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BKA48 was a special AKB48 unit created from the Mecha mecha iketeru! AKB48 Kimatsu Test. The members are known as BKA48 (BAKA48 - Idiot in Japanese), and were selected from the show as the 7 members who scored the lowest on their tests. They're also known as the BAKA 7.

They're also a single unit, and sing the song Haste to Waste, a coupling song from AKB48's 31st single Sayonara Crawl. Kawaei Rina is the center, as she scored the lowest on her test.

Kawaei also performs in a harness with HASTE & WASTE (ハステとワステ).

Former Members

Kawaei Rina

Takahashi Minami

Kashiwagi Yuki

Kojima Haruna

Shimazaki Haruka

Minegishi Minami

Sashihara Rino (HKT48)


# Song Single
01 Haste to Waste Sayonara Crawl


  • There were other members as well who participated in the test. They were put into Team A (smartest members), Team B (second smartest) and Baka 7 (Idiot 7). The members ranked as follows (starting with lowest score):
    1. Kawaei Rina (Baka 7)
    2. Takahashi Minami (Baka 7)
    3. Kojima Haruna (Baka 7)
    4. Shimazaki Haruka (Baka 7)
    5. Minegishi Minami (Baka 7)
    6. Sashihara Rino (Baka 7)
    7. Kashiwagi Yuki (Baka 7)
    8. Shinoda Mariko (Team B)
    9. Itano Tomomi (Team B)
    10. Watanabe Mayu (Team B)
    11. Yamamoto Sayaka (Team B)
    12. Kitahara Rie (Team A)
    13. Kintalo (Team A)
    14. Oshima Yuko (Team A)
    15. Iriyama Anna (Team A)
  • The score difference between Kashiwagi Yuki and Sashihara Rino was over 30 points, and ranks 1-6 were jokingly called Baka 6 as well.
  • The song's name comes from one of the answers Kawaei Rina gave in the test: They were supposed to translate the English sentence "Haste makes waste" into Japanese, but Kawaei translated it as "ハステトワステが仲良く作た。" (Haste and Waste made it in a friendly way.), thinking "Haste" and "Waste" were names of people. The two dolls on the harness represent those two supposed people.