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HKT48 Watanabedoori Icchoume FM Madoka ~Madoka no Mado Kara~ (original title: HKT48 渡辺通り1丁目FMまどか 〜まどかのまどから〜) is a radio show hosted by HKT48 member Moriyasu Madoka along with another different HKT48 member each week.

This 15-minute show airs on Fukuoka FM from Monday to Thursday. It first aired on April 1st, 2013, replacing the previous HKT48 show on that station, HKT48 no Baby Radio (Kari). Since April 2015 the show is updated weekly to HKT48's official youtube channel.

Show Summary

Each week an HKT48 member is selected to host the show along with Moriyasu Madoka. The show features a different segment each day of the week, as below:

  • Korette, Shiawase? (Monday): The hosts share small happy things that happened on their daily lives.
  • Korette, Docchi? (Tuesday): The hosts debate various topics.
  • Madoka ni Chousen! (Wednesday): A competition between the hosts, suggested by the listeners.
  • Kiite Agete mo Ii Kedo? (Thursday): The hosts answer questions sent in by listeners.

A few songs are also played on each show. These are usually HKT48 songs, though occasionally a new single by a sister group is also played.

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