HKT48 no Baby Radio (Kari)

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HKT48 no Baby Radio (Kari) (original title: HKT48のベイビィ〜★ラジオ(仮)) was a radio show hosted by HKT48 members along with DJ HARU. The title of the show was chosen among suggestions sent in by the listeners.

The show first aired on FM Fukuoka on April 5, 2012, with HARU, Motomura Aoi and Sugamoto Yuko as hosts. Following Sugamoto's dismissal from HKT48, she was replaced as show host by Moriyasu Madoka on August 23, 2012. The show was canceled on March 28, 2013, being replaced with HKT48's new show on the same station, HKT48 Watanabedoori Icchoume FM Madoka ~Madoka no Mado Kara~.

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