CGM48 2nd Generation Debut Stage

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CGM48 2nd Generation Debut Stage was held on April 2, 2023 at MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand.


M00. Overture (CGM48 Ver.)
M01. Believers (All) (Lookked Center)
M02. CGM48 (All) (Emma Center)
M03. Shoujotachi yo (All) (Twobam Center)
MC 2nd Generation Trainee
M04. Mali (All) (Papang Center)
M05. Reborn (All) (Nana Center)
M06. Niji no Ressha (All) (Ginna & Jingjing Centers)
MC Angel and Kaiwan & Game
VTR – Yume wa Nigenai Senbatsu Announcement
M07. Yume wa Nigenai (Senbatsu) (Jingjing Center)
MC Angel, Kaiwan and Senbatsu
VTR – Yume wa Nigenai Music Video Premiere

Participitaing Members


  • Yume wa Nigenai was perfermed in this concert for the first time. The Music Video of this song was also premiered.

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