Mae Shika Mukanee (SNH48 Album)

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CD Only (Standard Edition)
CD Only (Normal Edition)
CD Only (Support Standard/Support Full Version)

CD Information

Studio Album
Mae Shika Mukanee (一心向前)
Release Date
2014.05.10 (Support Edition)
2014.05.16 (Standard Edition)
Label/Product Code/Price
Label: Oceans Butterflies Music
SNH000612 (Standard Edition, CD) / 78元
SNH000598 (Normal Edition, CD) / 248元
SNH000661 (Support Standard Edition, CD) / 308元
SNH000662 (Support Full Edition, CD) / 1680元

Tracklist Details

  1. (NEW) Mae Shika Mukanee (一心向前) / Team NII
  2. (NEW) So long! (遥远的彼岸) / Team SII
  3. (NEW) Sakura no Shiori (樱花书签) / Team SII
  4. (C/W) Kaze wa Fuiteiru (生命之风) / Team SII
  5. (STG) Theater no Megami (剧场女神) / Team SII
  6. (SNG) Heavy Rotation (无尽旋转) / Team NII
  7. (C/W) Beginner (开拓者) / Team SII
  8. (SNG) Flying Get (New Lyrics) (飞翔入手) / Team NII
  9. (C/W) RIVER (New Lyrics) (激流之战) / Team NII
  10. (C/W) Ponytail to Shushu (New Lyrics) (马尾与发圈) / Team NII

(SNG = Single | C/W = Coupling Song | NEW = New Cover | STG = Stage Song)

Included Members

"Mae Shika Mukanee"

Team NII (N队) (19 members) (Wan LiNa Center)

"So long!"

Team SII (S队) (19 members) (Chen GuanHui Center)

"Sakura no Shiori"

Team SII (S队) (21 members) (Chen GuanHui and Mo Han Centers)

"Theater no Megami"

Team SII (S队) (21 members)

"Heavy Rotation"

Team NII (N队) (19 members) (Wan LiNa Center)

"Flying Get"

Team NII (N队) (18 members) (Wan LiNa Center)


Team NII (N队) (19 members) (Ju JingYi and Wan LiNa Centers)

"Ponytail to Shushu"

Team NII (N队) (19 members) (Wan LiNa and Zhao Yue Centers)

General Information

Mae Shika Mukanee is the 1st cover studio album released by SNH48. A voting ticket will be included in this album for the SNH48 1st Senbatsu Election.


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