French Kiss (Album)

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Promotional Image
CD+DVD Type-A (Limited Edition)
CD+DVD Type-A (Regular Edition)
CD+DVD Type-B (Limited Edition)
CD+DVD Type-B (Regular Edition)
CD+DVD Type-C (Limited Edition)
CD+DVD Type-C (Regular Edition)

CD Information

French Kiss
French Kiss
Release Date
Label/Catalog Number/Price
Label: Epic Records/Sony Music Japan
AVCD-93296/B (Limited Edition Type-A, CD + DVD) ¥4,320
AVCD-93299/B (Regular Edition Type-A, CD + DVD) ¥4,320
AVCD-93297/B (Limited Edition Type-B, CD + DVD) ¥4,320
AVCD-93300/B (Regular Edition Type-B, CD + DVD) ¥4,320
AVCD-93298/B (Limited Edition Type-C, CD + DVD) ¥4,320
AVCD-93301/B (Regular Edition Type-C, CD + DVD) ¥4,320

Regular Edition Details

    • (Type-A) (SNG) If
    • (Type-B) (SNG) Kakkowarui I love you!
    • (Type-C) (SNG) Zutto Mae Kara
    • (Type-A) (SNG) Saisho no Mail (最初のメール)
    • (Type-B) (SNG) Romance Privacy
    • (Type-C) (SNG) Rainy day
    • (Type-A) (C/W) Chinmoku (沈黙)
    • (Type-B) (SNG) Omoidasenai Hana
    • (Type-C) (SNG) Kakkowarui I love you!
    • (Type-A) (C/W) Kazanbai (火山灰)
    • (Type-B) (SNG) Saisho no Mail
    • (Type-C) (SNG) Romance Privacy
    • (Type-A) (C/W) Rainy day
    • (Type-B) (SNG) If
    • (Type-C) (SNG) Saisho no Mail
    • (Type-A) (C/W) Dragon Fruits no Tabegoro (ドラゴンフルーツの食べ頃)
    • (Type-B) (C/W) Aru Aki no Hi no Koto
    • (Type-C) (C/W) Amanojaku
  1. (NEW) Sayonara wo Ato Nankai... (サヨナラをあと何回…)
    • (Type-A) French Kiss Long Interview
    • (Type-B) French Kiss no Kiss Tabi 2 Special Compilation
    • (Type-C) Zutto Mae Kara Music Video
  1. If Music Video
  2. Kakkowarui I love you! Music Video
  3. Saisho no Mail Music Video
  4. Candle no Shin Music Video
  5. Romance Privacy Music Video
  6. Rainy day Music Video
  7. Omoidasenai Hana Music Video

(SNG = Single | C/W = Coupling Song | NEW = New Song)

General Information

French Kiss is French Kiss's 1st album. It was released in 6 different versions. Three regular and three limited A, B and C versions. Every edition came with a B2-size poster and a 2L-size photo (A, B, or C). The album included every A-Side from Zutto Mae Kara to Omoidasenai Hana and 5 songs chosen by the member featured on the limited edition cover.