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Kenkyuusei Selection is a selection, where staffs will test the perfomance skills of the Kenkyuusei. Who passes the test will stay, and who fails the test will be kicked out, or forced to graduate from AKB48.

AKB48 Kenkyuusei Selection

1st Kenkyuusei Selection

2nd Kenkyuusei Selection

  • Participants: 4th to 7th generation
  • Drop-outs: ---

3rd Kenkyuusei Selection

4th Kenkyuusei Selection

5th Kenkyuusei Selection

6th Kenkyuusei Selection

GNZ48 Trainee Selection

On October 5, 2018, the operator released the implementation rules for the preparatory phase-out system, which means that the trainees scores will be supported by fans (performance voting, handshake and Weibo fan data), professional skills (vocal, Dance and special talent), idol awareness (learning and daily work attitude, stress resistance, seniors anonymous voting) and other three aspects. After the end of each season, the operator will announce the scores of the trainee selection; those who do not score the qualifying line will be suspended for all activities, leaving the group. The system has been implemented since December 1.

1st Trainee Selection