Harada Aoi

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Harada Aoi
Harada Aoi (2018 - Glass wo Ware!)
Kanji 原田葵
Kana はらだ あおい
Romaji Harada Aoi
Nickname Aoi (あおい), Aotan (あおたん)
Birth Info
Birthdate May 7, 2000  
Hometown Flag of Japan.png Tokyo, Japan
Blood type AB
Current Age 23 Years Old
Height 156cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Instagram
Idol Career Info
Former Group Sakurazaka46
Former Team 1st Generation
Debuted August 2015 / Keyakizaka46 1st Generation
Graduated June 2022

Harada Aoi was a member of Sakurazaka46's 1st Generation.


  • Lightstick colors: White and White
  • Audition song: Kono Yoru wo Tomete yo (JUJU)
  • Favorite Nogizaka46 member: Saito Asuka
  • Although she is from Tokyo, she was born in Osaka and lived in Kyoto until Kindergarten.
  • She enjoys ballet and cooking sweets, though her sweets have been ridiculed for looking strange.
  • She earned the nickname henninjin, (literally "weird person person") a play on the word hennin ("weird person"), from an incorrect guess on how to write ninjin ("carrot") in kanji, and her reportedly weird character.
  • She is often picked on for looking younger than she is.
  • She has a sister-like relationship with Watanabe Risa. Despite bickering, they get along well.
  • She was on hiatus to focus on academic studies from May 3, 2018 to July 5, 2019 when she made her return during the Keyaki Republic 2019 concert.
  • She is known to be smart, and has ranked first in 2 of 3 Academic Rankings.


Keyakizaka46 1st GenerationSakurazaka46 1st Generation → Graduation
Joined Keyakizaka46 1st Generation on August 21, 2015
Transferred to Sakurazaka46 1st Generation on October 14, 2020
Graduated from Sakurazaka46 1st Generation on June 11, 2022 (Announcement: January 29, 2022 | Graduation Ceremony: August 20, 2022 at W-KEYAKI FES. 2022)

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Harada Aoi (2017 - Kaze ni Fukarete mo)
Harada Aoi (2017 - Fukyouwaon)
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Harada Aoi (2016 - Silent Majority)
Aoi harada 3.jpg
Harada Aoi (Early 2016)
Aoi harada 2.png
Harada Aoi (Late 2015)
Aoi harada 1.png
Harada Aoi (Early 2015)