NGT48 Assault Case

Discussion in 'General NGT48 Discussion' started by Cisalpine88, Jan 9, 2019.

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    Since there were pointer about NGT48 supporter forum like what Abema broadcasted, anyone here thought of volunteering there as gaijin representative? Maybe you or @Cisalpine88 here based on your compilation?

    That way the vocal user here could pool their aspiration(or maybe vitriol) directly. Better, we can use this same thread as discussion board for our reps later rather than leaving this thread for past subject only.

    Take your time to think about it. Stage48 as it is currently only allow your opinion to be posted publicly, but not to the eye you want to see the most, afterall.
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    What I brought up was that the management is going after those who slandered current members (nothing to do with Mahohon) in relation to this incident.
    Since Mahohon was brought up again in the next post, go figure.

    I refrained from posting here as it was just going round in circles and like what EinhanderX said it wasn't getting out to right audience - the members (who really need to see the show of support by fans, albeit International), management and Japanese public. That is all I am going to say. Google Translate this, like me can't read Japanese, and form your own opinions
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    The article you cite (and which apparently you can't even read yourself, yeah Google Translate) got already ripped to shreds in the comments of Yahoo and elsewhere, so the Japanese public already knows very well what to think about NGT48 and especially its management, and it's not the doe-eyed blandishments you are expecting. Sorry.

    As for the group known as NGT48: for claiming that they are "only staring forward" (= throwing the past into a memory hole 1984-style, at least everything pre-May 2019 by the script they recited from), they certainly can't consider themselves content without trying to sugarcoat this past for their personal benefit. Just a word of advice: if after 21 months and counting and a bunch of farcical attempts at shifting the blame in less than honorable ways it hasn't worked, then it's time to give up with these attempts and just learn to carry the cross you've made yourselves. And maybe find a more upstanding strategy to promote your undesired single, while at it. Incidentally, by acting this way they are rather proving they are indeed the ones who can't let go of the past, unless it gets first officially rewritten.

    Out of all the people appearing there (out of which there's the same old agency-backed protegees, but not the legitimate captain of this group, why is it that a non-fan has to be the one pointing this out?), the only one who, for obvious reasons, deserves to have a say about something is Oguma for having actually taken some significant action and spoken anything significant in these one year and whatever of time. The rest of these people are barely onlookers without a spine who had pretended that what had gone on with Maho and the others was nothing of their concern when they still thought they could get away with it, if not they fucked up things in their own ways. Medals aren't awarded to cowards.
    Not only that but, while the actual protagonists of this matter are getting effectively unpersoned (not that I was expecting anyhing else, actually a good opportunity to do the same with this irrelevant group, since they are literally asking for it...), they even see fit just now to come out and take advantage of it to go "Oh, woe is ME!", even trying as a replacement of that to self-glorify themselves as if they had ever been some central figures during this time all along. What a convenient time for revisionism. Who are you? What hole did you just get out from? Where were you until now? Who has literally ever heard of you speaking anything all this time?

    Essentially, just a bunch of real life Oblivion NPCs talking like they are the hero of the adventure. Oguma is the only exception in this.
    (And the fact that the best comments they can come up with is the same stock, nondescript stuff you might as well easily find right next to bikini gravure on, say, any random Mizugi Surprise mook only adds to the robotic NPC feel, I should add. Silly of me to expect independent thought of these people.)
    Like this opinion?

    As usual, the post above mine doesn't belong in this thread at all.

    What SaitoWinterStar called a forum doesn't refer to a messageboard, of course, but describes a generic meeting spot (the original term was 場). Betting 100,000 perica it's like those fan meetings AKB48 had once or twice half a decade ago, and just as useless.
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