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BACKS Members (BACKSメンバー) are the third-row members of Sakurazaka46's title and primary coupling tracks, or the non-Sakura Eight members.

Unlike the Undergirls system for ALL48 Groups and Nogizaka46, some BACKS members do participate on the title tracks for each single. The BACKS members for each single are matched with one of the centers from Sakura Eight, and are in the third row for the corresponding songs with their matched center.

The term "BACKS Members" was first coined for BACKS LIVE!!, the concert featuring the third row-only members. The first Sakurazaka46 song with BACKS-only members was Sonia, the coupling track for 3rd Single Nagaredama.

BACKS Members

Nobody's fault



Samidare yo



# Single Song Center
01 Nagaredama Sonia Koike Minami
02 Samidare yo I'm in Habu Mizuho
03 Sakurazuki Munen -