Khushi Dua

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Khushi Dua
Full Name Khushi Dua
Devanagari ख़ुशी दुआ
Nickname Glory
Birth Info
Birthdate August 27, 2003
Birthplace Flag of India.png Delhi, India
Blood type A+
Current Age 17 Years Old
Nationality Indian
Height 160cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Instagram
Idol Career Info
Group DEL48
Team Trainee
Debuted December, 2019 / 1st Generation
Debuted October, 2020

Khushi Dua was a DEL48 Trainee.



  • On December 30th, joined DEL48 as a 1st Generation Member.
  • On December 31st, she was the representative of DEL48 on the "Sekai Senbatsu Special" performance of Koi Suru Fortune Cookie together with all the international sister groups and AKB48 at the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen.


  • On May 27th, appeared at the virtual concert ONE LOVE ASIA.
  • On October 9th, graduated from the group.

Team History

DEL48 Trainee → Graduation
Joined DEL48 as a Trainee on December 30, 2019
Graduated from the group on October 9, 2020


  • Name in Japanese: クシ・ドゥア
  • Nickname in Japanese: グローリー
  • Her given name means "happiness" in Hindi.
  • She has been learning the traditional Indian Kathak dance since she was 7.
  • Likes: Dancing, acting, reading
  • The first DEL48 member to be introduced at AKB48 Theater on December 28, 2019. She was introduced when the (AKB48) line up for 70th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen 2019 was announced.