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Sakura Eight (櫻エイト Sakura eito) describes the front members from Sakurazaka46. Eight members are selected to be in the front two rows (3 members in the first row and 5 members in the second row) for the title track and primary coupling songs for each single.

Additionally, three of the Sakura Eight members are chosen to center the title track and primary coupling songs, with BACKS Members in the third rows who are matched to each of these centers.

For the first two Sakurazaka46 singles, the Sakura Eight members appeared in the front for every song for the single. However, starting from the third single, the system was kept to the title track and primary coupling songs. The first Sakurazaka46 song with Sakura Eight-only members was Danzetsu, the coupling track for 4th Single Samidare yo.

Sakura Eight

  • Main Center for each single is in bold italics.
  • Primary Coupling Track Center is in bold.

Nobody's fault



Samidare yo




# Single Song Center
01 Samidare yo Danzetsu Tamura Hono