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Hiragana Keyakizaka46 (February 2018)

Hiragana Keyakizaka46 (ひらがなけやき坂46) is a group within Keyakizaka46.

The name of this group is essentially the same as the main group's name, but with the first kanji character of the Japanese name spelled out using Hiragana characters, making it "けやき坂46" instead of "欅坂46". This is its official name, but it is also simply referred to as "Hiragana Keyaki" (ひらがなけやき). The main group is also referred to as Kanji Keyakizaka46 and "Kanji Keyaki".

The group was unveiled on November 30, 2015 during an episode of Keyakitte, Kakenai? with a single member, Nagahama Neru. Auditions for more members were announced at the same time.

Nagahama Neru had auditioned for Kanji Keyakizaka46, and passed multiple auditions, but her mother took her back to Nagasaki just before the final audition. Management accepted her into the group when her parents relented, and made her the first member of Hiragana Keyakizaka46. Auditions for more members were held in the spring of 2016. Part of the audition was a series of individual appearances on SHOWROOM, a site that allows individuals to broadcast directly from their homes, replying to questions and comments posted by the audience.

The group debuted with its song Hiragana Keyaki on the album Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai, released 10 August 2016. It performed the song in public for the first time at a handshake event mini-live in Nagoya on 13 August 2016.

They currently have 20 members, which are divided into 2 generations.


1st Generation

2nd Generation


Hiragana Keyakizaka46 Songs on Keyakizaka46 Albums & Singles


Generation Picture Romaji Kanji Nickname Birthdate Birthplace Blood Type Age Height Agency
1st Generation
けやき IguchiMao1stAlbum.jpg Iguchi Mao 井口眞緒 Maochan (まおちゃん) November 10, 1995 Niigata, Japan AB 22 Years Old 163cm **
けやき UshioSarina1stAlbum.jpg Ushio Sarina 潮紗理菜 Sarina (べとなむ) December 26, 1997 Kanagawa, Japan O 20 Years Old 157cm **
けやき KakizakiMemi1stAlbum.jpg Kakizaki Memi 柿崎芽実 Memitan (めみたん)
Memii (めみー)
December 2, 2001 Nagano, Japan A 16 Years Old 156cm **
けやき KageyamaYuuka1stAlbum.jpg Kageyama Yuuka 影山優佳 Kagechan (かげたゃん) May 8, 2001 Tokyo, Japan O 17 Years Old 156cm **
けやき KatouShiho1stAlbum.jpg Katou Shiho 加藤史帆 Katoshi (かとし)
Shihorin (しほりん)
February 2, 1998 Tokyo, Japan A 20 Years Old 160cm **
けやき SaitouKyouko1stAlbum.jpg Saitou Kyouko 齊藤京子 Kyonko (こょんこ) September 5, 1997 Tokyo, Japan A 20 Years Old 154cm **
けやき SasakiKumi1stAlbum.jpg Sasaki Kumi 佐々木久美 Kumi (くみ) January 22, 1996 Chiba, Japan O 22 Years Old 167cm **
けやき SasakiMirei1stAlbum.jpg Sasaki Mirei 佐々木美玲 Miipan (みいぱん) December 17, 1999 Hyogo, Japan O 18 Years Old 164cm **
けやき TakaseMana1stAlbum.jpg Takase Mana 高瀬愛奈 Manafi (まなふぃ) September 20, 1998 Osaka, Japan A 19 Years Old 157cm **
けやき TakamotoAyaka1stAlbum.jpg Takamoto Ayaka 高本彩花 Ponchan (ぽんちゃん) November 2, 1998 Kanagawa, Japan B 19 Years Old 160cm **
けやき HigashimuraMei1stAlbum.jpg Higashimura Mei 東村芽依 ** August 23, 1998 Nara, Japan O 19 Years Old 153cm **
2nd Generation
けやき KanemuraMiku1stAlbum.jpg Kanemura Miku 金村美玖 161cm September 10, 2002 Saitama, Japan O 15 Years Old ** **
けやき KawataHina1stAlbum.jpg Kawata Hina 河田陽菜 153cm July 23, 2001 Yamaguchi, Japan B 16 Years Old ** **
けやき KosakaNao1stAlbum.jpg Kosaka Nao 小坂菜緒 159cm September 7, 2002 Osaka, Japan O 15 Years Old ** **
けやき TomitaSuzuka1stAlbum.jpg Tomita Suzuka 富田鈴花 154cm January 18, 2001 Kanagawa, Japan A 17 Years Old ** **
けやき NibuAkari1stAlbum.jpg Nibu Akari 丹生明里 154cm February 15, 2001 Saitama, Japan AB 17 Years Old ** **
けやき HamagishiHiyori1stAlbum.jpg Hamagishi Hiyori 濱岸ひより 166cm September 28, 2002 Fukuoka, Japan A 15 Years Old ** **
けやき MatsudaKonoka1stAlbum.jpg Matsuda Konoka 松田好花 157cm April 27, 1999 Kyoto, Japan A 19 Years Old ** **
けやき MiyataManamo1stAlbum.jpg Miyata Manamo 宮田愛萌 158cm April 28, 1998 Tokyo, Japan A 20 Years Old ** **
けやき WatanabeMiho1stAlbum.jpg Watanabe Miho 渡邉美穂 158cm February 24, 2000 Saitama, Japan ** 17 Years Old ** **
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