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Birth Info
Birthdate **
Birthplace Flag of Australia.png
Blood Type **
Current Age **
Height 178cm
Professional Info
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halcyon Translations
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Group Wiki48
Team Editor
Debuted July 2019

halcyon is an editor for Wiki48, moderator of the Hinatazaka46 and NiziU Discord servers and contributor in the Sakamichi sections of Stage48 and their associated Discord servers.

About me

  • Mainly a fan and supporter of Nogizaka46, but also dabbles in the other Sakamichi sister groups, Sakurazaka46 and Hinatazaka46.
  • Does translations for blogs, magazines and interviews for Shibata Yuna, Matsuo Miyu and formerly Sato Rika.
  • Before following Nogizaka46, was a keen fan of Morning Musume during the golden era in the early to mid-2000's.
  • Still considers Suzuki Airi (formerly of °C-ute) to be all-time kami-oshimen.


Nogizaka46 - Shibata Yuna, Matsuo Miyu, Kubo Shiori, Sato Rika, Yoda Yuki, Iwamoto Renka


  • Languages
  • Travelling
  • Attending concerts and events in Japan
  • Football
  • Photography