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Yi YanQian (易妍倩)
AikoJiang (Aiko酱), AiJiang (爱酱)
Yi YanQian (March 2017
Birth Info
Birthdate November 28, 1997
Birthplace Flag of China.png Hunan, China
Bloodtype **
Current Age 24 Years Old
Height 166cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Weibo
Idol Career Info
Former Group BEJ48
Former Team Team E
Debuted January, 2016 / 6th Generation
Graduated April, 2017

Yi YanQian is a member of BEJ48's Team E. She will be on hiatus from BEJ48 activities starting from April 20, 2017.


  • Skills: Drawing comics, Cuisine, cleaning up the room
  • Hobbies: Everything about ACG, researching on Cuisines

SNH48 Senbatsu Elections

Team History

SNH48 TraineeTeam EZan Xiu
Joined SNH48 as a Trainee on January 18, 2016
Transferred to BEJ48's Team E on April 20, 2016 (Team E Formation)
Temporarily moved in Zan Xiu (Hiatus) on April 20, 2017

Singles Participation

BEJ48 B-Sides


Stage Units

E1 (Pajama Drive)
Tenshi no Shippo
E2 (Qíhuàn Jiāmiǎn Lǐ)
Huiguniang de Boli Shouji

Concert Units

SNH48 REQUEST TIME 3rd Edition BEST 50


Yi YanQian (December 2016)
Yi YanQian (July 2016)
Yi YanQian (April 2016)