably because the report paper that they produced brought up even more issues than it was supposed to sweep under the rug, which in turn prompted the management to fix this in less than honest ways in order to take their narrative back on rails.
    5. Why the damages demanded to the perpetrators is set at 30,000,000 yen, it is not specified anywhere in the document. And, yes, actually I do love how both Yoshinari at the parents meeting, and the poor sap employed as an attorney both stated how "They don't care about money" ...in which case let me say that a civil court is not the place where to fulfill their goals, that they are wasting precious time for the judges in there, and that she should rather hold a press conference instead of playing dirty little manipulative games through personal media.
    Except that, oh look what the AKS kankeisha says in the latest Bushun article, "The explanation conference of last March in which board director Matsumura came under direct fire from the general public, after Yamaguchi sent critical tweets while the conference was underway, proved to be a traumatic experience". How can you argue with this logic?

    This one, right?

    I'll get working on it after I have finished processing through it, but to begin with, those are the audio recordings that the members themselves (turns out it was Mofu after all) recorded not long after the incident took place on December 8, containing discussions between Maho, Mofu, the staff and the culprits after being stopped -- first with discussions in the public park, then back in the bus before the police came in and threw the culprits in the patrol car.
    It's not all there is to it because some of the quotes found elsewhere didn't get included in there, but it's at least the most complete version of it, this time without conveniently missing pieces in the middle of the phrases.
    Part of me wished this was Mofu dropping an "ultima ratio" just before leaving the group, but then again the likelihood of it isn't that high, since the same Bunshun article states how: "The audio recording data was passed from the Yamaguchi and Girl M [note: Mofu] side to the management side, and in turn it was copied and circulated internally among music industry personnel, sponsors, and part of the media. Due to heavy gag orders being put into place, such voices never made it to the public until now."
    In other words, the audio recordings were passed around quite a bit, just like a ...oh well. This also goes to show that, as the third rate agency it is, AKS can't keep a secret worth crap and has more holes than Swiss cheese. Just a warning against sharing any sensible info with them.
    Unfortunately Mofu is rendered as "Girl M" in the transcript, due to the fact that "the actual names of members that the Niigata police department concluded have no relationship to the incident would be cut out", which makes it even more curious how Nishigata and Tano actually appear with their actual names.

    Anyway, to those who can't wait: for part 1 of the recordings
    click here.
    For part 2 of the recordings from the same Bunshun broadcast
    click here.
    For a comprehensive transcript of the whole voice data
    click here.
    Also, for a clearer version of the whole recordings without jumps (makes it harder to tell where they skip between segments)
    click here.

