JKT48 Circus (JKT48 Another Single)

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JKT48 Circus

CD Information

JKT48 Circus
Release Date
Label/Catalog Number/Price
Label: INSIDE & Dentsu Inter Admark
(Music Download Card Edition) / Rp 35.000

Music Download Card Edition Details

Download Tracklist
  1. Tadaima Renaichuu / Team J
  2. Saka Agari / Team KIII
  3. Seishun Girls / Team T
  4. Saikou ka yo

Included Members

"Tadaima Renaichuu"

Team J (16 Members) (Thalia Ivanka Elizabeth Center)

"Saka Agari"

Team KIII (16 Members) (Shania Gracia Center)

"Seishun Girls"

Team T (14 Members) (Adhisty Zara Center)

"Saikou ka yo"

JKT48 (?? Members) (??? Center)

General Information

JKT48 Circus is the 2nd digital/another single.


  • This single contains all of JKT48 main songs of three stages on that time and Saikou ka yo as their main song of JKT48 Circus.
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