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SNH48 Family Group

SNH48 Family Group describes SNH48, its sister groups, units, and associated artists (graduated members). It is different from the term SNH48 Group in that it is only made up of SNH48 and the sister groups.


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STAR48 (絲芭文化傳媒有限公司) is the main agency group and management of all SNH48 Group.


Pocket48 (口袋48 Kǒudài48) is the official mobile app of SNH48 Group. Both for cell phones and tablets, in which you can interact with your favorite member of the group in real time. This application is used by the members to broadcast live, talking about their day to day and reading comments from their fans. This application is also used to broadcast live all the stage presentations of the groups. Pocket48 is available for Android and iOS.

Pocket48 also has official channel on YouTube, where all the performances (stages, concerts, etc) of SNH48 Group are broadcast.

Waiting Stage

Waiting Stage (十八個閃耀瞬間 Shíbā gè Shǎnyào Shùnjiān or Eighteen shining moments) are SNH48 Group transition Stages, similar to AKB48's Waiting Stages and HKT48 Hakata Legend. The song repertoire is selected by the members of each team. There are 18 songs sung in each stage (not counting "overture" and encore), which is more than the 16 songs in general performances.


Support Member

Support Member (代役成员 Dàiyì Chéngyuán) is a member category similar to AKB48 Support Member. It may seem like a concurrent position, but it isn't. Support Members can perform in other Team stages when members can't perform. Usually the members are part of IDOLS Ft, but they can also be official members.

If IDOLS Ft members meet the requirements, they can get the opportunity to apply to enter SNH48 or GNZ48. When a member has played 20 performances in the supported team without any violations during the support service can get the opportunity to enter as official member.

Star Palace

Star Palace (明星殿堂 Míngxīng diàntáng) is a category created for the members who have achieved the 1st place on Senbatsu Elections and has graduated from the group. They are "promoted" to SNH48 Group Star Palace, where they will perform activities in their own name and her own individual studio will created to help manage her career as celebrities, singer, actress, etc. They currently have 2 members, Ju JingYi and Li YiTong.

Theater MVP

Theater MVP (公演MVP Gōngyǎn MVP) award is also part of the theater system adapted from AKB48. The difference is, if AKB48 gives it to fans who often watch shows, this time SNH48 gives it to a member that he often chooses by fans to be the reason to come to watch SNH48 Group theater. Usually, SNH48 Groups theater tickets have small pieces which will be put into a box with the names of the members on them.


Hiatus (暂休 Zàn Xiū) is a group of SNH48 Group members who temporarily ceased their activies from the group due to academic problems, physical problems, contractual problems or personal reasons. They are usually considered graduated members, even though they are still attached to the group because of their contract. This category was announced on July 30, 2016, after the SNH48 3rd Senbatsu Election.

GNZ48 Terms


Class (班 Bān) are GNZ48's special teams. In order to discover the various sparks of co-operation among the members, provide fans with a better watching experience, while maintaining the development vitality of GNZ48, GNZ48 implemented the new Class 4 and Class 8 "teams" while retaining the 3 existing teams. In the future, the members will perform either in teams or classes.

Contrary to the existing teams (G, NIII, and Z), these are not going to receive brand new members. They are “performance teams” or, if you prefer, teams put together with a mix of members from all existing teams for the purpose of performing at the theater. They also include non-team members, kennin and support members.

Trainee Selection

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GNZ48 Trainee Selection is a selection where management will test the perfomance skills of the trainees, similar to AKB48's Kenkyuusei Selection. On October 5, 2018, the management released the implementation rules for the preparatory phase-out system, which means that the trainees scores will be supported by fans (performance voting, handshake and Weibo fan data), professional skills (vocal, Dance and special talent), idol awareness (learning and daily work attitude, stress resistance, seniors anonymous voting) and other three aspects. After the end of each season, the operator will announce the scores of the trainee selection; those who do not score the qualifying line will be suspended for all activities, leaving the group. The system has been implemented since December 1, 2018.