    Now, as for some tidbits of what popped up during the discussions:
    ● I should begin by saying that Maho does sound noticeably shaken and crying during it, especially the first part, which gradually gives way to an angrier and more inquisive tone as more people came in.
    It's pretty clear that what concerns Maho is knowing what informations they got leaked from which members they consort with, threatening them to go report it all to the police if they don't speak there and then. As she once says in tears, "To have to go through such a dreadful experience" ... "I fear to keep conducting NGT activities as such. Who knows when a similar thing is going to happen again".
    ● The whole narrative pushed by AKS these days that Maho was ever, willingly hanging out with these people is completely demolished just by hearing the discussion. It turn out this is the first time the assaulters admittedly tried approaching Maho, even, unlike with others before. When Maho asks what they had in mind to do, before the staff and all they begin: "It is normal among us to meet members inside so as not to look conspicuous. We already met with other members till now, so doing it inside...".
    ● Turns out Tano never moved out of her room: at the beginning Maho suggests Mofu to wait inside Tano's room, to which Mofu replies back if Tano shouldn't be in there. Maho replies that she's not (anymore) and that the yakkais even have access to the keys to enter the room, all of which frightens Mofu.
    ● The assaulters, near the end of it, explaining unabashedly and with no restraints to the police (!) that they had been using what would be Tano's room as a shared meeting place, which they would borrow for eating together and hanging out with multiple other members inside of the same building, in which they have usual access -- basically treating it as if it's their house, exactly like they do say.
    ● At the same time, one of the staff accompanying Maho trying insistently to downplay the incident itself in front of the police, by reporting them that Maho just "had her hand grabbed" while she was getting inside her apartment.
    Maho (who had told the incident's details repeatedly in the previous discussion between the two sides, stating that what they did was an assault act, not "talking" since they didn't speak a word) tries to correct it by saying they put their hands on her face while trying to break into the room, but the staff keeps insisting that's not it, taking the yakkais' defence. At this point Maho is audibly irritated and requests the police to take a DNA sample or a fingerprint check off her face skin, if he doesn't believe, pointing out she got bruised in the process.
    ● Overall, it's weird, not to mention suspicious, how blatantly on the side of the yakkais that certain staff is... While normally sounding unconcerned, at several points you can hear him interfere to cut off the discussion instead once it gets too uncomfortable, too.
    The first time saying "This is irrelevant to the situation", just when (as he asks apprehensively if they also called Girl D and Nishigata) the yakkais begin to explain how their consorting with the members in question has been going on for over one year already. The second is on how Maho asked them if Nishigata knows of the incident of that night, with him saying "It doesn’t matter if she knows or not".
    ● Who that staff is, it's anyone's guess. The Kansai tone makes people wonder if it's that piece of scum Suwa, who was shipped to NGT from SKE. Maho doesn't sound particularly happy to see him arriving to the place either, even asking "Why are you there?", suggesting she knows he's bad news (or as a theory, that it's the yakkais that called him over). Needless to say Suwa is also the manager in charge of Nishigata, so...
    Edit: Actually, due to one transcription mistake on Bunshun's part, at the start they leave manager Suwa's name unbleeped-out (!) because they mistook Mofu as saying "Should I call staff-san?" instead.
    ● The key to Tano's room is left in the building's mail box where anyone is virtually free to pick it up and use to get inside as they please (in the Shincho transcript this part where the yakkais explain it was inexplicably hidden under an [inaudible bit]). Apparently it was a friend of the yakkai group to inform them that Tano had vacated the place and she told them they could get inside since the rental period for it is short too.
    All of this situation prompts Maho to ask Mofu, and then the police, to give a call to the landlord several times to explain the rental status of the room, seeing how they got access to it without actually moving in.
    ● To no one's surprise, the wota that Nishigata was spotted by Maho hanging out with sometime before turns out to be Kaisei (Man #3 in the third party report, and C in the Bunshun transcript, which is the notations used inside). Maho mentions it in the initial talk with Mofu in the building, but in the Shincho transcript it's hidden, just saying that "Previously she and [fan's nickname] were there together too".
    ● C was also in a (romantic!) relationship with Girl E, which is in all likelihood Hagiri. This is from the Bunshun article itself, rather than the audio bits, but after the incident when asked about informations from the NGT management she confessed she was "dating with C". She already received punitive measures for it.
    ● In fact, a large part of the discussion between the group and the yakkais sees them trying to contact Girl E (as well as other members at first, the ones that according to A, or Man #1, "are associated with", among which is Girl D who informed them of when Maho would be back) and have her come over to explain things up for Maho, for whatever it's worth, and beg pardon. At one point, Maho even gets to look at C's KakaoTalk message history, so as to confirm he isn't lying.
    ● Both the staff and the yakkais clearly referring to the place as a dormitory, in contrast to Hayakawa's claims it's not.
    ● Winner quote from Mofu shortly before getting on the bus: "I couldn't have ever imagined this was such a shitty group". How can I fault her?
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    Nov 28, 2016
    Could Maho or her agency potentially sue them for defamation/libel for spreading false information?
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  8. ayyu

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    Mar 26, 2019
    the audio backs up maho, everything he said in the original showroom.
    While management has been trying to feed misinformation and try to twist it against her.

    they were calming that maho was connected to the criminals, but the audio proved she had no idea who these people were.

    And they had the audio this entire time.

    GG management
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  9. eko p

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    Mar 10, 2013
    Staff immediately downplay the incident like that is weird unless it’s already happened before or at least he knew what’s some member did with the criminal group or whale fans
    Mofu “クソグループ” remark also weird if this is the first time this type of incident happen, unless she already knew some member bad behavior and what’s the management did to protect them
    I mean if this is the first time, she shouldn’t immediately jump and blame the whole group unless she already know something
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    Mar 21, 2016
    With all the awful things that have happened, I think this is still the worst. I understand telling your group's fans that the girls didn't have a relationship with the attackers because relationships are lowkey taboo in the first place. I understand keeping quiet about who the involved members are in order to avoid them being attacked by fans. I understand shutting down SNS use to try and calm down the situation. I understand halting NGT48 idol activities until things are resolved.

    But this... why on earth would they tell the police that she's exaggerating and she had her hand grabbed? Just why? Why were they trying so hard to protect the assaulters and cause even more trauma to this poor girl? It's like they were trying to gaslight her and make her feel like she was only causing trouble by speaking up about this (and this ideology kept going on and on, with how they made her apologise eventually as well).

