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I'm a beginner here, but following the advice to be bold, I have gone ahead and redirected "Hiragana Keyaki46" to this page. "Hiragana Keyaki46" is not the correct name of the group, which is "Hiragana Keyakizaka46" or more informally, "Hiragana Keyaki."

Of course, this is all just descriptive, since the normal Japanese way of referring to it is just by writing the "keyaki" in hiragana rather than kanji.

We can't just call the group "Hiragana Keyaki," since their first song goes by the same name. All links to "Hiragana Keyaki" in the text go to the song rather than the group, unfortunately.

However, I do like to be able to refer to the group by its informal name, so I have learned to use what is apparently called a "piped link" to link from those words to this page.

I have changed all the links I found to the group "Hiragana Keyaki" to come to this page.

Please let me know if this is a problem.

-- ukifune