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Nogidan (乃木團) is the rock band of Nogizaka46. It is a typical rock ensemble: drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocalists. It has never been recorded on an official Nogizaka46 release, but has played many shows.



Vocals: Ito Junna, Kubo Shiori
Guitar: (empty)
Keyboard: Wada Maaya
Bass: (empty)
Drums: Saito Asuka


Vocals: Nakamoto Himeka, Noujo Ami
Guitar: Kawamura Mahiro, Fukagawa Mai
Keyboard: Nagashima Seira
Bass: Nakada Kana
Drums: (N/A)



The first incarnation was a seven piece band. It was disbanded after the graduations of Nagashima Seira and Fukagawa Mai in the Spring of 2016.

Roster: Nakamoto Himeka, Nakada Kana, Nagashima Seira, Kawamura Mahiro, Saito Asuka, Fukagawa Mai, Noujo Ami


The second incarnation of the band happened soon after the disbandment and played at the 4th Year Birtday Live. Wada Maaya took over at keyboards and Kawamura Mahiro played both rhythm and lead guitar.

Roster: Nakamoto Himeka, Nakada Kana, Kawamura Mahiro, Saito Asuka, Noujo Ami, Wada Maaya


The band regrouped in 2019 and performed at the 7th Year Birthday Live. Ito Junna and Kubo Shiori took over vocal duties. While there was no member to play the guitar, two members from KishiDan took up the duties. They played Shitsuren Shitara, Kao wo Arae!.

Roster: Ito Junna, Kubo Shiori, Saito Asuka, Nakada Kana, Wada Maaya


Shitsuren Shitara, Kao wo Arae! can be considered their unofficial song, because the vocalists were Nakamoto Himeka and Noujo Ami.

Other Nogizaka46 songs in their repertoire:

Other Songs

  • One Night Carnival (KishiDan)