    It's already bad enough when you're physically assaulted, but downplaying it and attempting to make her question what happened to her is just awful.
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  11. welp

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    Jun 18, 2017
    So, from info Cisalpine88 himself provided, Tano had moved out of the room when the yakkais started using the room as their regular gathering place. In the audio file, a yakkai said Tano told them she was vacating the room so they could rent it from the landlord. In the court document, it was concluded that the defendants had "rented" the room. Yet, he insisted Tano had not moved out. [hehe] The question was if/why Tano still was named the tenant when another person had started renting the room and, not if Tano still was using that room as her place.

    According from what I've read, the yakkais never said Nishigata and Tano aided them. Maho tried pressing them to say so but they kept avoiding to say "Yes". All the yakkais said about members' involvements were
    - Some members gave their ideas on how they might approach Maho to convince her to join their gang. Such action unintentionally and indirectly related to the assault.
    - 1 member/kenkyusei told them, when asked, Maho was heading to the apartment. This totally isn't tell if she had known anything about the yakkais' plan.
    - Tano helped them renting the room. Tano surely simply thought they would use the room for gathering and not at all aware it would be used to attack Maho several days later.

    My conclusion from what I've read so far is
    - These wotas were familiar names/faces to all NGT's members, Maho included. NGT's staffers also knew them well.
    - These wotas had had some NGT's members/kenkyuseis within their gang and planned to recruit more.
    - Maho was 1 of their target and, in that day, they approached her to court her to join their gang.
    - The attack was not planned as it would ruin their purpose to court her.
    - They calling another gang member over showed they meant to do no harm on her or, they had unnecessarily exposed their accomplice.
    - They calling another NGT's girl over was meant to affirm Maho that they weren't threats to her so they could court her to join their gang again.
    - Nishigata and Tano had no direct involvement to the incident. No member/kenkyusei intentionally involved in the assault.
    - Nishigata and Tano's direct involvement was totally Maho's imagination/false conclusion.
    - Maho knew the wotas didn't meant to do her any physical harm. She confronted them, asked them to go to the park to talk over. She also was fine when they said they would bring another man.
    - Maho tried to plea the executive to punish Nishigata and Tano for what she falsely accused them of but, it's no reaction.
    - Maho then purposedly over dramatized the case and linked Nishigata and Tano to the case to find assumed justice.

    Is it? My opinion on Maho has changed drastically.
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  12. Cisalpine88

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    Aug 28, 2009
    You haven't read enough, in this case. Tano's and Nishigata's involvement (as well as who turns out to be Otsuka's, thank Bunshun again for leaving even her name unbleeped-out) was first mentioned by the assaulters themselves before, while in a spat inside of the building. For one thing, at the very least in the account of the incident it says this (the notations are that of the third party commitee's research report, not to be confused with Bunshun's):
    Man #1, turning to Yamaguchi, also told "I had consulted with other members too, and received suggestions from them, so I did", "They suggested me that this way I would get to have a talk with Mahohon", while bringing up the names of A, B, and C, as of those members.

    Just to prove it of course happened, this same talk was referenced multiple times in the audio recording afterwards with Maho inquiring about the role played by those "they mentioned before". Also, unlike what someone had assumed, rather than going back on it, they simply bring Girl E/Hagiri into the discussion as their readily available contact.
    They definitely don't go back about Tano, if anything they mount on it, it's only Nishigata they are reticent about except for the third man briefly (also independently) coming out as associating with her.
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    Feb 16, 2013
    Sunnyvale Trailer Park
    You demonstrate as little knowledge of this case as you do of the 48-group in general.

    Stick to waffling about k-pop, at least you have half a clue about that.
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  14. kira7x

    kira7x Kenkyuusei

    Jan 26, 2016
    I agree that they never wanted to phisically hurt Mahohon, but their behavior of trying to force girls into their gang is disgusting.
    If i understand right in the end they were a group of friends made up of Nishigata, Tano, Hagiri and 3 guys + some of NGT staff, correct?

    What i don't get is why did Ogiyuka support Tano? Just because they are friends? Or because she is also a member of the gang?
    And what did Sato Anju, Seiji Reina, Yamada Noe and Kato Minami do? Are they also members of the gang?

    Thanks a lot for the translation.
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  15. wlerin

    wlerin Upcoming Girls

    Mar 23, 2012
    Muto Tomu
    Yeah, it's amusing to see him claim she hadn't moved out in one paragraph, then prove she had a few paragraphs later--iirc it was mentioned some time before that renters in that complex return the key to their apartment by mail when they move out. The yakkai didn't say Tano told him she was moving out so he could rent it, however. Only that he heard she was moving out and so checked the postbox.

    Cisalpine seems a bit confused on this part of the recording though, maybe he thinks they were hiding it in the mailbox. Can't really blame him, it's a confusing series of evasions, but Maho seems to understand what was meant in her summary to the officer at the end.

    You say that, and yet repeatedly during the course of the discussion they say their contacts with these members aren't as direct as Maho keeps insisting.

    Way more guys involved, and I don't think they were trying to "force" girls into any sort of gang, just wanted to "connect" with them. Only their attempt to approach Mahohon went wildly out of hand for some reason.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
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  16. Humbucker

    Humbucker Upcoming Girls

    Jun 19, 2014
    Fortune Cookie Palace
    Sashihara Rino
    If that's the case, then their "kabe-don attempt" went reeeeeeeeeal wrong... the worst attempt ever, I would say.
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  17. Cisalpine88

    Cisalpine88 Upcoming Girls

    Aug 28, 2009
    >Yeah, it's amusing [...]
    I wouldn't have found it half as amusing if I didn't see that to this day they can't even settle on a clear date for when Tano moved out, and we are left to choose a random date inside of a slider going from "one year and half before the incident" (according to the first Bunshun scoop, clearly following AKS's script), "half a year before the incident" or rather "since last July" (Hayakawa on a couple of different occasions), to "about one year before the incident" (AKB Shinbun's issue from just last month, because yes). If there was an actual set point when she moved out they wouldn't have to be so indecisive...

    With that said, the first segment I am referring to (once again, because I have brought it up before) is this. If even the members on the same floor don't know she was no longer there after supposedly 1.5 years/5 months/~1 year, then what does it mean? Because that's what this exhange says...:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "Mofu Girl M: That park over there. How about it? Should I contact the staff Suwa-san? Do we tell we are in the park?
    Yamaguchi: ... Or else, wouldn't it have been better if we go have a talk in Ayakani's room? Or does it feel scary to you?
    Girl M: Isn't Ayakani in Ayakani's room?
    Yamaguchi: She's not. But I see they are renting Ayakani's room. Really. They even have the keys.
    Girl M: That's pretty disturbing."

    >maybe he thinks they were hiding it in the mailbox
    Never implied that. The problem here is them picking up the keys freely without ever having to actually move into the apartment, hence why Maho keeps questioning them about whether or not the keys were handed over directly to them from Tano, if in that condition. Once they deny it was directly, that they heard she returned them once and went to check instead, they go on about how the keys that were left in the post box were -- to use their same weasel words -- "transferred" or "inherited" to them once they heard (from a friend of the yakkais that is referred to as W, as it turns out later) that Tano had vacated the apartment, and they asked for them to borrow. As Maho keeps saying while asking for explanations, the issue is that "you don't just get the keys without moving in", to which they can't answer.
    Add to it that they let out that they indeed got to know directly from Tano (as they claim, at handshake events) that Maho lived on the other side, for whatever it's worth.

    >but Maho seems to understand what was meant in her summary to the officer at the end
    Even at the end of the recording, Maho seems to regard it just as suspicious as everyone else:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "Police: That man, he was talking about borrowing a room inside of the building, however...
    Yamaguchi: I can't tell if that's true or not, so I want to have a call with the landlord. As what that man tells, before him another member was living there, on the other side as mine. I have to wonder if he didn't just receive the keys from that person
    Yamaguchi: Based on what that man says, the landlord put the keys back in that post box, and then he picked them up from there, he says that they borrowed the room, even though they didn't even move in. So, I want to have a call with the landlord to verify things.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
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  18. Dill

    Dill Upcoming Girls

    Aug 18, 2017
    the lenght one would go just to say "I was right, you are wrong and Maho is a little over dramatic fake victim whom those poor sweet boys wanted just talk with" is dramatically disgusting at this point.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
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  19. Israel

    Israel Kenkyuusei

    Apr 22, 2019
    I have got a point there, We have to remember that the event was on December, and we don't know if Tano moved out or not, maybe she was in another place. Another thing is that the company which managed the rent apartments for the NGT members are part or are linked to Kato Mina's Father group, that will be a big trouble to identify when Tano supposed to move out. Moreover I am wondering how unemployed guys can pay a rent of a room. Finally we are discussing about the recording when the assault had happened and we are not considering the stress about the assault and why the NGT Management didn't let her file the lawsuit against the assaulters. Idk why what's the reason for not to file a lawsuit. If someone knows can help us to understand.
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  20. minaeshi

    minaeshi Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Feb 13, 2014
    United Kingdom
    He still hasn't answered my question either lol
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